For the next few days, Danny did whatever studying he could on ghosts while he was not at school. He pulled out all of the journals his mother wrote, studied his father's inventions closely, and asked questions when he needed to. He wrote down every piece of information that he read about ghosts and how it would help him learn more about the powers he received accidentally.

During breaks at school, Danny went over techniques Tucker and Sam had researched for flying. They would leap into Maddie's journals at lunch hour and explain to Danny different ways to help facilitate his steering while flying. One common way to practice was holding out the arms as though they were wings of a plane. It was the easiest way to steer, unlike having your arms in front of you or tucked at your sides.

They would leave their scooters at home and walk to and from after school together. Danny would practice the techniques on the ground, holding out his arms while either Sam or Tucker directed him.

"Turn left!" Tucker shouted as he and Sam ran after Danny.

Danny tilted his body to the left, lowering one arm and raising the other, and turned his feet into the pointed direction. "Right arm up, left arm down," he muttered.

"Turn right!" Sam said.

"Left arm up and right arm down…"

"Go straight!"

"Even out…"

"There's a tree!"

Danny pretended to quickly dodge something before continuing on his way down the side walk.

Tucker pointed ahead. "There's a goose flying towards you!" he cried out.

Danny leaped as high as he could into the air while spreading out his legs before landing again and continuing to run.

It went on like this for the next week or so. When Saturday arrived, Danny invited his best friends over to his house for some more practicing—his parents and sister had decided to go out for the day and were only returning that evening, which left the entire house to him.

That day was the day to practice Ghost Powers numbers two and three: invisibility and intangibility.

Sam tried relaxing Danny's mind and emotions with a few family recipes and exercises—apparently, her grandmother had been into yoga and meditation as a young woman. Though Danny refused to do the more uncomfortable poses, he did however work along with Sam's exercises and teas.

But he never told her how much he hated tea. So he just went with it.

Once he had been able to clear his mind of any doubtful thoughts, Tucker took charge. The computer genius began with small exercises, starting with having Danny turn either his hand or foot intangible and pass it through objects such as a pencil sharpener, a book, and even a computer monitor.

It took several minutes before Danny was able to master that. Then, the objects got bigger, and the amount of his body that went intangible did as well.

He attempted several times to run through walls and doors; he even attempted to phase through Tucker.

Which proved to be as disastrous as his first landing.

Tucker shouted in bewilderment as Danny body checked him and sent them both against his bedroom wall with a loud THUD. Tucker moaned painfully and grasped his stomach as Danny pulled himself away. "Oh, man, I think I'm gonna hurl," he said sickly.

Danny bit his lip. "Oops," he said with a nervous laugh. "Sorry, Tuck. I thought for sure I'd get it this time."

"Maybe you should stick with walls and doors until you master it, Dude. Once you do, then you can work on running through people."

Danny stared at the wall behind him and tapped his chin. "No, I'm pretty sure I can get it now," he said, slightly confident. He turned around, faced Sam, and got ready to charge.

Sam recoiled in shock and then frowned gravely at him while holding up her fist. "If you even think of trying that on me, I'll punch your head in, Danny Fenton!" she warned in a furious tone.

Danny immediately froze in his actions and cowered while smiling wryly. "Heheh, of course, I can always stick with walls, I guess," he said fearfully while baring his teeth in a wide grin.

Invisibility was no easier than intangibility. Danny had to play a type of hide-and-go-seek game with Sam and Tucker. He ran around the house, trying to become invisible to the human eye; unfortunately, Sam always caught him, and Tucker was there to take pictures in order for Danny to study.

After the eventful afternoon, Tucker clicked on a folder on Danny's computer and up popped a series of images he uploaded from his camera. Danny and Sam stood behind him, looking at the photos.

One image grew to full screen, and Tucker pointed at something on it. "There," he said. "You didn't turn you right arm invisible." He clicked the "next" button. "And here, you forgot about your left foot." He continued through the pictures. "Right foot, left leg, left ear, left hand…" He giggled at the next one. "Hee hee; I see you've got a… nose for trouble, Dude," he teased.

"Do you know how hard it is to turn my entire body invisible?" Danny complained while Sam swatted Tucker across the head for the lame joke. "It's like… reading 26 books at once. One for each letter of the alphabet."

