Happily skipping through the school hallway, Aoi can be seen in the school's girls' uniform. He's humming a random song as he makes his way somewhere, somewhere that can make him this excited. Stopping in front of a certain room, he took a deep breathe, and busted in,


"A-aoi?" Misaki rise from her usual seat out of surprise.

"Really Misaki, you really have to be that surprised every time you see me?" he reverted back to his boyish voice as he neared the kaichou.

"S-sorry…" she returned to sitting and rubbed her temples, before standing up again and approaching the window to look outside. The crossdresser followed her, peeking over her shoulder.

"What's so interesting in there?" he muttered. But that simple gesture of his made the older girl shiver and rush back to her seat. Aoi could only raise an eyebrow "Seriously, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing" she answered too quickly.

"O…kay… So when's our next mission?" he asked, diverting the topic as he find a seat for himself.

"What mission?"

"You know, helping people with their love problems, just like that friend of yours who is too bubbly for her own good"

"Since when is that 'our' mission?"

"Misa-chan~" he rose from his seat and slammed Misaki's desk softly "You are the kaichou, correct?" the girl in question nodded. "Then, it should also be your task to help students with their love problems, since it indirectly affects their school life" their faces are only inches from each other. So close that they could feel each other breathe.

Misaki, blushing, managed to push him away "F-fine! If that's- what you want!" she stuttered out, looking away from the girly boy.

Aoi just shrugged it off and turned his back on Misaki, before leaving the place "That weird girl is even weirder today"

Misaki sighed once she's sure Aoi is out of earshot. "If only 'that' didn't happen…"

The door opened again, and in comes Yukimura, his expression grim. "Kaichou, here are the papers you asked me to finish"

"Just put it here in my desk" the atmosphere suddenly became sour, the two that contributed to it are slumping at their respective seats.


They looked at each other and laughed. "I see you have a problem too Kaichou"

"W-what? No! I think… I'm just tired, that's all" she rubbed her temples.



"Congratulations" someone suddenly said as Aoi walks along the hallway.

"Satsuki…" her floating figure is slightly transparent as she follows Aoi to his destination.

"Congratulations Aoi-chan! At this rate, you'll be back at heaven in no time!" she said gleefully.


"Ohh… Let me guess, you don't want to go back yet?" she asked with a mischievous smile on her face.

"What do you mean?" now, she caught Aoi's attention as he stopped walking and faced her.

"You know, a certain student council pres-"

"Shut up" although he said that, his face went pink. He continued walking again, ignoring Satsuki's presence.

"Alright, as you wish" her form is slowly disappearing "but remember Aoi, what you reap is what you sow" he took a peek at her, taking in what she just said, but decided it's just another nonsense and proceeded to his class.


"Your turn, what's your problem?"

"Me? Ah-I…" he took a deep breath, before answering "It's just that, I hate how I look. I'm too girly for my own good" he confessed and frowned. A certain crossdresser appeared on the kaichou's mind. Her eye twitched at her own thought, but she shrugged it off.

"So what? Shouldn't you even be happy that you're cute?"

"I'm not cute kaichou!" he protested, tears streaming down his face.



It's Aoi's break time, and he is again, going to bother Misaki in the sc room. When he saw Sakura going to the same destination. So he called her out.

"Do I know you?" she asked while pouting.

"Ehr,… I'm… Misa-chan's… friend" he lied, along with a fake smile.

"Ohh. Nice to meet you" she reached out for a handshake but he ignored it.

"Yeah yeah"

"So,.. why did you call me?"

"Oh, do you know why she is acting weird today?"


"It's just that, Misaki is different today. Of course, as a friend, I'm concerned of her well-being" when Sakura pondered about his question, he stuck out his tongue; he almost puked after what he just said.

"You're right. After that date last night," Sakura paused and giggled "she has been acting weird"

"I see…"

"Anyway, I'm leaving. See ya"

He watched her retreating back, thinking of what she said.

"I wonder why?"