Chapter 1

A boy is walking in the streets. His angelic face making him stand out. He had managed to steal not only the girls' attention, but boys' as well. When he noticed this, he smirked and stopped walking. He turned to the group of people following him, and winked. 'Kyaa~' was heard all over. You would have mistaken the place a crime scene with the amount of blood that came from his 'fans'. Looks like his wink made them all have major nosebleeds. He saw a girl trying to stand and help her.

"T-thank you…" she timidly said. Then, a man walked to them looking very angry.

"What do you think you're doing, huh?" the man said.

"I'm doing nothing" the dashing boy said calmly.

"You!" the man grabbed the other boy by the collar. He just snapped his fingers, then poof! He became a girl! No, his outside appearance became that of a girl, but the inside is unknown. The man blushed and let go of him. "I'm sorry!" he smirked and touched the man's cheeks. The man blushed more.

"It's okay, I'm sure you didn't mean it, right?" without even waiting for a reply, the boy/girl ran away. He stopped at an alley where no one can see him. He turned back to his normal appearance and grew a pair of wings. Then he flew.


"Why do you keep on doing that, Aoi-chan?" an angel asked her friend, who is the dashing boy from earlier, while walking with him.

"Doing what, Satsuki?" he replied.

"You know what I'm talking about! As the son of Cupid, you need to continue his job. Yet you're doing the opposite!" Aoi stopped and looked at his friend.

"Relax. Besides, they deserve it"

"What do you man by they deserve it?" Satsuki asked looking really flustered.

"It's not my fault that they fall for me. If they really know love, they wouldn't. But because they don't know love, they are overcome by lust for my looks. That's it! They only care about looks! Not just that, they judge others easily. Because I'm cute, men laugh at me. But when I dress as a girl, they fawn over me. See how stupid humans are! That's why, no matter what, I won't help them find love. I'm sure if they deserve it, they'll eventually find it. So I don't think I'm needed" she looked at him in disbelief. Then, at one corner in the heaven, light start glowing. Another man came and this man caused Satsuki and Aoi to kneel.

"My lord, sire, please forgive Aoi for his bad deeds"

"It's okay. I'm not mad. You two, you may stand up" the two stood up. "But I'm afraid Aoi still needs a punishment"

"A punishment? Why would I need a punishment? I'm only teaching these lowly humans a lesson!" Aoi exclaimed.

"From now on, Aoi, or Cupid Junior, will be living in the human world. There, he will fulfill his duties, BUT, you can't use your powers"


"You treat humans like garbage. Then you must know how it is to be a human. And also, this way, you'll see how powerful a human can be"


In Seika High, the president is, as usual, nagging the students, which are always boys to be proper.

"Let's get away from the demon president!"

"Yeah! She's gonna eat us!" the boys who are being nagged at shouted while running.

"Relax Misaki" another girl, who has been beside Misaki the whole time, said.

"How can I relax, Sakura? Those boys never change! As the president, I need to make sure that Seika High will be a proper school where girls can study at peacefully!" she said enthusiastically.