Hey, Kristy Thomas here. I'm 28 years old. I have been working in Boston with the Red Sox. Ever since high school graduation I've wanted to work with a baseball team. I went to college in Connecticut playing on their softball team. I continued to coach the Krushers all through high school and college, but had to give the team up to Abby when I moved to Boston. It was very hard for me to do, especially with as much as I love all those kids. I have come back to Stoneybrook for my step-sister Karen's wedding. Karen is 22 and very excited about getting married. She is going to marry one of my former baby-sitting charges Nicky Pike. Karen & Nicky have been dating since Karen's sophomore year of high school; Nicky's junior year. Now because of Karen and Nicky's closeness to what used to be the Baby Sitters Club, or the BSC, we were all invited to the wedding. I am excited to see the other members of the Baby Sitters Club because we haven't seen each other in years. We write letters every great once and awhile, but with all our schedules we haven't been able to get together.

You already know about me. Claudia is a famous artist in Washington D.C. I have a piece of her artwork in my apartment in Boston. As you can probably imagine, Mary Anne married Logan and they moved to Logan's hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Stacey is back in New York City as a fashion designer. Dawn works as an environmental investigator back in Palo City. Jessi is a famous ballerina in Chicago. Mal writes and illustrates children's books. She is the only member of the BSC that actually stayed in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. Shannon works with NASA, and lives in Alabama just off the NASA site. Abby has gone back to Long Island and is a P.E. teacher at her old elementary school.

"Kristy!" Karen calls from the other room. She runs in wearing the wedding dress that mom is sewing for her. They are almost finished with it. Mom just needs to make the veil.

"Oh Karen, that dress is beautiful." I say with a sigh. Karen looks down at the dress. She looks back up at me and gets a huge smile on her face.

"I know it is, right? I can't thank Elizabeth enough for making me this dress. It means a lot to me." She replies.

"Did she and Watson tell you that it was your wedding gift?" I ask. Karen stares at me.

"Yeah, Elizabeth told me that she wishes she could do more for me. Dad told me that he's got something special for me on the day of the wedding." Karen replies.

"Are your mom and Seth going to be at the wedding?" I ask. Seth is Karen's step-father.

"Yeah, mom is going to set on Nick's family's side of the church and dad will sit on my family's side of the church. I wish that they would quit arguing, but that's never going to happen with my parents." Karen states.

"Oh Karen, I'm sorry. You would think that at least with it being your wedding day that your parents would be able to suck it up and acknowledge that you are the important thing, not their argument. How long have they been divorced now?" I ask looking at her.

"16 years." Karen replies with a sigh. "It doesn't matter to me though. I've gotten used to it."

"Karen!" A voice calls out and the door closes behind the voice.

"Andrew?" Karen asks. Andrew walks into the room. Karen hugs him. "Oh Andrew! I was hoping that you would make it." Andrew is Karen's younger brother and my step brother.

"Now why would I miss my own sister's wedding?" Andrew asks. Andrew is attending USC on a baseball scholarship. He's studying law. "Oh Kristy, guess who I ran into at the airport?"

"Who'd you run into?" I ask.

"Dawn." Andrew replies.

"Dawn's here in Stoneybrook?" I question getting really excited.

"No, her flight was a few hours after mine. I saw her in California." Andrew says.

"Oh ok." I say. Karen and Andrew walk through the living room back towards the dining room where Watson and my mom are sitting talking about the wedding.