Don't Belong To Me. Boo. Thanks Jess. Blah Just Trying Out A Quick Bones Story.

"Shouldn't you be getting home?" she began. He noticed that small pause, that look that came over her face, haunted her eyes. "Tessa will be worried about you."

There she was, doing it again. Since Bones had stumbled onto the information of this relationship of his, he couldn't help but notice the way, and the amount, of times it was brought up. Constantly. He didn't know if he was reading too much into it or if this was just another case of Bones being Bones, but right now... as he watched her, he couldn't help but feel there was more to it than just the usual Bones behavior.

He paused, looking at her. She kept her eyes away, looking down at her drink, but he could see it in her face. He just... he wanted something more from her, he wanted her to acknowledge it. But when she finally turned to him, he noticed she wasn't going to. And she was expecting an answer. "Yeah," he said sadly. "I guess I should."