"Danny, you should probably start thinking more on how you have the power to go completely unseen, than continuously doubting yourself and worrying that someone will notice you," Sam explained gently. "We both know you can do it; all you need to do now is believe in yourself."

"It's not that simple, Sam; I'm trying to use my ghost powers when I'm still in human form," Danny pointed out. "I don't know how to control them as well like that."

"See? You're doing it again!" Sam complained. "You need to start believing yourself, Danny. You can be in control of your powers, and you can learn to do it even in human form. You just need to practice and be more confident."

"Sam, I don't care what you guys think about these powers," Danny said with a soft frown. "It was an accident that should never have happened, they are mistakes that my parents made, and if you want my opinion, these ghost powers of mine are pretty much what I consider a curse. I'm already unpopular at school and a D average student; I don't need ghost powers to make my life worse." He crossed his arms and looked away sadly. "I'm just… practicing with you guys so that I can learn to hide my problems from my parents," he added very softly. "If they ever found out about this, they'd never take me back."

Tucker slowly turned around in his chair and looked at Danny before looking up at Sam worriedly. Sam stared back at him with the same amount of concern in her eyes before looking at Danny once more. "Danny, your parents will love you for who you are," she said. "Not for what you are. Whether you're a ghost or a human—!"

"—or both," Tucker added as-a-matter-of-factly.

Sam nodded in agreement. "Or both," she echoed, "Your parents will always consider you as their son." She reached over and placed a hand on her best friend's shoulder while grinning encouragingly. "And yeah, maybe we do think your powers are cool. That's why we're helping you learn to control them. Because we believe that they're a gift. Not a curse."

Danny looked up at her as she spoke yet remained silent.

"You just need to… keep practicing. And we'll help you along the way until you get it right."

Danny blinked a few times before finally managing to crack a weak grin. "Thanks," he said softly.

Sam smiled back at him while Tucker returned to his photo browsing. Unfortunately, the next one came as a complete surprise to him. He recoiled in shock and covered his eyes. "Ack! Speaking of helping you out," he began, catching both Sam's and Danny's attention, "I think we should start with getting you to go fully invisible, once and for all. This one was nasty!"

Danny and Sam stared at him as he spoke and then looked at the computer screen. What they saw made both of them shout in bewilderment. Sam covered her mouth and eyes while Danny's face turned dark red with embarrassment.

"Dude, you seriously need to get pants with a smaller waist line," Tucker said behind his hand.

"How was I supposed to know your camera was behind me?"

His parents returned shortly after Sam and Tucker had left for dinner. Danny was in the living room, watching a bit of TV, when his family walked in.

Maddie prepared dinner like usual, and both she and Jack began talking to their son about the eventful day they had had in the city. Even Jazz had come home looking as though she had a good time. The girls giggled about how they had managed to trick Jack into trying a Triple XL woman's dress. Jack replied that he thought it was a new type of jumpsuit.

However, Danny's mind was on other things. Although he did enjoy hearing his family speak so lively—it hardly happened nowadays, considering all his parents talked about were ghosts—he was beginning to come face-to-face with a new dilemma, other than perfecting his ghost powers. And it was one that he was certain would keep him troubled for a long time:

Should he tell his parents that he had ghost powers? He had seen the inventions his mother created, and ever since the Ghost Portal began to mysteriously work—Danny never mentioned anything about that Monday afternoon—they worked like a charm. Everything Maddie invented did what it was meant to do: harm or destroy ghosts. Even some of Jack's inventions were functioning, save the few that still did the exact opposite of what they were intended to do.

Would his parents forgive him for stepping into the portal when they knew it was dangerous? Would they still love him, even though he had ghost powers now? Or would they experiment on him as though he was no longer a human, but a spectre?

"Danny, you're hardly eating your food," Maddie noticed. Her voice pulled Danny out of his thoughts, and when he looked up, he noticed that both his parents and his sister were staring at him. His mother pointed her fork at his plate. "All you're doing is pushing your peas around." She leaned towards him. "Are you feeling alright, Sweetie?"

Danny stared back at her and then looked down at his plate. "Uh, yeah, I'm fine," he replied heavily. Putting his fork down and pushing his plate forward, Danny stood up and stepped away from the table. "I, uh, I'm not that hungry, Mom," he said. He walked to the exit. "I'm… gonna go do some studying." With that said, he turned around the corner and disappeared.

