Hey people what's up? I know I'm supposed to be working on Titans Meet the Gaang but this has been floating around in my head forever. I read a couple of stories about sleepovers with the other titans in the tower, so I thought it would be better to have a sleepover for just the girl titans. There are a lot of pairings in this story but I want to focus on Rob/Star, nut there is BB/Rae, Flinx, Kole/Jericho, Argent and hmmm I can't decide between Aqualad or Speedy, oh well. Let the show begin!

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Starfire saw a movie about slumber parties and has begged Robin to invite the other Titan girls for a 'party of slumber' as she calls it.

"I don't know Star, I don't think so." Robin replied after she told him.

"Please Robin I wish to try a party of slumber it looks quite fascinating." Starfire asked.

"I don't know if the others will go for the idea."

"Please I only wish to invite the Titan girls oh please." she begged

He took one look at her and caved, her jade eyes were sparkling pleading, her face was too cut for him, a small smile on her face. He couldn't resist her for too long and he knew, he had it bad for Starfire.

He sighed and finally said "Alright you can have a slumber party." "How bad could it be right?" he thought. She squealed and hugged Robin, not a bone crushing hug but close.

"Thank you so mush Robin!"

She was so happy that she went to go tell Raven about I and to invite her.

She went over to her room and knocked on the door, Raven opened the door slightly so you could only see about half her face. "Yes?" she asked in her monotonous tone.

"May I come in to your dwelling Friend Raven?"

"Uh sure I guess." Raven answered with a shrug, she only allows Starfire to come into her room, anyone else well…

Raven sat down on her bed and opened her book but was still listening to Starfire.

"I have exciting news Friend Raven, I talked to Robin and…"

"You finally told him how you feel?" Raven asked one eyebrow raised.

Starfire blushed "N-no Raven of course not! I, uh he allowed me to have a party of slumber and I wish to invite you." she stammered still blushing a bit.

"I don't do slumber parties." she said flatly, then she looked up from her book to see Starfire close to tears, she hated it when Star cried so she sighed and said "Fine." Star squealed and hugged her for a second then went to the living room to contact the rest of the girls. She first contacted Bumblebee, the two have grown closer so she obviously had to come.

"Hey Starfire!" Bee greeted as she came on screen.

"Greetings Bumblebee."

"So what's up?" she asked.

Starfire (after enough reminding from Robin) finally knew that she meant what's the news. "Robin has let me host a party of slumber and I wish to invite you." Star told her .

"Wow a sleepover, been awhile since I was at one of those. I'll definitely come who else is coming?"

"Raven of course, I plan to invite Argent, Kole, and Jinx (A/N: she just joined the team)."

"Cool when's the party?"

"Oh it is in next weekend."

"Ok I'll see you then Star bye."


She then contacted Argent who agreed, Kole agreed as well, and after some coaxing (still a bit awkward that she switched sides) Jinx finally agreed. Star was so excited, that she was flying around the room leaving a baffled Beast Boy when he came in.

"Uh what's up Star?" he asked.

"Oh hello Friend Beast Boy, Robin has not told you? I am to have a party of slumber and all the girls agreed to come!" she squealed almost strangling Beast Boy with a hug.

"Really how did you manage to drag Raven and Jinx into this?" he asked both impressed and shocked they both agreed to go, they don't seem like the type of girls to go to a slumber party.

"They just agreed after some coaxing." she said cheerily. Oh I must prepare, excuse me friend I must ask friend Cyborg a uh favor!" she told Beast Boy before flying to the garage.

She saw Cyborg washing his 'baby' while humming a tune. (A/N:Teen Titans theme song lol!)

"Hello Friend Cyborg!" she shouted.

"Ahhh! Oh hey Star please don't sneak up on me like that." Cyborg asked picking up the rag he dropped when he screamed.

"Oh I apologize Friend Cyborg." she replied sheepishly.

"So what do ya need little lady?" he asked leaning against his car giving Starfire his full attention.

