StarCarft 2: The Endless War

by Jayovac

It was a long hard fight after many datys of fighting, and there was a rain that wa slike blood but now Jim Raynor and him best friend of many years, Tychus Pindlay, walked slow down a dark Zerf place with laser beams from their gun in front of them like blue lasers. There were a small smoke the air and it make those guns have a nice effect.

Jim Raynor putted his gun around and make the laser glow even more powerfully. But then all od a sudden him stop and put his arm up and then they see? Can it be? Certainly, Kerrigen hand in the air like death, but perhaps not really, Jim Raynor thought carefully.

"Goodness...oh my" said Jim Raynor and him face visor went up and he bended down to look at him true love. Then a epic song begin to play and it make the scene very strong, like a movie's scene where it is sad?

"Sarah..." he said softily and hold her very caredfully in him robot suit arms.

But just then while him is romancing his old love, Tychus Pindlay's stand behinds him and the visor on his helmet open hard too, and he hears a voice coming from the inside. Him ciggerette is smoking loudly and the voice play from within the Marinn suit: "YOU HAB YOUR ODERS MR, PINDLAY." it said, and Tychus Findlay knew he had to do what he had to pay, because owed his life because of a deal he made in a time not so long ago before.

Tychus knew it was a hard to descission to make, but then the voice kept say: "Carry. Them. Out." He spitted his cigawette out and knows he had to do it. So he aims the laser from his gun at Kerriage.

"NO!" said Jim Raynor. "What do you do?"

"I makes a deal with a debbil, Jimmy. She die, and I am free to live a free man forever free."

Jim Raynor felt a tear in him eye, but then knew his love for Kerrigan was so much harder than the love for his best friend and it pain him hard inside but he pulls out him revolver even though it the futrure and they have better guns.

"It's a damn shame" Tychus say and fires a warring shot. BUT JIM RAYNOR DEFLECTION THAT SHOT AND SPIN AROUND SHOT TYCHUS IN THE MOUTH.

But then Jim Raynor let Kerrigan onto the ground softly and went to the body of him friend, and bent down and wept with a horrible cry: "WHY LIKE THIS?"

Meanwhile, Kerrigan smiled evily when Jim wasn't looking...

The End?