Maddie, Jack and Jazz stared at the doorway in shock before looking at each other.

"Danny's going to… study?" Jazz said in confusion.

For the following week, things went in the same order as it had the week before. Danny would practice flying techniques on the way to and from school—a few days, he found himself doing it alone because either Tucker or Sam had appointments. He poured through more books and wrote down important points Sam had suggested he jot down. Tucker left the photos he took of Danny on his computer, allowing the teenager to study them and practice when no one was around.

And it was not only with his friends that he practiced, nor was it only one the way to school. Even at home in the yard, when he thought no one was looking, Danny practiced the techniques his best friends gave him to study. At night, he'd lock himself in his room and go through more books, memorizing word for word, and then practicing his intangibility and invisibility.

Of course, mixed feelings about his abilities still plagued him. It did not help with his fear of ghosts, nor did it change his mind about liking them; but it did help him to understand the powers he was now going to be living with for the remainder of his life.

The following Thursday, Maddie had decided to check up on her son. For nearly a month now, he had begun to distance himself from both of his parents. He hardly ate dinner and went upstairs to his room, locking himself in for the rest of the evening.

Luckily, this evening, Danny had forgotten to lock his door.

Maddie peered into the room without her son's knowing and watched him study. Danny was sitting cross-legged over the bed, tapping a pencil against his chin and then trailing it over the page of a book the next moment. Open books and papers surrounded him almost as much as his model rockets and NASA posters surrounded his room.

Maddie had no idea what he was studying, but his behaviour had struck her as odd anyhow; she knew Danny to always be a smart boy, but he had never really been studious like his sister.

So then, why was he all of a sudden pouring through one book after another?

She rubbed her chin thoughtfully before quietly closing her son's bedroom door. Maybe I don't know him as well as I thought I did, she thought before turning and leaving.

The weekend soon arrived again, and Danny found himself in the park on Saturday morning, accompanied by Sam and Tucker. It was a sunny and surprisingly warm day in autumn, and so people were out and about, doing all sorts of things.

Luckily, no one was out in that area of the park, which allowed Danny to practice his abilities outdoors instead of indoors. It had been an area only Danny, Sam and Tucker had known of since they were children. The trees were thick enough to hide them, and they were far enough from any other populated part of the park that no one heard them.

Tucker pulled out his PDA and began touching the screen with his pen. "Okay; you still need extra work on your intangibility, and your invisibility still has a few kinks," he began. Looking up at Danny, he grinned. "Buuut, I'll admit; you're able to do a lot more than you were the first week you were a ghost, Dude. You're improving a lot."

Danny, hands in his pockets, grinned timidly.

"At least with smaller objects," Sam added. "You still can't turn anything more than half your size intangible and you're still having difficulties walking through walls…" She paused and laughed. "Uh, make that run through walls," she corrected herself.

Danny rolled his eyes. "Okay, so I need to learn to take it slower," he admitted.

Tucker put his PDA away and looked at Danny. "For now, we'll see how you can do it out here, where no one can see us," he said. He pointed at his best friend. "But first, let's see what you've learned. Have you been studying?"

"Until my brain melted," Danny replied unenthusiastically. However, after a pause, he smiled and held up his index finger. "But, I did find out a few more things about my ghost powers that you guys may not have known," he added.

"Oooh, sounds thrilling," Sam replied with a grin, although Danny did sense a hint of sarcasm in her voice. "Show us what you've got then."

Danny held up his arms. "Going Ghost!" he exclaimed.

The bright halo formed around his waist, and once it had intersected his body like it normally did, Danny had transformed into the ghost with snow white hair and glowing green eyes.

Tucker grinned brightly. "Not bad," Sam admitted. "You actually sounded proud this time."

"Just a cover up," Danny replied. "I still don't like my powers."

"But I have to agree with Tuck; that catch line really is catchy."

Danny smiled in return and jumped into the air. He floated a few inches over the ground in standing position and held out his arms. "I finally figured out how to float," he said. "And check this out."

He bent his knees as though he would try to jump while already in midair; but instead of taking off, Tucker and Sam watched Danny's legs merge together and form a transparent spectral tail. Everything from his belt down became what almost looked like a trail of black mist.

Sam smiled brightly as Tucker laughed and held up his arms. "Dude, you've got a spectral tail!" he exclaimed. "You actually look like a ghost, now!"

