Baby Bella Cullen….My Version (:


I was hunting with Rosalie, when an overpowering scent hit me. I turned the corner into the meadow to see a beautiful little human girl, huddled in a corner of the meadow in the fetal position. Her brown hair cascaded around her face to where you couldn't see it. She looked about 4. I looked at Rose, who looked at the girl and frowned.

"I think we should see if she's ok", Rose stated plainly, walking towards the little girl. When Rose got over to her, she leaned down and set her hand on the little girl's shoulder. She looked up at Rose, her eyes puffy and her face red from crying. I felt sorry for her, and I didn't even know the kid. Rose was being all motherly with her. It was a turn-on. No Emmett, I thought to myself, Bad Emmett BAD EMMETT!
"What's your name, sweetheart", Rose asked. The little girl looked at Rose, fear in her eyes.

"Is…Is…Isabella, but mommy called me Bella", she said her voice shaking. I knelt down beside Rose, and smiled at Bella.

"Well, I'm Emmett, and this is my wife Rosalie", I told taking her little hand in mine. She smiled at me a little.
"Where are your mommy and daddy sweetie", I questioned her. Her tears began to flow again.

"Mommy…and Daddy…died today…in a…car crash", she stammered out, the tears flowing down her face once again. I pulled her into me gently. She buried her face my chest, crying her eyes out. I felt bad for her.

"Emmett, let's bring her to Carlisle, maybe he can help", Rose said to me. I smiled at her. It was a good idea. I swopped Bella up in my arms and carried her back to my house. We walked into our house and all heads turned to the crying human in my arms. Edward nodded to me, reading my mind.

"Carlisle's upstairs Emmett", Alice said, running up to Bella, Rose, and I. She ran her fingers through Bella's hair and she looked at her through her brown hair that at the moment covered her face. Bella pushed her hair out of her face, exposing her face, red from crying.
"Oh you poor dear", Alice said, taking Bella from my arms as I headed upstairs with Rosalie. I kissed Bella's forehead as I left.

We walked upstairs into Carlisle's study and knocked quietly on the door.

"Come In". Carlisle stated happily from inside the room. We walked in and he smiled at us.
"Alice saw all this happening and I think you and Rose should keep little Isabella, raise her as your daughter, let her have a good life without putting her in foster care", he said and I saw a huge smile appear on Rosalie's face. She hugged Carlisle, thanking him over and over. I smiled at this. I hugged Carlisle as well, thanking him for this gift he was giving Rosalie and I. Rose had the hugest smile on her face. I wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her into my side and leading her downstairs to tell the rest of our family the great news.


The whole family loved Bella to death. She was the most adorable little 4 year old I had ever seen in my life. She had now been legally adopted by Rose and I, and we couldn't be happier. When Bella first called Rose mommy, she couldn't have been more excited. I was the same way when she first called me Daddy. I thought back to all the little memories of her. She was too cute. Let me tell you about my daughter. She was a fashionista just like her momma and Auntie Alice and Bethany (AN: Edward's wife). They went shopping practically every weekend. She loved to be a little princess, dance around, sing, play dress up, and all that girly stuff. She was as girly as they come, but she'd play down and dirty with me too. She played football, baseball, softball, soccer and any other rough and tumble sport you could think of with Edward, Jasper, and I. She would come into the house, covered in mud from head to toe, and just laugh at Rose's expression of disgust. The girl ended up taking a bath like twice a day usually. I laughed at the memories. Little footsteps coming down the hallway interrupted my thoughts. I got off my bed and opened the door to see my 4-year old standing there in front of me, arms stretched towards me.

"Morning Daddy", she said as I picked her up. She laid her head against my rock-hard cold shoulder, not seeming to care about how uncomfortable it probably was. I wrapped one arm around her, the other closing the door behind me, as I brought Bella downstairs for breakfast.

"Morning Angel", I said, kissing the top of her head, as I sat her down in her booster seat.

"What's for breakfast daddy", my daughter asked me, smiling at me.

"What do you want sweetie", I asked her, turning from the counter to her, her little brown pig-tails Rose had put in the night before completely lopsided from sleep. I laughed at that.

"I want waffles", she said, the smile on her face widening, showing her pearly whites. I laughed at my beautiful daughter who was smiling from ear to ear.

"Alrighty then", I said pulling out the waffle maker, and the waffle mix. I poured the batter into the pan and closed it, flipping it over and letting the waffle cook. Bella ran up to me, wrapping her arms around my legs.
"Watcha need kiddo", I said, pulling her off my legs and picking her up.

"Where's mommy", she asked me, wonder in her eyes. Rosalie was out hunting and wouldn't be back till tomorrow, but how do I explain that to a 4-year old that had no idea about vampires or any of the mythical shit that should only be true in fairy tales.
"Daddy where's mommy", Bella asked me, tears filled her eyes.
"Daddy is mommy gone forever", she asked me, her tears spilling over.

"Oh god of course not, she and Auntie Ali went shopping, they'll be back tomorrow", I lied cleanly, kissing her forehead.

"Oh Otay", she said, burying her head in my chest. The waffle maker beeped and I used my free hand to pull it open and pull the waffle out. I put on the plate that I had set out and then walked over and sat Bella on her booster suit.

"On daddy duty Em?",Jasper asked me, walking into the room.

"Yep, and I'm darn good at it to", I said, kissing my daughters forehead and sitting the now syrup-covered waffle in front of her.

"Morning Uncle Jazzy", Bella said with her mouth full. She swallowed and smiled at Jasper.

"Morning darlin'", Jasper said, letting his southern accent slip a little. She giggled at his accent.
"You ready to play some football today with Daddy, Eddie and me", he asked her smiling.

"Oh YEAH Uncle Jazzy i feel like gewtting dirty", she said smiling. Today was gonna be a fun daddy, uncle, daughter day. I couldn't wait to get started.