A/N – not sure what this is really :P Based around an idea I'd had for awhile, about Elliot having an affair while he was separated from his wife. And that kinda developed into another OC, Katie Summers. This one probably won't be as long as my others; but it will be quite raunchy :P BE WARNED! Explicit scenes/language to follow in upcoming chapters!


Life without Kathy and the kids was a drastic change for Elliot. Now he just had his own apartment, two bedroom, which was cramped enough let alone when the kids came to visit. The twins shared the spare bedroom and Kathleen and Maureen curled up on the sofa. He'd find a better place eventually. The divorce was tough enough on them; but Elliot was determined to make it as easy on his children as possible. That was one thing he and Kathy could still agree on; their children's happiness was more important than any bitterness between them. They would share custody, of course, Kathy insisted on it. But as for reconciliation between the two of them? She had made it clear that as long as he worked with Special Victims; there was no chance for them. She thought him damaged; altered.

She was probably right.

He saw the worst of the worst when it came to criminals. Rapists, abusers, child molesters... Kathy had put up with it long enough; she was done.

As he did; Elliot suppressed his anger and threw himself into his work. In the past two months he'd spent more time at the office than at home. Probably because it didn't really feel like home anymore.

Kathy was dating; Kathleen had told him as much. And she had been for awhile now. Elliot was just too involved in work to even bother trying to find someone new. What was the point, anyway? There weren't a lot of women interested in a cop with an ex-wife and four kids.

Not a lot; but Elliot hoped there was at least one...

Her name was Katie Summers. She'd been working with SVU for a couple of years now and had developed a friendly rapport with most of the staff. She caught Elliot's eye the minute she walked in, and it wasn't her effortless beauty or her sandy blonde curls or even her sparkling blue eyes; it was her jeans. He didn't know why; but the night after he met her they were all he could think about. How the denim perfectly wrapped around her lithe, toned legs and thighs; like they were made for her. And every day she came into work; she wore a pair of those jeans and looked just as perfect in them each time. Elliot caught himself staring at her ass as she walked by, twitching in his seat as she'd smile at him.

They'd joke and flirt from time to time; but with Elliot's issues with Kathy it was yet to eventuate into anything. She'd often wander in as he was working out in the training room after his shift, pumping weights. He wasn't sure if she knew that he knew she was there, or if it was some silent agreement between them. He'd work out and she'd watch. And every night when he went back to his apartment, that image of Katie in her form fitting jeans was always on his mind.


Katie loved her job; as mundane as it was. She answered phones, filed files and got coffee or soda for victims and their family members. She supposed anyone could do her job; but she still liked it in spite of the lack of personal excitement; Katie was happy enough to feed off the energy that came through the precinct when someone caught a new case or there was a new psychotic freak on the loose. It was like she was given special privilege to watch; but not have the responsibility of actually doing something. That's what the detectives were for; and yet another reason why Katie admired them.

It had taken a month or so for Katie to get her bearings and settle into a comfortable routine, as well as decide where her greatest source of protection would lie; she found that in Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler. They were by far the most decorated SVU detectives in the precinct; it didn't take Katie long to make sure she was always their go-to girl for double checking evidence, gathering results from the lab and dealing with their paperwork. Katie just liked feeling as though she belonged, in whatever small a role, as part of the team.

Olivia; Katie just adored her. She was almost scarily beautiful; but so tough Katie knew within the first five seconds of meeting her she did not want to get on her wrong side. They never exactly 'hung out' or anything, but they were perfectly comfortable with each other and shared a laugh at someone else's expense at least twice a day, Katie would easily call Olivia a friend.

Elliot was a slightly different story.

Katie knew much better than to get involved with a cop, let alone one in the midst of a messy divorce, but she couldn't ignore her attraction to him. He was cute; in that angry, protective sort of way. He was the kind of guy who would beat up another man just for looking at his girl the wrong way; why Katie found that so attractive she wasn't sure. But she was. She found herself staring at his muscled arms when he'd flex them in anger after dealing with a particularly nasty criminal. He had a habit of rolling up his shirt sleeves so Katie didn't have to try too hard to check him out. He was older than her, she knew he had teenage kids, but that didn't deter her. He still caught her eye every morning when she came in, smiled and they'd talk. They were friends, too, but it was just... different. And she suspected he noticed it, too.

The week before, Katie had found herself alone with Elliot. She'd been working in late filing reports and was the last out of the office. As she was leaving, she noticed the single desk lamp on at Stabler's desk. Curious as to why he was still here, Katie wandered onto the floor sliding her hands into the back pockets of her jeans. "Hey," She said softly, "I thought you clocked out hours ago..."

"Yeah, I was supposed to..." Elliot sighed and leant forwards in his chair resting his arms against his desk, the weight of today's resident sicko still playing on his mind. "Just finishing up some stuff..."

Katie glanced at his empty desk. "Yeah, not buying it," She sat herself up on the edge of his table and noticed a sweet photo of his four children. "How are your kids doing?"

"Good," Elliot replied vaguely as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Great; actually."

"Good..." Kate nodded; brushed a flyaway curl behind her ear. "

As he tilted his head, Elliot's eyes caught Kate's leather boots and then travelled up her leg, up those perfect jeans... "Ah," Elliot cleared his throat as he got to his feet. "I'll see you tomorrow, ok?" He patted her bare shoulder, and quickly left.

Katie could feel his discomfort around her, especially lately, maybe she was weirding him out. She'd thought she was keeping her stares in check; but maybe not so much.

She dismissed this as her over-worked paranoia running on high, even if she was staring, it was harmless, really. Staring didn't hurt anyone.

Perhaps the reason Katie thought it so harmless was because she had Ben Harrison, her boyfriend of three months, waiting at home for her. He was a welcome distraction to those pesky Elliot thoughts. Her crush on Elliot, and she refused to see it as more, would disappear with time.

It was going on three years now... how much longer did she have to wait?