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Chapter 4: Baby Bella Cullen

Previously…."Baby girl, daddy, mommy, and the rest of our family…they're vampires", I said, waiting for her response.

Emmett's POV

I watched in horror as my little girl backed away from me slowly, tears welling up in her beautiful doe shaped brown eyes. She was scared to death, but the thought that killed me was that I couldn't save her from what was scaring her because my beautiful little girl was afraid of me. I felt the venom gather in my tear ducts just waiting for permission to fall.

"Don't hurt me please", her fragile voice begged me, scooting farther and farther away from me on the couch.

"Baby girl, daddy would never hurt you, angel you know that", I said extending my arm forward, running my hand down her arm.

"NO!", she exclaimed, shooting up of the couch, moving to stand by the edge of the stairs."YOUR NOT MY DADDY, I DON'T WANT YOU, I HATE YOU!", she added screaming at the tops of her lungs, making my cold dead heart wrench in pain. My beautiful baby girl didn't want me. She…She didn't want me as her daddy anymore. Carlisle came in then, thank the lord for him because I just couldn't respond at the moment.

"Isabella, darling none of us are going to hurt you especially not your father ,baby please calm down and we will explain everything alright?", she nodded slowly as she allowed her grandfather to pull her into his arms. He began to explain everything to her and her posture visibly softened as he did so.

Bella and Carlisle had a strong bond. He loved his granddaughter with a love that almost rivaled the one he had for Esme. They would spend hours curled up in his library, reading books and listening to all the cool stories that grandpa had to tell.

Esme tiptoed in quietly, crouching in front of Bella pulling her into a tight hug. Bella buried her face in her grandmothers neck, before looking up, catching my gaze. She then pulled out of Esme's arms and ran towards me tears streaming down her heart shaped face. I pulled her tightly to my chest rocking her back and forth in my arms calming her.

"Daddy I'm so sorry, I do want you daddy don't leave me daddy please", her voice cracked as the sobs racked through her delicate little body.

"Shh baby girl, daddys here I'm not going anywhere I swear", I whispered to her, pressing a kiss to her hair, inhaling her deep floral scent. "Sweetie trust me when I say you are not in danger here", I whispered as her deep sobs turned into small cries and yawns. "Go to sleep baby, I'll see you in the morning", I told her as she feel into a deep sleep.


I had spent the remaining of the evening hunting with Rosalie. As we neared the house, I could distinctly hear my little girl's giggle as well as Jasper's deep southern drawl as he told her not to forget about some club. I was definitely thoroughly confused.

"MOMMY DADDY GUESS WHAT", my angel yelled from her perch on Jasper's shoulders as we walked into the kitchen. "TELL THEM ABOUT THE SECRET CLUB UNCLE JAZZY", she screamed at him, resting her elbows on the top his head. I laughed gently at her antics before meeting Jasper's eyes looking for some sort of explanation.

"Our secret Emmett, our adorable little monkey here has decided that were all part of a club…a secret club if you will", he said grabbing Bella from his shoulders and swinging her around as she held tightly onto his arm muscles. "We can't tell anyone or it'll break the rules of the secret club", he finished, letting Bella down. I chuckled as she ran to me, wrapping her little arms around my calf muscles. This girl was going to be the death of all of us, I swear it.