Sam pulled her black sports car up in front of the Elementary school and placed it in park. She pressed down on the gas lightly and revved the engine.

Danny whistled lowly and looked at his wife from his place in the passenger's seat. "Gives me goosebumps every time you do that," he said.

"Boys and their toys, that's over," Sam replied proudly, rubbing the dashboard of the car. "This baby's all mine. All 700 grand of it."

"She's a sweet ride."

"You'd better believe it. And she's eco-friendly."

"When are you gonna let me drive it?"

Sam laughed sarcastically and looked at Danny. "Try in one million lightyears, pal," she said. "You may be my husband now, but it doesn't mean you're allowed to drive it. Besides; she's voice-activated. Won't respond to a ghost."

"Ooo, that hurt," Danny laughed softly. He turned his arm invisible and stuck it into Sam's side, making her giggle. "What if I overshadowed you? Would it respond to my voice then?"

"Danny, if you even dare to try that, I'll kill you!" Sam squealed, drowning in her giggles. "Get your hand out of my ribs!"

Danny giggled childishly before pulling his hand out and sighing. He turned and looked at the school. "Should be done any time now," he said.

"He'll be one of the first ones out," Sam replied, digging into her purse. "He usually is."

Danny looked at her again. "He doesn't use his powers to do that, does he?" he asked worriedly.

"Danny, if I never found out that my own son had inherited two of your ghostly abilities in the past five years, then I'm sure no one else did either," Sam replied with a tired sigh. "I think he's mastered how to keep others from noticing it by now."

"How do you know? He's only five years old."

"How do I know? Easy…" Sam leaned towards Danny and gently slapped his cheek. "Andy's not the nervous wreck you used to be in school."

"Is it just me, or have you been practicing at your insults while I was stuck in the Ghost Zone all these years?" Danny asked, slightly peeved.

Sam chuckled. "Not really," she replied. She leaned closer and placed her lips against his. "But I've practiced this."

Danny hummed softly before pulling his lips away from hers to speak. "With who; Tucker?" he teased softly before kissing her again.

"Gross; and he'd probably hurl if he heard you say that," Sam muttered, making him laugh softly.

The school bell suddenly rang, causing Sam to pull herself away from her husband. She sat back down in the driver's seat and straightened her hair. "Here they come," she said with a sigh.

The doors to the school burst open and out ran dozens of children ranging from the ages of five to thirteen, shouting loudly. Most ran to the busses, while other grabbed their bikes and dashed down the sidewalk to get home.

"I remember that," Danny said with a grin. He looked at Sam. "The feel of freedom after a day at school. Tucker and I used to race each other out the door and down the street."

"Until either you tripped on a crack or he tripped on his shoelaces," Sam replied. "You two were literally walking death traps."

Danny chuckled softly before looking up at the school again.

The doors opened once more, and this time, he recognized his son to be one of the children to walk down the steps.

"Right on cue," Sam announced. "He's better than you were."

"Hardee har," Danny laughed sardonically. "So you just wait for him in the car?"

"Usually. He's pretty good on getting here on his own."

Danny looked at her for a moment.

"Then, we usually give Tucker a visit before heading back home."

Danny looked at the road ahead for a moment and then stared at his feet. "Tucker really made sure you two were okay all this time, didn't he?" he said softly, recalling the promise his best friend had made him before Danny was sent to the Ghost Zone.

Sam smiled weakly at the thought and nodded her head. "Sure did," she replied. "He really wanted to make sure things were perfect for you when you came back." She looked at Danny. "And he didn't change much either," she added. "Just like you wanted."

Danny grinned in reply.

Sam winked back before digging through her purse again. "Anyway, so we'll go to Town Hall to visit Tuck before we make a quick stop at the mail and then head home," she announced. "Part of the daily schedule—!"

A cry of surprise suddenly cause Danny to raise his head and look at the schoolyard again. There, he saw a boy about eight or nine years of age, with blond hair and blue eyes, push Andy to the ground, making the five-year-old trip and fall on his back. Then came the name calling.

Danny frowned. "Is that part of the schedule, Sam?" he asked, catching her attention.

Sam looked out his window and covered her mouth. "Oh, no," she said softly.

The blond-haired boy grabbed Andy's shirt collar and pulled the child up to his face, all the while continuing to tease him.

"I remember that part of school too," Danny added, unimpressed.

"Jazz told me that Andy got picked on," Sam mentioned. "But he never spoke about it or seemed to be too bothered about it either."

"The thing about bullies, Sam, is that they make you too scared to talk about it," Danny replied, frowning at her. "I never told my parents about my bully problems either, remember?"

The boy shouted something out again and Andy shook his head violently before his attacker raised a fist to strike.

That was it. Danny immediately unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the car door. "Okay, break time's over," he said. "This is one scheduled event that won't be taking place."

