A/N: So, this is just a short fic i wrote as a response to a prompt at the ncis kink meme. the prompt was to write a dark and ansty fic with including the words: this is no fairytale. And the pairing was either Tony/Gibbs or Tony/McGee. So here's what i wrote.

Tony sat beside Gibbs bedside clasping his hand in his and speaking softly to the still form.

"The doctors say there's no hope for you to recover." Tony sighed as tears prickled his eyes but he held them back as the words like brain dead filtered through his mind.

The others had been sitting by Gibbs' bedside earlier but they'd gone to the cafeteria to give Tony a moment alone with his lover. It had been a few days since they heard the words brain dead pass the doctor's lips, but Tony had refused to give up on his lover and so he was still sitting here and talking like Jethro could hear him and hoping for him to wake up. Ducky and Abby had both tried to get him to give up and move on, but still Tony had held on, hoping for a miracle.

"I never should have let you go alone, maybe if I had been there-" Tony's voice cracked even as he knew that it really wouldn't have mattered. If he had been there with Jethro when the car they'd been investigating exploded he would be in the same condition as Gibbs or even could have died instantly. 'Luckily' Tony and the other members of the team had still been by the van and hadn't gotten hurt.

Tony snorted, he didn't feel lucky at all.

"Why did it have to be you? I can't do this Jethro I need you with me" Tony looked at the battered face of his lover and brushed his hair back a bit even if it wasn't long enough to require it, but the action grounded him a bit. Though the fact that the man didn't react at all to the touch served as a reminder to the younger man that he wouldn't wake up and lean into his touch ever again. The tears welled up again as the truth finally sank in.

"You know Gibbs if this was a fairytale, a kiss might be all it took for you to wake up. Or I could ask the fairy god mother to bring you back." Tony gazed down at the still form of his lover before taking a deep breath and squeezing the hand he still held in his own.

"But this is no fairytale, at least it isn't for me. The way i see it, there's no happy ending for me in this, but you on the other hand can have the happily ever after." The tears he had been feeling forming in his eyes ran down his cheeks as he leaned down to kiss Jethro's dry lips, before moving his lips to his forehead and just resting them there and whispering in the still warm skin.

"Go, they're waiting for you, go and get your happy ending with your girls." He pressed his lips more firmly into Gibbs' forehead before withdrawing.

"I love you Leroy Jethro Gibbs and I always will. Rest now" He kissed the closed eyelids before he sat back and kissed the older man's hand and just watched his lover with tears streaming down his cheeks.

It might have been a trick of his imagination, but Tony swore there was a small smile playing at Gibbs' lips before the heart monitor gave a whine to signal a flat line and in that instance Tony broke down sobbing He watched the doctors and nurses crowd the room and finally the doc called the time of death, but all Tony could think was that maybe he'd been wrong and maybe it was a fairytale and he himself was Humpty Dumpty Because at that moment he knew what it felt like to fall hard and be broken so badly that he never could be made whole again.

'All of king's horses and all the king's men, couldn't put Humpty together again'

The End.