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Raven was smirking as she went to work, her back was towards Beast Boy who was scared out of his mind. She then turned and had a certain something in her hands which made Beast boy's eyes widened "Oh come on Raven don't do it!" he shouted.

"I can and I will do it, this won't just hurt you it'll hurt Cyborg, a two for one deal." Raven explained, with a smirk.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" she chanted then the game station in her hands began to disassemble itself.

"No oh come on Raven! That's cruel and unusual punishment!" BB cried.

"You deserved it after what you guys did, does privacy mean nothing to you!" she shouted back. Her lamp was engulfed in black energy and it exploded, Raven took a deep breath trying to calm down.

"I can't believe- no wait yes I can! But seriously you guys were idiots what made you think we weren't going to find out." Raven hissed.

"Uhhh ask Cyborg," Beast Boy squeaked.

Raven scowled at him and then grabbed one of Cy's and B.B's favorite game: Autoracer.

"Awww come one on Rae you already destroyed the game station is that really fair?" he asked giving her his best puppy dog look without transforming.

"Don't try!" she told him and then crushed the game in her hands.

"I'm sorry Raven, really I am, I don't know why I would do this please." BB tried to reason with her, not for the sake of his games, but because he didn't want her to think any different of him. He has had a massive crush on her since way back, even when Terra was around!

He didn't want to lose her especially since he knows she liked him, he just hoped she still does.

Raven frowned "you really expect me to just let you go?" she asked him incredulously.

"No, but I want to let you know I am genuinely sorry for what I have done, and I just hope you can forgive me." he asked sincerely. Raven was shocked he sounded so sincere, it was so unlike him, a small smile came on her face in spite of everything.

"I must be crazy to just let you go." she murmured as she undid the ropes.

"maybe, but all I know is that I'm crazy about you." Beast Boy told her after he was freed.

Raven was shocked again "You actually like me?" she asked bewildered.

"Of course what's not to like?" Beast Boy asked raising a eyebrow.

"Well I am half demon, and you've seen my father, and I have been kind of mean to you since well…day one." Raven explained.

"And you are also pretty, smart, funny, should I go on?" Beast Boy asked with a smile, Raven blushed slightly.

"No you've said enough." she whispered and leaned towards him, Beast Boy knew what was happening and he leaned in too. There lips met in a sweet kiss, Raven threw her arms around his shoulders and Beast Boy snaked his arms around her waist.

In the garage:

Cyborg hung his head low hearing Bee's stingers clashing against metal, he looked up to see his 'baby' scratched up, windows broken, and missing two tires!

"I guess I deserve this, but come one my baby!" he thought sadly.

Bee smiled and was satisfied she never really liked the car to begin with, always grabbing Cyborg's attention.

She turned to Cy and put her stingers down, she walked over to him hands on her hips a frown on her lips.

Cyborg looked up at her and gave her a weak smile "I deserved that." he told her calmly, her eyes widened in shock, she expected to be yelled at.

"I just don't know why you would do that. We thought you were smarter then that, what do we have to watch our backs now if we decide to hang out again? Do we have to ask Raven to spy on you so we can make sure your not spying on us?" Bee questioned.

Cyborg sighed and hung his head low "I'm sorry Bee I wasn't thinking." he replied.

"No kidding." she murmured.

"I'm sorry Bee I really am, I hope you can forgive me for this." he pleaded.

"Maybe I don't know. She whispered back dropping her arms as she turned away slightly.

"Maybe dinner next weekend can help?" he asked slyly.

She turned to him about to give him a piece of her mind but when she turned she saw a hopeful smile, and his human eye was pleading. She couldn't help but smile and walked around him untying the rope "Sure Sparky." she whispered in his ear.

In the living room:

Argent was on the floor laughing, while Speedy groaned, "Priceless!" she cried and took out a camera.

Speedy's eyes widened "Oh come on Argent please isn't this torture enough?" he asked referring to his hair.

Argent found Speedy's comb on the coffee table before and decided to style his hair. Half his hair was sticking up and the other half had some barrettes in it. It was pretty hysterical especially when Argent saw Speedy's reaction which is how she ended up on the floor laughing.

Speedy was always obsessing over his hair, so Argent thought "What better way to torture him?"

She smirked and took a couple pics, "I'm sure the Titans would love this." she mocked walking over to the computer.

"Wait what are you doing?" Speedy asked worried.