Sam reached for him, but Danny had already exited the car and had closed the door behind him. "Danny, wait!" she shouted out the window. "You don't know who's kid that is!" When Danny made no sign in turning back, Sam hastily closed her purse and began undoing her own belt.

Andy braced himself when he saw Billy raise his fist up. The blond haired boy grinned. "So, you gonna hand over that Danny Phantom action figure?" he asked.

"No!" Andy shouted back. "My Uncle Tucker gave it to me! It's mine!"

Billy narrowed his eyes. "Wrong answer, Pipsqueak," he hissed. He raised his fist a little more. "Time for punishment!"

Andy turned his face away and shut his eyes tightly.

Billy was just about to bring down his fist when he heard footsteps headed his way. He raised his eyebrows when held back his fist when someone spoke.

"Hey!" Danny shouted, dodging running children and rushing up to the two in question. "Hey, cut it out!"

Billy gasped softly and let go of Andy's shirt, dropping the five-year-old on the ground. He quickly placed his fist behind his back and stood up straight.

Danny stopped in front of them and frowned softly while placing his hands on his hips. "Is there a problem?" he asked.

Billy quickly shook his head. "No, Sir," he replied. "I just wanted to see his Danny Phantom toy, that's all."

"No, you didn't!" Andy yelled angrily, getting to his feet. "You wanted to steal it from me because it's worth a lot of money!"

Billy tried to ignore him. "He's just kiddin', Mister," he said nervously.

"I am not!" Andy exclaimed, pointing at him. "You were gonna beat me up for it!"

Danny looked at the two children before speaking. "Aren't you a little old to be fighting over a toy, Kid?" he asked the blond-haired boy.

Billy shrunk a little until someone in the back caught his eye. He grinned brightly and waved. "Hey, Dad!" he called out.

Danny raised an eyebrow and looked over his shoulder. He stared in complete surprise at the man who rushed over.

Dash jogged slowly while waving at his son. "Hey, Billy!" he said, coming to a stop near Danny. "Sorry I'm late pickin' you up, Buddy."

"That's okay, I was just havin' some fun with Andy Fenton," Billy replied innocently.

The Football star nodded, almost proudly.

Danny noticed it and stared at him in disbelief. "Dash?" he said.

Dash raised his head and looked at Danny, as if just noticing him there for the first time. "Hey, Fenton!" he said cheerfully. "I thought you were the little guy's dad!"

"I should have noticed the resemblance of character between you and yours," Danny added, still startled. "I thought you didn't live in Amity Park anymore."

"Oh; I moved back three years ago," Dash replied. "My dad needed some help with the shop. We live just outside of AP, now. Works good, because I go to work in the nearest city. I can visit here more often, now."

"Oh; great," Danny muttered sarcastically under his breath. "So this is your kid, huh?"

Dash grinned. "Yep," he said. You met him that time before you disappeared."

"Oh, yeah. That time." Danny cleared his throat and looked at him again. "His name's Billy?"

"Actually, it's William. But we call him Billy for short."

Danny pointed at the children. "Did you know that he's picking on Andy?" he asked.

Dash blinked several times and his grin remained. He shrugged. "I wouldn't call it picking on," he said.

Danny frowned weakly. "So you did know," he assumed.

"Kids do it all the time, Danny."

"That's bullying, Dash," Danny clarified. "You should tell him to stop."

Dash seemed startled by this. "Why?" he wondered.

Danny's frown grew. "Why?" he echoed. "Because he'll eventually hurt Andy."

"He's not playing rough, Danny," Dash replied. "He's just… practicing his moves. He does it at home with his sister a lot, you know. They play fight all the time."

"I don't care what they do at home, Dash," Danny said sternly. "And I'd rather you not act as though my son is just another punching bag."

"Relax, Fenton, no one's hurt!" Dash said defensively. "Billy's just practicing!"

"So you're encouraging it?"

"A kid's gotta be tough, Fenton. Just like I taught you."

Danny felt his anger begin to rise, though he was able to cover it from the outside. He glared at the football player. "You called that teaching, hm?" he said dryly, though as calmly as he could.

"I had to teach you somehow."

"You stuffed me in my locker."

Dash sighed. "Look, Danny, if it helps you feel better, I'll tell Billy to dial down on the practice," he said. "If your kid isn't tough enough to take it, then I'm cool."

Danny bared his teeth.

"I don't want anyone hurt, right?"

Danny hesitated for a long time before squeezing his fist. Then, after finally making up his mind, he pulled his arm back and swung his fist directly into Dash's face.

Dash groaned painfully and stumbled backwards while placing a hand on his face. Children who were rushing about or talking froze or gasped and stared at the two adults.

Billy and Andy stared wide-eyed at Dash before turning their eyes on Danny.

