A new browser window opened immediately, and immediately, Garcia shut her eyes as she saw a format very similar to her own. Did she want to know? Yes, as long as she came out on top. But if this list just confirmed her worst fears - that he only thought of her as a friend - she would spend some large amount of time wishing that she'd never read it. No, if that's what it said, she'd be far happier to live out the rest of her days blissfully unaware of his feeling - or lack thereof - toward her.

But then again... Was she really the not knowing type? How could she claim to be the Goddess of knowledge and everything in between if she couldn't tell anyone, namely Emily and JJ, about Morgan's feelings to her?

So she decided to look. Just a quick look, just a peek, to gauge the general mood of the list. And if it seemed to be leaning in her favour, she'd read the rest. She counted down from three in her head, and blinked open her eyes.


Good things

- Is pretty hot

- Makes me laugh

- Is nice

Bad things

- Is married

- Has one child (and I think another coming)

- Isn't my type - too normal

- Works with me


Good things

- Again, is hot (why do all the women I work with have to be attractive?)

- Is as hardcore as I am

- Can tackle like me

- Goes on Sin to Win weekends

- Is great with kids

- Is always paired with me

- Loves Kurt Vonnegut

- Carries a gun, and definitely knows how to use it

Bad things

- Carries a gun, and knows how to use it

- Has an scary boyfriend who could and would kill me

- Has a past

- Is probably as fucked up as I am

- I sorta think of her as a sister type

- Would probably end up castrating me


Sick. Forget I put that...


Good things

- Blonde

- Bendy

- Big boobs

Bad things

- Don't care about her

- Only want her for the occasional booty call

- I prefer red hair

Mandy (I think that was her name...)

Good things

- Gave me sex

Bad things

- Gave me chlamydia


Good things

- Is strong

- I don't have to pretend to be anything around her

- Is a welcome distraction from work

Bad things

- I'm using her as a distraction (and that's not fair)

- Is a victim (sort of)

- Is screwed up, at least for the time being

- I'm not allowed to get involved with her

- Gave me her brother's necklace, after all I did was attend a hearing

- Uses me as a distraction

- The whole thing makes my head hurt


Good things

- Is beautiful

- Is amazing

- Knows everything and anything

- Flirts with me

- Trusts me

- Lets me look after her

- Looks after me (though she probably doesn't realise it)

- Always talks to me

- Wants the best for me

- Sees the good in everybody

- Love it when she calls me Morgan

- Love it when she calls me Derek

- Calls me Hot Stuff

- Made me the most kickass Chief's office I've ever seen

- Keeps me company

- Keeps me in line

- Saved my life - in more ways than one

- Is my best friend

- Tells me everything and listens to everything I say

- Mama loves her

- I love her

Bad things

- She's too good for me...

Garcia read the last line, and felt her heart speed up to beating a thousand times a minute. He thought she was too good for him? Where did he get that? They were good for each other, she knew that. She knew that she brought out the best in him and he brought out the best in her.

That when they were around each other, she could literally feels the sparks flying. And although that was cliche, she didn't care. It was the truth.

Pushing back, she got up off the swivel chair and clicked her besparkled feet down the hall with purpose, striding with renewed vigour. This list proved it, that she should do this. She was Penelope Garcia, and she was a strong, confident woman.

No matter how much she felt like collapsing into jelly when he smiled, she was still her.

So she knocked on the hardwood door to his office and waited for him to okay her entry. When she heard his sultry voice utter "come in," she took a deep breath. It was here, now. This was the now or never moment that she hadn't yet had to face.

She opened the door and walked in, feeling the butterflies swoop and swirl in her stomach when he flashed his trademark megawatt smile at her. "Hey princess," he said softly, the office dark in the early evening light, "what you doing here?"

"Derek," she implored, walking over and clutching his coat lapels in her neatly manicure hands, "I'm not too good for you."

The colour drained from his face. "What?"

"I said, I'm not too good for you," she repeated, cupping his face in her hands. "So you better kiss me now, before I regret doing this."

It took him a moment to comprehend what she was saying, that she was giving him to green light to do what he'd always wanted, but after her words had set in he gladly accepted her invitation, locking his lips on hers in a passionate kiss.