It was cold and dark in the place where he sat. His reiatsu quivering with the cold. I wondered why such a strong and uncontrolled power would quiver. He was after all my rival and the boy I was meant to defeat in combat, but this thing before me now was nothing more than pitiful. His eyes had dulled and he looked at me as if I was a predator, which I was. But even for a monster like me this was disgusting seeing anyone like this. His shirt was torn and his jeans well…they were missing at the moment and in their place was the hue of purple and black. His one leg was broken but that wasn't the most disturbing part it was that he was bleeding and a white substance was dripping from him. I thought a hollow could never feel but I felt pained as the boy cried and trembled slightly.

It was then that I could feel the lingering presence of some shinigami. His own comrades did this to him? I started to get closer to the boy and crouched down in front of him. He flinched away from me and squeezed his eyes shut, as if waiting for something to hit him. I paused I didn't want to be nice, hollows don't do nice, they kill and devour, nothing more. But fucking Aizen wanted him on our side, no matter how many problems he caused us. It was at this point that I noticed his arms were tied behind his back with a very strong kido. I can imagine that he doesn't have any experience with it because he's an idiot.

I touched his face making sure not to brush against a blackening eye. He looked at me and mumbled something; I didn't hear him at first but...

"Sorry...sorry...go away..."

"Hey, hey now don't go givin' up on me." I picked him up and OF COURSE only now it dawns on him who I am.

"Grimmjow? G-get away! Don't touch me!" He was so adorable when he-what the fuck did I just say? Okay, okay anyways he continued to flail in my arms so I set him down.

"We can do this the hard way or the easy way, whats it gonna be shinigami?" I stared down at the orange haired boy. I couldn't believe my ears I gave him a choice, what the hell is happening to me? Must be his spiritual pressure. Hmmm spiritual pressure...wait a minute, why is it different?

"Hey, shinigami why is your reiatsu so different?"

The boys eyes widened as if flabbergasted by what I said. I swear I would never understand this boy, he was just so infuriating, plus I didn't like the way he was making me act at the moment either.

"Grimm-grimmjow, you didn't know that I'm human...did you?" He mumbled as his face flushed, hmm I'll ask him later. But the boy did LOOK human at the moment, but did that mean he was human, shinigami, and hollow? Talk about not making up your mind...and I thought I was stubborn; then again all good things did come in threes.

"Hmmm I see, well ya are comin' with meh to see Aizen whether ya want ta or not." I replied. I was surprised that he was so quiet. No remark? No refusal to my statement? This was unusual. He stared at the floor as if inspecting it, looking for something that wasn't there. He began to raise his head with his beautiful brown eyes glistening with tears.

"W-will you take me away from here?" The boy stuttered. I couldn't believe what the shinigami was saying, He wanted to go? But then he continued, "I-I'm not needed society found out I was part hollow and has banished Renji and Byakuya-they...they came to me and...they r-ra."

I stared down in disbelief of what I was hearing and seeing. A quietly weeping child was in front of me not a man but then again he was only 15 and he was thrown into a world of violence and confusion. And to top it off the shinigami, the only people he could trust besides his friends left him because they were afraid of him. Disgusting, shinigami disgust me to no end. And to think they would so low as to rape the boy...disgusting.

"And I can't go to my friends or family because I'm soiled...I'm horrible, I'd only cause them more trouble."

To say I was angry was an understatement, I was enraged. I hoisted the boy up into my arms again bridal style. He gripped the edges of my shirt tightly holding on for dear life. His heart was beating at an unhealthy rate and he was very, very hot too. I gripped the tip of his chin and raised his head, the boy was shattered into pieces that I or no one could fix, his eyes tightly shut to let no one in. I rested my forehead against his and he shuttered away from me.

"You're very cold."

"I'm a hollow what else do ya expect boy? On the other hand you're too hot even though you should on my cold skin." I was positive at this point that the boy had a fever and a horrible one at that, his brown orbs were now glazed over, dripping with comfort that sleep brings. And to my surprise he actually fell asleep in my arms. To say the least he looked cute with that scowl of his gone.

I opened a gargantuan and stepped through taking him to Las Noches, and turning around to see the very shinigami that betrayed him with sullen faces. I only said one thing to them.


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