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My first attempt at an HA fic.

Rhonda Lloyd-Wellington absolutely adored throwing parties for the fun of it—no birthdays, no holidays, and no special occasions. Whether it was the crazy shenanigans most sixteen year-olds got themselves into or the delightful small talk with the handsome upper-classmen, Rhonda enjoyed having the financial resources to host these soirees once a month.

And as she spoke with the hottest senior boy there, Rhonda noticed Arnold and Helga coming downstairs, one after the other in a suspicious manner. Arnold's normally fair complexion was now painted the color of raspberry jelly and Helga's lips were swollen as she sported messy blonde hair and a. . .

"Excuse me for just a moment, will you?" Rhonda said, scurrying off to the intriguing lovebirds. "Helga! Arnold! How was your 'Seven Minutes in Heaven?'" Rhonda queried with an amused quirk of an eyebrow.

"None of your beeswax, Princess!" Helga stated in her characteristic annoyed tone, crossing her arms. "Crimeny! I don't understand why you care."

Rhonda smirked at Arnold, whom was also growing impatient with the conversation.

"W-What?" he inquired in a shaky voice under her scrutiny, but Rhonda's attention was back on Helga.

"Helga, where ever did you get that enormous hickey?" Rhonda questioned casually, as if she were asking about a pair of extravagant shoes.

Helga's hand instantly flew up the base of her throat to shield the love bite, as Arnold's blush deepened.

"Don't worry," Rhonda assured the unlikely duo. "It will be our little secret."

Of course on the following day, all of Hillwood was buzzing about the incident.