No one knew how it went, but the battle went down in history.

It was rumor, at first. Not a very big one, but it was floating around in the galaxy. And when footage was caught by some unknown source, the rumor proved to be real.

And scary.

The Hero With No Fear and the Negotiator.

With blades meeting. Around fire.

It was unthinkable.

How could the team fight each other?

Rumors floated again. Dangerous ones that could be punished by the Sith Lord.

What if—

What if one of them turned? What if one of them was Vader?

No one could ever guess, though. The audio was cut. And the video stopped once the two heroes pushed each other into the wall.

Eventually, the rumors died down and people stopped caring. Mostly, because the Empire was becoming more than everyone thought it would be.

But when the death of some Kenobi popped up in the underground holonews, the older generation wondered if the Lord Vader was Anakin Skywalker.

Unless, maybe, they both died.

But then, who was Luke Skywalker? Jedi didn't have families.

So maybe—

Maybe the Jedi survived the battle.

Maybe the video was a ruse.

For the sake of sanity, the galaxy agreed.