"Oh nothing, just sit tight mate, I'm just sending these pics to all the Titans." she told him matter-of-factly.

Speedy groaned "Why did I listen to Kid Flash again?" he questioned out loud.

Argent rolled her eyes "Because you like to see any girl move around wearing small or tight clothes." she spat out.

Speedy blushed slightly remembering why now "Not true." he replied.

Argent rolled her eyes "Sure." she called back sarcastically as she uploaded the picture.

"I came to see you." he murmured. Argent heard what he said and blushed "really?" she questioned as she turned around.

Speedy nodded and cracked a weak smile "I-I really like you Argent, a lot" he added blushing a little.

Argent smiled :I-I like you too, Speedy." she admitted.

He smiled, Argent went over to him and untied him, "I still sent the photos though." she whispered.

Speedy groaned "Oh man."

In Starfire's room:

Kole laughed and toppled over onto Starfire's bed, she was laughing at Jericho's horrified expression.

She decided to give Jericho a makeover and well, to put it shortly never ever leave Kole alone with make-up.

Jericho's eye twitched, he looked horrendous, but he had to pay the price so he sat there and took it, then Kole pulled out her camera.

Jericho's eyes widened, and he shook his head, Kole rolled her eyes "Don't give me that crap Jericho you deserve it and you know it!" she shot back.

Jericho gave her a look, and Kole blushed "Stop looking at me like that, you guys deserve this."

Jericho hung his head down then looked up at Kole his lime green eyes connecting with her light blue ones. She understood what he was telling her, he was saying he was sorry, he liked her a lot, he didn't mean for it to go this far.

"I don't know Jericho, it just surprised me to see you do this, you don't seem like the spying type." she answered.

He chuckled and looked up at her again, she smiled "Ok as long as you don't do it again." He smiled and nodded as she untied him.

In the training room:

Jinx smirked at her handiwork, she knew about KF claustrophobia so well he found him self in a closed cube.

She turned on a simulation and trapped him in a metal cube, "Come on Jinx, this is unfair." a muffled voice called out.

"It's perfectly fair." Jinx shot back.

"Come on I told you my phobia in confidence." KF called out punching the cube trying to get out.

"Don't try it KF you can't get out unless I say so." Jinx mocked.

"Please Jinx I'm sorry!" KF pleaded.

Jinx snorted "Please." she then sent a pink wave under the metal cube causing it to shake.

"Aaah!" KF shouted as he was shaken up.

Jinx giggled "I'm sure your enjoying this!" KF shouted.

"Hell yea!" Jinx shot back and sent another pink wave under the cub causing it to shake again.

"Please Jinx I'm sorry, I swear I won't ever spy on you again!" He shouted.

Jinx raised an eyebrow "I don't know, how do I now you won't do this again." she questioned. With a press of a button, on the cube, a small window and she saw Kid Flash's face.

"I guess you don't but really Jinx, I don't want to hurt you." KF pleaded. Jinx was shocked, that was probably the nicest thing he ever said to her.

She smiled and let him out "I swear if you do this again I will kill you." she muttered untying him from his chair. He shivered "Ok." he said giving her a warm smile, she blushed but smiled back.

Robin couldn't stand to see Starfire like this, so he got to his knees and bowed his head in shame, he prepared himself for her attack, it never came. He looked up to see that Starfire landed, star bolts still in hand, but had one eyebrow raised in surprise.

"What are you doing?" she asked sharply.

Robin sighed and answered "I deserve any punishment you give, it was wrong what I did please forgive me."

Starfire hesitated and Robin noticed "Am I finally getting through to her?" he wondered.

"I do not if I can." she replied.

"I would do anything Starfire please." he pleaded once more.

She shook her head to shake out any thought about forgiving him and launched a star bolt at him. He quickly dodged and Star growled in frustration "H-he's trying to get out of his punishment that is all, but he sounds so sincere and I- NO stop! He has betrayed my trust he must be punished." she thought as she threw more star bolts at him.

"Please Starfire, I would do anything for you, I know you don't believe me but please I do love you." he shouted as he ducked, flipped, and dodged her star bolts.

"Lies!" she screamed more to herself then to him though, he noticed this and hope sparked up in him.

"Oh what can I do to truly convince her that she can… trust…me… that's it!" he thought suddenly.

"Star please I'm sorry I truly am!" he shouted trying to distract her.

