Back to Paradise

E/O Drabble Challenge, challenge word: fly.

Set: After 'Swan Song'.

Summary: He'd always thought that knowledge is power. It had taken him almost too long to recognize the simple truth.

A/N: As always I'd like to add my special thanks to my incredible brave musketeers. Their sharp mind parries every challenge, so I feel obliged to do the same, may the muse be with me or not :-) Shan, BarbaraGER – I'm glad we're playing in the same sand box!

It seemed to him as if he'd been falling through vast blackness for ages.

Inside he felt Lucifer, raging in his futile attempt to get free.

The bringer of light, lost in the dark.

He smiled.

How close he had been to become just like him.

How he'd enjoyed tasting the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge. So sweet and mellow, so tempting that he'd been drawn to it like a fruit fly.

And like Adam – the first Adam – he'd only learned to feel small and naked... and deceived.

Until he'd recalled the only power that was real: Love!

I hope the end is not too cheesy. Anyway, I think that's the power that defeated Lucifer, and it'll be the power that brings Sam back (or so we hope, don't we?)