A/N: So, I got this idea from Jades username in 'WiFi in the sky'. This is my first Victorious fanfiction, and it is slightly darker than anything I've ever written, so go nuts with the reviews, constructive criticism is always welcome(:

He gave her that smirk. That little smile that made everything okay inside, but she still had the right to be angry. So the cheerleader had turned out to be nine, that didn't change the fact that her heart had dropped and her hand had involuntarily twitched towards the scissors when André mentioned it. Beck was the best thing that ever happened to her, so she was a little possessive. It was only because she was terrified of losing him. She remembered when they met back in freshman year. She was a screwed up kid. Before she met Beck she was the kid with famous parents, she was expected to be the best thing Hollywood Arts had ever seen. The scissors were the only way she dealt with that. Sure smaller knives and tacks would have been less conspicuous, but she took a sick pleasure in the way scissors tore into her flesh and left big messy scars that she made no effort to hide. She denied it of course, when people asked, even though secretly she hopped that someone would care enough to help her to stop. Beck was that person, the first time she met him she was crying in a bathroom stall over a comment her mother had made in the car that morning, counting the hours until she could get home, where the scissors were. Beck being Beck, had walked into the wrong bathroom, and instead of rushing out when he realized his mistake, he stayed long enough to knock on the stall door and ask if everything was okay. Her response had been an irritated "Get lost!" but he didn't, and when she opened the door the first thing she saw was his smile, and in that instant, she forgot all about the scissors hidden under the sink in her bathroom at home.

"Are you okay?" He asked, seeing her mascara streaked face, his smile dropped to a frown of concern.

Her first instinct was to do anything to get that smile back "Yeah, I'm… I'm fine, the cafeteria was just…out of coffee that's all," she offered a weak smile and walked over to the sink to wash the makeup off her face. He laughed cautiously, smiled and left. He asked her out the next day. She was greeted by an adorable "Beck-ish" smile and a cup of Skybucks coffee when she walked in to school, and in that moment, though she had just left her mom's car and a lecture on why she was the family disappointment, the scissors were the furthest thing from her mind. Eventually the scissors lay forgotten in her bathroom cabinet, unused for weeks.

The first time he saw her scars they were making out in his RV, he traced his finger along the deepest one. "Jade," he said sadly, his somber eyes asked the question his voice didn't.

"It's nothing," she gave she standard excuse and turned away, half of her hoping that he would forget about it, the other half praying he would be concerned.

"Have you?" he asked sitting up and snaking his arms around her waist.

"Not for a while." The answer was distant and vague, but when she turned around the look in his eyes told her that he had heard the real meaning. Not since I met you. She would never let him go, especially not to some peppy blue eyed, blonde cheerleader with big boobs…If they ever happened to meet one. She never told him that he was the reason she hadn't killed herself before this point, but whenever she saw that smile she had a feeling he knew anyway.

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