She didn't listen she was lost in thought while she was attacking "Maybe he is telling the truth am I taking this matter all out of proportion. No this is not the first time he has hurt me, even though I do love him, there is only so much my heart can take."

"Maybe he is telling the truth." a little voice inside her head told her quietly.

"No he just wants to get out of this, that is why he lies." she thought back.

"Would he go to such lengths as to tell you he loves you?" the voice questioned, Starfire was quiet at that "Exactly, so why do you not stop?"

"Because I refuse to be played with any longer, all the times he has hurt me, slammed the door at my face, yell at me, ignore me, I-I am sick of it. I can not live like this any longer, he needs to know I will not be pushed around!" she thought fiercely, the voice faded as she finished.

"Haaaaaaaa!" she shouted as she tried to blast him with another eye beam blast.

He ducked then propelled himself up, causing him to flip over Star, then he grabbed her shoulders and turned her around, she was shocked but she still struggled against his grip. He tightened his hold, he wasn't going to let her go, not by a long shot.

"Starfire please give me a chance to redeem myself." he pleaded.

Starfire hesitated and tried to squirm away again, but he wouldn't let up so she sighed and reluctantly nodded her head.

"Fine hurry!" she growled at him, he winced a bit at the sharpness of her voice.

He took a deep breath and reached up one hand to his mask, "I haven't taken my mask off for anyone, not since I last saw Bruce." he thought,

"No more secrets Starfire." Robin whispered.

With one quick motion he took off his mask revealing two bright sapphires. Starfire watched confused at first but anger never leaving her eyes, she then realized what he was doing and when she saw his eyes she gasped and all anger left her eyes.


It was sunset and as usual Starfire was sitting on the roof admiring the sunset. She thought it fascinating the different colors in the sky, she loved how the golden lights danced across the city as the sun set from behind. The sky would turn into a soft golden color with pink and purple streaks. The reflecting glow on the water as the sun set took her breath away.

Starfire sighed in content and continued to watch, she barley noticed the roof door closing and Robin sitting next to her.

"Hi Star." he greeted.

"Greeting Robin." she replied not taking her eyes off the setting before her.

They both sat in comfortable silence enjoying the sight and each others company.

"It's beautiful isn't it." she breathed breaking the silence, Robin glanced at her and answered "Yes it is beautiful." his eyes not leaving her.

She turned to face him and gave him a questioning look "Is there something wrong friend?" she asked.

"Huh, oh no not at all." he stammered realizing he almost been caught staring at her.

She smiled warmly at him and his heart skipped a beat, "So uh what's up Star?"

She gave him a confused look before understanding "Nothing really, I just journeyed to the mall of shopping with Raven after we meditated."

He nodded "You guys seem to be doing that almost every weekend." He remembered it started after they battled the puppet king, they switched bodies, "Maybe they grew much closer then we realized." he thought.

"Yes it is wonderful to have the girl time with her." she replied with a smile.

He smiled they didn't realize the distance between them started to dwindle. Star was looking at his masked eyes and thought "I have not ever seen Robin eyes before, I wonder why we hides them?" she hadn't realized her hand somehow found it's way on his cheek, Robin blushed but didn't make a move to take her hand off his face, he closed his eyes and enjoyed her touch.

Then he felt her hand move upwards slightly he didn't know what she was doing, then she felt her hands on his mask, his eyes snapped open and he grabbed her wrist.

"What are you doing?" he asked a bit harshly.

She snapped out of her dream world and realized what she was doing "Oh I am sorry Robin but I was most curious as to why you cover your eyes?" she asked sheepishly.

He raised an eyebrow "I just want to Star, it's complicated." he replied back.

"Oh but it seems a bit silly, yes?" she asked, he tensed a bit "Silly? Is that what she thinks of me, man I'm an idiot." He thought with a sigh.

"No not at all." he replied sternly.

She cringed, Star didn't mean to hurt his feelings she just wanted to know why he wore a mask.

"I'm going inside, don't stay out here too long." he told her while getting up and walking away, he slammed the door behind him leaving a sad Starfire on the roof.

She sighed "I never say the right things, oh he must think I am foolish, 'sigh', he will never love me like I love him." she thought sadly and got up, she took one last look at the sky and went inside, and into her room.

End Flashback:

"R-Robin." she stammered as she gazed into his deep blue eyes.