"And you said you didn't like your powers," Sam added.

Danny crossed his arms. "I don't," he replied. "But it doesn't mean I can't figure things out." He pointed at his best friends. "Remember, I'm just doing this to keep my parents from figuring me out. I don't intend to like anything about my ghost half."

"Yeah, yeah, we know," Tucker said boringly while waving an arm before him.

"But I did learn a few more things too," Danny added, catching their attention again. He morphed his legs back to normal and stumbled slightly as he landed on the ground. "When I went through some of my mom's books, I found out that another ghost power that's common is overshadowing. I could actually phase into someone's body and take over their actions."

Sam raised her eyebrows impressively, although Tucker frowned and pointed at Danny. "I sure hope you're not thinking in trying that on me yet," he warned. "Because I've already got enough bruises on the outside of my body. I don't need you to do damage on the inside."

Danny made a grimace in return. "No, I wasn't planning to," he said. "And I don't plan on checking if I can, either." He then turned around and walked up to a giant boulder that was sitting next to a tree. "But you know that thing about super strength you read a few weeks ago, Tuck?" he said while leaning down and placing his arms around the boulder. "Well, I think I can confirm it."

Sam and Tucker watched in silence until their eyes went so wide, Danny could have sworn they would pop right out of their sockets. Their jaws dropped, as did their arms, as they watched Danny raise the boulder over his head and hold it up as though it weight next to nothing.

"Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh," Tucker muttered in awe.

Danny looked at them amusingly. "What, you've never seen a ghost hold up a rock before?" he teased.

Sam pointed at him. "We've never seen you lift up anything heavier than half your body weight!" she exclaimed. "Since when did you become super strong?"

"Since I walked into a portal," he replied. Danny gently lowered the rock back down to the ground and stood back up while crossing his arms. "I remember, when I was overgoing the transformation in the portal, that my muscles seemed to grow sturdier," he explained. "I felt stronger, even healthier. When I asked my parents about ectoplasm, Mom told me that, for reasons unknown to us, it provides the ghost with abnormal strength." He pointed at himself and smiled wryly. "I was in my room a few days ago, ticked off that I could even walk through a wall in ghost mode, that I actually picked up my bed and threatened to toss it!" He paused and shrugged. "That's when I realized that I had super strength."

Tucker stuck his fingers behind his glasses and rubbed his eyes. "Holy cow, my best friend's a ghost," he said in awe, as though he had not realized it before. He opened his eyes again and held his arms out in Danny's direction while laughing. "Dude, do you know what this means? You've actually got what it takes to be a super hero!"

"You could finally do something that could change the world!" Sam added, just as excited.

Danny recoiled in surprise and then frowned. "Uh, I don't think so," he replied sternly. "How many times have I told you two that I'm not going to use my powers other than for keeping my secret… a secret from my folks? I'm only showing you guys what I learned, that's all. I'm still not that good at turning invisible or intangible for Pete's sake." He pointed at Sam and his frown grew. "And another thing; people hate ghosts, Sam. It freaks them out. What could a ghost do to be recognized as a super hero?"

"Danny, you have got to snap out of it!" Sam argued. "You've got an amazing gift! You're a hybrid, something kids our age only dream of being!"

"Dream? Sam, I'm a freak! I'm half ghost! A ghost is supposed to be something that's dead, remember? It's impossible to take something freaky and turn it into something amazing! It's just not possible!"

Sam slapped her forehead as Tucker shook his head and sighed. "Okay, this is getting ridiculous," she said. Looking at Tucker, she added, "Let's just get this practice done so that I can go back home and punch my pillow until it bursts."

Tucker held up his PDA and read what was on its screen. "Okay; first up, I've got intangibility," he announced. He looked up at Danny. "There are plenty of trees for you to try it out on, but take it at a slower pace, dude." He paused and pointed a menacing finger at his best friend while frowning. "Oh, and if you even think of trying that on me again, expect a boot in your face."

Danny grinned amusingly. "Wow, Tucker just sounded scary," he teased.

Tucker smiled proudly and nudged Sam in the ribs. "I'm a good student, aren't I?" he joked.

"Hardee har," Sam replied, although she was grinning as well.

