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Reasons Why Samantha Joy Puckett Kicks the Twilight Girls' Butt

Hey, guys. I'm guessing you know who's writing this…if you don't, it's Freddie Benson. I decided to do this after I read Sam's essay about how I am so much better than all the Twilight guys, because I'd remembered how much better Sam is than all of those freaky girls. I'm being honest, all of them creep me out…well, here you go.

Reason #1: The girls in Twilight (the movie and the book) dress like old ladies.

Haven't you ever noticed? The weird peacoats and crap? Not to mention Bella's flowered shirts, and boyish jackets. They have no real style whatsoever. But Sam? Now, Sam, she has a style all her own. I've never met anyone that can copy Sam's style because her style is all her own. Only Sam can pull off the outfits and jewelry that she wears.

Reason #2: Sam Puckett wouldn't let herself be controlled by a boy.

Ever noticed how Bella would do anything Edward said, just so he would love her? Oh, Bella, you can't go see Jacob. And after he dismantles her car, she just goes back to her house like a lovesick little puppy. Can anyone imagine Sam ever doing that? No, she'd probably just march up to that Edward kid, punch him in the face, grab the motorcycle and go see her friend. Hmm… I actually kind of want to see that. Not to mention the other girls, none of them are stronger than their male counterparts. Alice has no physical strength whatsoever, neither does Rosalie...

Reason #3: Sam Puckett has a sense of humor.

Have you ever noticed that these girls hardly ever laugh? They aren't funny, either. The only one in the books that ever made me laugh was that Emmett guy, and he is a guy, which means he doesn't belong on this list. They're all so serious and boring, unlike Sam. Now Sam is a lot of fun, she knows exactly how to make me laugh and does it as much as possible. She also does a comedy show, iCarly, which (by the way) is hilarious and the best show ever.

Okay, enough iCarly propaganda!

Reason #4: Sam Puckett doesn't give up.

The most annoying thing in the Twilight series is how in New Moon once Edward leaves, Bella gives up on everything. Would you ever see Sam Puckett do that? No. She'd tough it out, live her normal life. Same with the other girls. Rosalie pretty much gives up when she thinks her own brother's gonna kill himself, and Alice does many times (usually after seeing visions). Esme gave up also when she thought Edward was dead (you don't see her rushing to save her, do you?) Sam always keeps going even when it's hard. Some say it's a pride thing, but I call it perseverance. I still remember the speech she gave us that one time…

Reason #5: Sam Puckett doesn't depend on a boy for her happiness.

While similar to my #2, it is also very different. When Edward leaves, Bella is depressed for like 4 straight months, which is crazy. When Sam and Jonah broke up (he cheated on her, which is much worse than just leaving), Sam might have shed a few tears (I never actually saw her cry) and then she moved on, just like Bella should have done. And you know that if Jasper/ Alice or Rosalie/ Emmett broke up, they'd be super depressed and probably go die or something. I don't know. But I seriously doubt they'd move on.

Reason #6: Sam Puckett doesn't use her friends or pretend she likes someone.

Did you ever notice how in New Moon (when EDWARD was gone) Bella and Jacob hung out all the time. Then when that stupid Edward came back she just dropped Jacob like a hot potato because Edward told her to. Sure, she attempted to go visit him once or twice, but that's it. Alice acts like she likes the humans (Mike, Jessica, Angela, Eric) but they almost never hang out or really even talk. Sam- if she doesn't like you, she lets you know. And if she does, she'll hang out with you a lot.

Reason #7: Sam Puckett is unique.

Bella is a prime example of the all-too-common in the literature genre Mary Sue. You know, the perfect (I'll touch on that later), nice to everyone, almost no flaws, beautiful, sweet, popular one in the books or movies. There are millions of others like her. Alice is the bubbly, perky one that you also see all the time. The one that's pretty much optimistic no matter what's going on. There are lots like her. Rosalie- the vain, often popular, beautiful, negative one that's everywhere. She's not her own person either. But Sam- there's not too many people like Sam. Sam's a tomboy, she's aggressive, she's sometimes crazy, she's hilarious but she's her own person.

Reason #8: Sam Puckett isn't dull.

Do these chicks ever do anything interesting? The only thing interesting I've ever seen them do is steal stuff, and boy Sam could kick their butt at that any day. Mostly they just sit around and discuss their problems, which is totally boring. Sam, on the other hand, lives each day like it's her last. She always has something fun and creative to do all the time, which, by the way, is something these characters lack. Creativity. They fall into the same routine over and over again, never seeming to come out. It makes the books just as boring.

Reason #9: Sam Puckett isn't perfect.

All the girls from Twilight are basically perfect. Sure, they have a few flaws (Alice's hyperactivity (perhaps ADHD?), Rosalie's selfishness) but Bella and Esme have few flaws (if any). I could write a list on Sam's flaws (not that I'd want to) but she has more flaws than them and that's what makes her perfect. She's real, she doesn't try to cover up her flaws. The fact that she isn't perfect makes her perfect in my eyes (that's so cheesy, but I don't care). I'd rather have a flawed girl than a girl who pretends not to be flawed.

Reason #10: Sam Puckett doesn't sit around and wait for her Prince Charming.

Though Sam and I are going out, I'm not exactly her Prince Charming that's gonna sweep her off her feet. We're not ever gonna have the whole love at first sight, perfect relationship that is so often displayed in the movies. We fight constantly and we were enemies at first, but Sam's fine with that. She's not the type of girl to sit around and wait for someone perfect, unlike the rest of them. Rosalie waited 30 years or so, Alice even longer and Bella wouldn't even give the human guys a chance.

So, that's my reasons why Sam Puckett's better than the Twilight girls. It's true in my eyes, and I hope that you will see the light.


Freddie, you're such a dork.


Aw, Freddie, you're so sweet to Sam!


You guys are so cute!


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"Saw your blog post," Sam came up behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Did you like it?" He asked, turning to face her.

She buried her flaming face in his shoulder. "You're such a dork."

"But you love it," he teased.

"Maybe," She whispered, kissing him softly.

Maybe he wasn't her Prince Charming, but he was close enough, and she loved him. So that's all that matters.


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