Danny breathed heavily and glared at Dash. "A few years late to say that, Dash!" he yelled angrily.

Dash rubbed his left eye and uncovered it, revealing it to already be pink. He frowned. "What the heck was that for?" he exclaimed.

"Keep your kid away from mine, and I won't do anything worse!" Danny snapped.

Dash growled and pulled up his sleeve. "You think you can actually take on me?" he hissed. "You weren't able to do it in high school, so what makes you think you can do it now?"

"Don't test me, Dash!"

"Test you?" Dash yelled angrily and charged at Danny while holding up his fist.

Danny ducked as Dash's fist flew over him and then straightened out. He threw out his leg and tripped the football player, sending him to the ground.

"You fight like a whimp, Fenton!" Dash yelled angrily, grabbing Danny's leg.

Danny glared at him and made his foot intangible. Dash's hand phased right through it, taking him by surprise. Danny took the opportunity to get down on top of Dash and punch him again.

Students all shouted in awe and rushed over to watch the two men fight. The children were enthralled to see adults throwing fists at each other. What made the scene all the more interesting was that it was taking place in front of their school.

Danny and Dash rose up to their feet and grabbed each other's shirts. Both were now covered in scrapes and bruises. "You've got some nerve picking a fight with me, Fenterd," Dash growled behind his teeth.

"You know what I'm capable of doing to you, Dash," Danny growled back.

"I'd like to see you go ghost in the middle of this crowd, Danny; you'd just chicken out like you always did!"

Danny yelled angrily and swung another fist into Dash's face. Dash swung his into Danny's shoulder.

Someone violently pushed between them and placed their hands on their chests. "BREAK IT UP, BREAK IT UP!" Sam yelled loudly, separating the two men from each other. She was able to push them hard enough to make both Danny and Dash stumble backwards. She frowned furiously at them both and crossed her arms. "You guys are worse than kids, honestly!" she snapped. "Just grow up the both of you!"

Danny rubbed his arm and glared furiously at Dash.

Sam took a moment and glared at her husband before looking at Dash. "Unless you want me to call the cops and have them arrest both of you for fighting on school grounds, Dash, take your kid and vamoose," she said, pointing at the man's red corvette.

Dash stared at her in silence before shooting an icy glare at Danny. "You get your wife to do the dirty work, huh?" he said. "Just like in high school."

"Say that again inches from my face, you MORON!" Danny yelled angrily, making to charge at him.

Sam and Andy pushed back against him, holding the astronaut in place. "I said, cut it out, Daniel!" Sam snapped. She looked at Billy. "Better go with your dad, Billy," she said.

Billy nodded quickly and ran off after his father. Dash rubbed his cheek while glaring at Danny and then continued on his way.

Slowly, everything around them went back to normal, and the children went back to doing what they had been doing earlier. Sam waited a moment before shooting another glare at Danny. "Very well taken care of, Captain Fenton!" she snapped softly.

"It would have helped if you told me that kid was Dash's!" Danny snapped back angrily.

"Oh, right! And have you beat that kid up too?"

The doors to the school opened up wide and out hurried the principal, the same man who had been the vice principal and one of Danny and Sam's high school teachers, Mr. Lancer. "Moby Dick, people!" he exclaimed. "What's going on out here?"

"Sorry, Mr. Lancer," Sam apologized. "Just clearing up a misunderstanding."

"Misunderstanding," Danny muttered grumpily. "Misunderstanding my—!"

Sam stomped on his foot as hard as she could, making Danny yelp painfully and reach down to rub it.

Lancer looked at them and then watched as Dash drove off in his car. The old man sighed and rolled his eyes. "Just like old times, Mr. and Mrs. Fenton?" he guessed, looking at Danny.

"I'll make sure it won't happen again, Mr. Lancer," Sam replied. She looked at Andy. "Get your father to the car, Sweetie."

"Okay, Mommy," Andy replied, helping his father limp to the sports car.

Sam watched them leave and then looked up at Lancer again. "Danny's still adjusting to his return to Amity Park, Sir," she said. "He's still not on good terms with Dash."

"Well, I can't expect more from a man who's been missing for five years," Lancer replied with another sigh. "Just make sure he doesn't get himself killed by Mr. Baxter." He turned and walked off. "At least, not on school grounds."

Sam nodded and looked at her car. She frowned. "Oh, Dash won't be the one who'll kill him, Sir," she said, walking off to the car.

Danny had just put his seatbelt on when Sam opened her door and sat inside the car. She slammed it shut and buckled her seatbelt. "Can you be any more embarrassing?" Sam snapped softly behind her teeth.

"After about sixteen years of holding it back, I don't think I've ever felt as good," Danny replied stubbornly as Sam stepped on the gas and drove off.