For the next hour or so, Danny attempted to use his intangibility and invisibility, just as he had throughout the past few weeks. Unfortunately, he was still unable to phase through anything larger than the length of his arm, which became a pain when he would find himself one leg or one arm stuck in a tree trunk. Invisibility proved to be a simpler task, though there were still moments where he either could not remain unseen for longer than a few seconds, or Sam and Tucker would notice a part of his black and white suit sticking out.

Sam pressed the stop button on her stopwatch when Danny reappeared out of thin air and stared at the numerals. She sighed. "Guess what, Danny; you've made a new record today," she said incredibly sarcastically. "You've stayed completely invisible for… about five seconds."

Danny groaned loudly and sat down on the cool grass while burying his face in his hands. "This is hopeless, guys," he said in despair. "I've been studying my butt off on ghost stuff and you guys have been trying to help me train, but no matter what I do, I can't stop thinking about how horrible these powers are making my life! And that's what's really interfering with everything!"

Sam and Tucker exchanged pitiful looks before walking over to their best friend. "Danny, having powers isn't all that bad," Tucker pointed out. "I mean, instead of thinking of all the bad things about them, think about the advantages."

Danny scoffed behind his hands and looked up at his best friend with a glare. His eyes were already filled with tears. "Advantages?" he said shakily. "Like what, Tuck? Give me five good reasons for having these stupid powers."

"Well," Tucker began while holding out his fingers, "You can play a decent game of hide and go seek."

"You can walk through walls instead of needing to open the doors," Sam added.

"You can pick things up that no ordinary human being could lift."

"You can light up your own bedroom if the power goes out…"

"Aaand," Tucker concluded with a grin, "My personal favourite…" He pointed upwards. "Fly. You. Can. Fly."

Danny stared at his friends in silence. The more they spoke, the more his frown dissipated.

Tucker fell silent for a moment before shrugging innocently. "Well, at least you will be able to once you get the hang of it," he added.

"Danny, things change in our lives, but they change for the better," Sam said as she grabbed her best friend's hands and helped him back to his feet. "All the bad changes are things humans mess around with. This could be a good change."

"My parents built a ghost portal, Sam," Danny said heavily. "That's what turned me into this."

"Maybe, but they didn't transform you. They didn't even think that the portal was working, remember?"

Danny remained silent. He stared at her for a moment before looking down at his feet.

Sam grinned encouragingly and placed a hand on Danny's shoulder, catching his attention again. "Tucker and I believe that this is one of the good changes," she said softly. "So, would it seriously hurt if you tried to believe the same?"

"And a good way to start doing that is by trying to fly again," Tucker added. He wiggled his PDA. "While following the training we gave you, of course."

Danny looked at him in silence before looking at Sam once more. When all his best friends did was smile encouragingly, he sighed and passed a hand through his hair. "Fine, I'll give it one last go," he said softly.

"Aaaannnd?" Sam and Tucker said in unison.

"And, I'll try believing… in this being a good change too."

"That's more like it," Sam replied.

"Show us what you've got, Bro," Tucker added while giving the thumbs up.

Danny rubbed the back of his neck and looked at Tucker while he spoke before staring upwards at the blue sky above. A few clouds floated here and there, but not enough to hide the limitless heavens.

And on the inside, deep down, perhaps… Danny really did want to try this once more.

The fourteen-year-old took a deep breath and walked off. "But I'm still not sure about liking these powers… one hundred percent," he muttered under his breath.

Once he figured he was at a good distance, Danny stopped and stared up at the sky once more. Inhale, exhale. Remember the tips Sam and Tucker gave you, Danny, he thought. You've got to tilt your body in the right direction when you want to turn, and you can't panic unless you want to crash. He took another deep breath. Keep your arms out in order to steer. When you get better at this, you can try flying with them in different positions. He closed his eyes and raised his head. You can do this, Danny. You can do this.

He waited a moment, taking in the silence around him before finally bending his knees and squatting as low as he could. Then, he pushed off with all his might, taking off like a rocket into the sky.

Danny opened his eyes and looked around as his body began to tilt horizontally. He held out his arms like the wings of a plane and stared at the clouds and blue that surrounded him. Hm, he thought. This isn't so bad. At least I'm not up that—!

He dared to look down. To his complete dismay, his hometown was miles below now. He could not even see the people anymore, and the vehicles looked like ants.

"High?" he exclaimed in terror. He covered his eyes. "I hate my powers! I really, really hate them! GET ME DOWN NOW!"

