In Tsunade's office one morning, Team 7 was going to be appointed a mission. Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi had stood there in silence for 5 minutes while Tsunade just had her eyes closed and thought. Naruto started to get impatient and slammed his hands onto Tsunade's desk.

"What's the mission baa-chan? Are you going to keep us waiting like this?" Naruto asked.

"NARUTO! Be respectful to Tsunade-sama." Sakura said.

"No. It's okay Sakura." Tsunade said.

They looked at her as she finally spoke. She got up and took out four folders and set them on her desk. Sakura picked them up and opened the first one.

"That's Karin. No one knows too much on her history, but she was one of Orochimaru's assisstants. She has unique abilities. She can find and track specific individuals through chakra over long distances and can even notice subtle changes in an individual's chakra. She be careful of her." Tsunade explained.

Sakura then opened the second one.

"That's Suigestu Hozuki. Suigetsu trained to be one of Kirigakure's Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, an organization of particularly violent swordsmen. Having been unable to become a member, Suigetsu has begun collecting all of the swords of the Seven Swordsmen for himself instead. No one knows how many he has right now, or if he has any at all." Tsuande said.

Sakura opened the third one.

"That's Jugo. He is mentally unstable, sporadically fluctuating between a bloodthirsty and a docile personality. While in the former mindset, Jugo kills anyone around him without remorse until he somehow returns to his senses. There is not much known about him either." Tsuande explained.

Sakura set the other three down and held the fourth one. She hesistated a little, she didn't know why, all she knew is that she had a horrible feeling about who the leader would be. She slowly opened the folder only to see his picture. She looked at Tsunade with tears about to form in her eyes. How could she see him like this? Not like this.

"What is it Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked.

"This can't be right Tsunade-sama! He may have formed a team and left Konoha. But he can't go looking for Itachi right now!" Sakura protested.

"I'm sorry Sakura. I much he means to you. I know how you feel Sakura, but he left. The chances of bringing him back is gone. You now have to defeat and capture him and bring him back, or kill him. We won't know the outcome of his punishment if you capture him. It may be death either way for him. I'm sorry." Tsunade said.

"Who are we talking about here?" Naruto asked.

"Think hard you idiot..." Sakura said with her voice cracking as tears slowly made their way down her cheeks.


"We can't wait any longer Naruto! He has caused too much trouble and the elders had already come to a conclusion. Find him. Either bring him back or you going to have to kill him youselves." Tsunade said.

"But-" Naruto said.

Sakura dropped the folder and ran out the room not wanting to cry in front of her mentors, and Naruto. She just ran and ran not wanting this mission to happen.

"GO!" Tsunade ordered.

Kakashi grabbed Naruto and they left the Hokage's office. Tsunade sighed and walked over to the folder. The picture was slightly out of the folder. She picked up the folder and the picture and sighed again.

"Why do you have to be so much like him...Sasuke?" Tsunade asked.

She closed the file and put it back on the shelf. She looked out the window remembering how Orochimaru left and how much it pained her, just like how it's paining Sakura right now.

"Do we have to do this Kakashi-sensei? Can't he still live? Do we have to kill him?" Naruto asked.

"If that is what the elders decide..." Kakashi said.

"But we can't do that! Remember what you said? 'In the world of ninjas, those who break the rules are scum. But those who don't take care of their friends are even worse scum.' We'll be worse than scum! Sasuke will be nothing compared to what we'll have to do or comply to!" Naruto said.

"I did say that. Maybe, this time. It'll work." Kakashi said.

"You mean?" Naruto asked.

"Remember, I also said,'I won't allow my comrades to die. I'll protect you with my life. Trust me.' So trust me Naruto. I won't allow Sasuke to die." Kakashi said.

"Alright Kakashi-sensei! Let's go get Sakura and save Sasuke!" Naruto cheered.

Sakura wandered around and stopped. She was in front of the old Uchiha mansion. There was still caution tape around it. No one's been in there since the massacre. Sakura walked in and saw everything. She saw how much it must have hurt Sasuke. She walked into an old house, instinctively she knew it Sasuke's. She somehow found his room and looked at it. This was the only room that wasn't ruined. His bed looked neat, and saw a picture of him and Itachi.

"He was so happy..." Sakura said.

She set the picture down and left the Uchiha household. As she was walking to her house Naruto and Kakashi was waiting in front.

"Come on Sakura-chan! Let's go bring back that bastard!" Naruto said.

Sakura smiled and ran inside and packed everything. She came out determined to succeed. They walked to the Konoha gates and took one last look before leaving.

"We'll bring you back here... Sasuke-kun." Sakura said.

With that, Team 7 left into the forest in search of their old friend and team mate.