"I don't want there to be any more secrets Starfire, I will do anything for you, I will tell you anything, because I am madly in love with you Starfire, please I know what I did was wrong, but I don't know it's just when I saw you I just lost it. That always seems to happen every time I'm around you I can't think all I see is you and how beautiful you are. You don't know the affect you have on me, everyday I always wonder how you feel about me, I will always try to make you happy Star. Please I am so sorr…"

He was cut off by Starfire's lips, he was taken a back at first but then kissed her back with the rest of his strength. Starfire was happy, no elated she had to try and keep herself from floating away. Robin felt her smile into the kiss, and he nibbled on her bottom lip a bit causing her to squeak in surprise, he took the opportunity to slip his tongue into her mouth.

She was surprised when she felt Robin nibbling on her lip, she let out a small 'eep'. she then felt something warm and moist in her mouth. Realization hit her and she moaned in pleasure as she felt Robin's tongue exploring her mouth . She then flicked his tongue with hers, causing him to groan slightly. Their tongues then danced together, their lunges were practically screeching for air, but neither would let up.

Finally they both broke apart, they were both panting, gasping for air, but a smile was on their faces nonetheless. Starfire's eyes sparkled with joy and delight, Robin was relieved she believed him.

A sly smile crept on her "I am not convinced quite yet, Robin."

He panicked but then saw the sly smile she was giving him and he relaxed knowing what she meant, he smirked and leaned back in recapturing her lips. The kiss was sweet but then grew passionate when they broke apart Starfire couldn't stop smiling.

Robin couldn't stop either they just stood there holding each other quite contently, then Robin broke the silence "I never meant to hurt you, your right I shouldn't have watched and I'm sorry."

Starfire's smile faltered a bit "It's alright Robin I now know the truth and that is all that matters." He beamed at her and leant down to kiss her again, as the sun came up starting a new day.


The girls and guys all gathered in the common room, "Everything ok?" Raven asked everyone, they all nodded a smile on everyone's face.

"I see you and Beast Boy are ok." Bee commented with a smirk, BB had one arm around Raven's waist, she blushed.

"I wouldn't be talking Bee, Cy tells me you have a date next weekend." BB shot back causing Bee to blush a little and Cy to chuckle.

"Well I guess everyone is happy." Kole jumped in.

"Yea, wait a sec where's Starfire?" Jinx asked, KF was next to her and looked around "Yea Robin's not here either."

Raven and Bee winced "Uh-oh." they both murmured.

The boys then realized something "You don't think Star hurt him, do you?" Speedy asked.

Raven shrugged "I'm not sure she was pretty mad."

"We better check it out." Argent said.

"Yea come on!" Jinx called and rushed towards the stairs leading to the roof top.

Everyone followed suit, Jinx motioned for them to be quiet and opened the door slowly, just a crack. She smiled and had to contain her giggles, everyone looked at her confused and she just pointed outside. Everyone squeezed in to see what was so funny, they saw Starfire and Robin in each others arms making out.

Beast Boy almost busted out laughing, until Raven clapped a mouth over his mouth. Everyone smirked "I guess those two will be fine." Cyborg whispered, everyone nodded, they were about to leave when Jericho tripped taking, Kole with him, Kole fell and took down Jinx with her, Jinx pulled KF down who pulled well everyone down with him.

They all fell out the door onto the roof top, Starfire and Robin jumped apart and looked in surprise (and with a little anger) at the Titans before them.

Cyborg laughed nervously "Hey guys, are we interrupting something?"

Robin crossed his arms across his chest "Nah nothing at all." he replied sarcastically.

"Sorry we just-" Speedy stopped mid-sentence.

"Uh dude your mask is off." he pointed out.

The group looked up to see their leader's mask was off, he had two blue sapphire eyes, and they were gleaming…with annoyance.

"Yea I know." he replied, Starfire was standing next to him a bit confused and mad.

"Please may we stop the spying?" She asked everyone. They all grinned sheepishly "yea we should stop." Bee commented.

"Yea we are just gonna go now." Raven said and rushed out everyone (except Robin and Starfire) following suit.

Starfire sighed but had a smile on her face nonetheless, then she looked over at Robin who was smiling at her.

The two walked to he edge of the tower and sat down to watch the sun rise together, Starfire laid her head on Robin's shoulder. He smiled down at the beautiful alien princess he wrapped his arm around her waist and gazed out into the sun rise.

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