As if to answer, his body suddenly tilted vertically, as though obeying his wish. Danny gasped softly when he felt this and then screamed as he began the long way back to the ground, freefalling.

The wind whistled by his ears as Danny covered his eyes again. His hair pulled back on his scalp as it danced madly in the passing air. His mind filled with the worst thoughts he could possibly think: how hard was he going to hit the ground? How fast was he falling? Would his family miss him? Would Jazz cry? Would Sam and Tucker feel horrible about putting him through that entire month of…

Suddenly, a different thought pushed through the melee of horrible ones and made its way to the front of his mind. It caused Danny to uncover his eyes and gasp softly in relevance.

Sam and Tucker were not thinking of the worst. In fact, they had never even mentioned what could go wrong the entire time Danny had practiced. They had helped him train. They had come up with different techniques to help him steer. They had encouraged him to give it a second go.

… They believed in him.

Danny held this thought for a moment or two longer before finally staring at the rushing ground below him. The tree tops were growing closer with every second.

Danny blinked and then frowned as his eyes flashed green. "Not… this… time!" he yelled.

Spreading out his arms again, Danny looked up and placed his legs together. He pulled his body into an upward dive just in time to clear the tree tops. The tips of a few leaves brushed against his stomach before flying off in the gust of air that trailed behind him.

Once he had decided to be high enough, Danny straightened out horizontally again and straightened out his arms. "Okay, let's do this," he said to himself. He lowered his right arm and raised his left, helping his body turn sideways. As a result, he began turning directions, flying in a giant loop.

He turned left. He turned right. He flew up and down. He twisted around a flock of geese, heading South for the upcoming winter. He brushed against the treetops of the park, just to feel the leaves against his jumpsuit. At a certain point, Danny discovered that, when his legs were merged together in a spectral tail, he was able to fly even faster than he was able to before.

Several minutes went by before a reality finally settled into his heart; and for the first time, it made him smile.

"I'm flying," Danny whispered in awe. "I'm flying." He did a backwards flip while spreading out his arms. "I'M FLYIIIINNNNGGGG!"

Several hundred feet below, Sam and Tucker watched as Danny performed one stunt after another. Though at first his movements were weak and wobbly, they soon evened out, and before their very own eyes, they were watching their best friend fly.

"This has got to be the highlight of this month, man!" Tucker laughed as he shielded his eyes from the sun and watched Danny do another flip. "He's got this down-pat already!"

"Now, if only he knew how to land," Sam added, although she was admiring Danny's stunts as well. "That's always the hard part."

"No way, Sam; the hard part is going to have to get him back down here!"

Danny appeared over the tree tops after having disappeared for a moment and dove down towards the ground. Sam and Tucker shielded their heads as the ghost flew by them, a transparent tail trailing behind.

"I'm flying! I'm actually FLYING!" Danny cried out with a laugh as he headed back upwards again. "WOOOOHOOOOO!"

"A miracle if I ever did see one," Sam said with a smile as she straightened out and crossed her arms.

Tucker placed his hands on his hips. "Do you really think he'll keep hating his ghost powers after this?" he asked.

Sam looked at him, and they both shared the same smile before looking up again and watching Danny soar. "I'm not sure," she replied. "Ghosts are hard to predict. They've got this mysterious air about them."

They both fell silent for a moment or two while watching their best friend twist and twirl and flip through the sky above without any care, any doubt, any fear in his heart. It was as though he belonged up there, worriless, in the sky.

And Sam and Tucker believed it.

They smiled proudly. "Way to go, Danny," Sam said softly.

This was my favorite part to write. Mainly because We see Danny trying to perform all of his powers yet failing miserably. He's trying, give him a break!

I remembered that in the first episode, Danny had already perfected flying, while he was still working the kinks out on invisibility and intangibility. If you don't remember that, I'll remind you:

Danny grabbed hold of Sam and Tucker and seemed to have difficulty turning them and himself intangible in order to get away from the flying ovens headed their way. He managed to phase them through the wall and they landed in a heap on the floor in the hallway outside.

In a burst of excitement, Danny rose to his feet with a smile and said, "Hey! It worked!"

That kind of got me thinking, maybe Danny hadn't perfected anything but flying before that point. I mean, he was still even trying to work out the kinks and timing of his transformation in the episode, remember?

Anywho, this was the looooong short story. Hope you enjoyed it.