"I was wondering if you could put some flashing lights and a uh, what is it called, oh yes a disco ball in my quarters please?" she asked her eyes sparkling with excitement.

Cyborg was confused "Uh sure but why?"

"Robin has authorized me to have a party of slumber next weekend, I have invited everyone and I thought it would be fun to dance to music and have lights, like in the movie." she explained.

"Oh ok." Cyborg responded with a shrug, that should be like a walk in the park for him.

"Thank you friend Cyborg later maybe we can do the shopping for the lights yes?"

"Sure Star give me half an hour and we'll go."

"Very well." she said good-bye and then went to look for Robin to thank him again. She found him in the training room (shocker), punching a punching bag. She watched him for a moment watching how his muscles relaxed and tensed as he punched the bag. She watched how focused he was, she was in love with their leader she found that about two months after she joined the team. She blushed a bit, she didn't want Robin catching her so she went in to make her presence known.

Robin saw her come I and gave the bag one final punch before wiping his forehead. "Hey Star did you ask Raven?" he asked. When he last saw her she was begging for a sleep over and when he caved in she hugged him and rushed to invite Raven.

"Yes and Friend Raven has agreed to go." she replied a smile graced her lips.

"Really? Huh how did you get her to do that?" Robin asked surprised she managed to get Raven to go.

Starfire giggled "That is the same reaction Friend Beast Boy had when I informed him."

He smiled "Wow she's incredible, she managed to get Raven to go, not only that she's strong, gorgeous, kind hearted, swe- WHOA hold it Boy Wonder don't go there she's just a team mate. As gorgeous as she is you can't think about her that way she's your best friend. No matter how much you wish to be more, and run your fingers through her hair, pull her close and- aghhh Stop it!" he mentally scolded

"Robin are you alright?" Star asked worried, he was staring into space.

"Huh oh yea I'm fine." he stammered.

"Are you sure you as you guys say, did the spacing out." he chuckled "It's ok I'm fine so when are you gonna ask the other Titan girls?" he asked.

"Oh I have already done that after I told Friend Raven." she replied.

"Wow that was fast."

"Indeed, but I was just so excited and everyone said yes too!" she squealed.

He chuckled again, he loved to see her so happy, all of a sudden they heard Cyborg shout "Ok Star I'm ready let's go!"

"Coming!" she shouted back. She and Robin walked out of the training room "Where are you going with Cyborg?" he asked

"We are going to purchase some things for the party of slumber." she replied.

"That's cool well I better go see ya later Star." he said while, they met at a two way point and they each went opposite ways.

Star went to the garage to find Cyborg already in the driver's seat, she quickly went over to the passenger seat and Cyborg turned on the car. They left the tower and hovered over the bay, and went to the store. Starfire was looking around the store for certain lights, and a pretty disco ball, Cyborg was following her a little bored. He suddenly spotted something that caught his interest. There were these small spy cameras up for sale. They can be hidden anywhere to spy on your friends.

Cyborg went over to it curiously and examined the bow, he thought "With a few modifications it could really be a spy camera. Where can I put it though?" He looked over to Star and he saw that she was looking at a disco ball, excitement clear in her eyes.

An idea then popped in his head and he smirked deviously, he knew if he was caught it would mean a world of pain for him, but he decided to take the risk.

He bought the item quickly and stashed it in the T-car and quickly went back to Starfire. "I can't wait for next weekend." he thought. "Maybe I can invite some of the guys to watch, man this is gonna be great."

The two purchased the items and made their way back to the tower.

"Thank you Cyborg for accompanying me to the store, I had fun." Starfire said as she took out the lights from the car.

Oh it was my pleasure Star." He replied with a smile hiding the bag from her, he then dashed to his room to begin modifying the cameras.

Well what do ya think? I know a little boring and kinda short but it will get better trust me. So what do you think Cyborg has planned? Cookies to anyone who figures it out! Also you decide who Argent should be with Aqualad or Speedy. Now please review!