Our Town

Here in Grover's Corners,

Latitude 42 degrees,

We have Wally and Rebecca,

And George and Emily.

First, we have the Gibbs,

Just your average family.

Rebecca loves her money

George likes watching Emily.

Next we have the Webbs,

And they're pretty normal too.

Emily likes speeches

Wally likes his stamps and glue.

Mrs. Gibbs likes Paris,

Dr. Gibbs, the Civil War,

Mr. Webb, the paper,

Mrs. Webb, flowers and more.

The all-knowing Stage Manager

Knows the town's latitude.

He can see right past

Everyone's attitudes.

In the Grover's Corners news,

Newsome delivers the papers,

Says his teacher's getting married,

As down the street he capers.

In our little town,

There aren't automobiles.

Doors are left open.

Safe is how we all feel.

The moon affects everyone

In different ways.

Rebecca thinks it will explode,

While Emily stares in a daze.

The omniscient Stage Manager,

Also plays Mr. Morgan,

Simon Stimson's a bit crazy,

And he plays the church organ.

Emily told George

How he was conceited.

He told her he loved her

When she had completed.

When George and Emily married

Mrs. Soames really loved it

Julia thought of her wedding day,

That she and Frank won't forget.

Later on in that decade,

Emily and Mrs. Gibbs died.

Emily missed George too much,

So she went back in time.

She learned living people

Just don't understand.

Mrs. Gibbs told her

They take life for granted.

This is the end

Of the story "Our Town."

The end of our characters,

And their lives' ups and downs.