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Chapter One: An Unexpected Visit

The door was opened and a girl in a crisp Hyotei uniform stepped out. Smirking, she entered the gates of the school holding a Rikkai regulars jersey. She walked to the back of the school to where, according to Oshitari, is where the tennis courts were located.

Yukimaru had called all the regulars onto the courts for a meeting. That's when he noticed that one of his regulars was missing; the Trickster of Rikkai was nowhere to be found.

"Where is Niou?" Yukimaru asked, smiling at his team.

Yagyuu looked around for his partner. "I'm not sure where Niou is. He was in school today."

"Um… excuse me?"

The regulars turned around to see a girl about fourteen. She had straight black mid-length hair and dark brown eyes.

"Who are you?" Sanada asked bluntly.

"I was wondering if you might be the Rikkai regulars."

"Hmm… Hyotei… Interesting," Yanagi said, noting her uniform. "The probability of one of the Hyotei students passing through is 4.36%."

"Well," the girl replied "I'm not passing through. I'm here to see my boyfriend, who happens to be on the tennis team."

"Really? Who is he?" Kirihara asked.


"What? Is it a secret or something?" Marui asked, blowing a bubble.

Sigh. "Is Haru here or not?"

"I'm sorry... Haru?"

"Yes, as in Masaharu. Niou Masaharu."

There was a moment of silence, then...

"EHHH? Niou?" Kirihara and Marui exclaimed.

Yanagi opened his eyes a bit; Sanada's eyes widened in shock, Yukimura's smile faltered, Jackal sweat dropped, and Yagyuu couldn't breathe.

Yagyuu was in a state of shock. Niou, whom he shared everything with, had failed to mention that he was in a relationship. For a normal person, this wasn't such a big deal, but Yagyuu couldn't imagine Niou settling down with one girl, even for a little while. Niou had always been sort of a player, never staying with a girl for more than two weeks.

"How long have you been going out exactly?" Yagyuu asked.


"What? Is something wrong?"

"Let's see brown hair, glasses, gently stoic face…" the girl said thoughtfully. Then she faced broke out into a smile. "You must be Yagyuu, Masaharu's partner!"

"Niou mentioned me?"

"Of course, he talks about you a lot compared to the other regulars. Says you're the best doubles partner a person could ever have."

"Hey! I object to that," Marui said frowning.

The girl turned to him. "Red hair and bubblegum, you must Marui, right?"

"Yeah," Marui said smiling.

"Hm," the girl looked him up and down, "you're a lot hotter than Haru said you'd be."

Upon hearing that, Marui blushed.

"Did Niou mention me?" Akaya asked, bouncing up to the girl.

The girl stared at him for a second. To be honest, she couldn't remember. The only others she recalled him talking about were a Yukimura, Sanada, Yanagi, and Jackal. But she did hear about a second year ace named Kirihara from Oshitari. So she decided to do her good deed for the day.

She smiled a breath taking smile at the boy. "You're Kirihara Akaya, aren't you?"

Said boy smiled at her. "So Niou did mention me?" he asked hopefully.

Internally, she rolled her eyes. Why on Earth would anyone care so much? But on the outside she nodded and said, "Oh he talked about you a ton. Once when we were talking I couldn't get him to shut up about you're Knuckle Serve. He kept going on about how strong and fast it was."

Akaya beamed and threw his arms around her. Once he let go he went to stand next to Yukimura, smiling like an idiot.

"So, just to confirm, Haru isn't here then?" she asked looking at Sanada.

"Well, we're supposed to have practice but Niou failed to show up," Yukimura answered.

"Are you the buchou, Yukimura?"

"Yes. Yes I am."

"I see… Well when you see Haru can you give him this for me?" She asked, holding out his jersey.

Akaya noticed Niou first. But, what he didn't realize as he raised his arm and pointed was that Niou was with a girl. A very, very attractive girl.

When out poor in love Hyotei girl turned around, she frowned, her grip slackened on the jersey and it fell silently to the ground. She sighed and bent down to retrieve the it. Before standing she brushed it off and took several deeps breaths to keep from crying.

That was then that Niou noticed them. His follow regulars were standing around, not practicing, with a girl in a Hyotei uniform.

No, she could have, Niou thought as he watched the girl stand. There was no mistake that that was his girl. The way she looked straight through him breaking down all the barriers he had built to keep the world out.

He tried to go to her, but the other girl, Kuzume, pulled him back. She kissed him and if only for a moment he could have sworn that he saw hurt flash across the face of his girl, Kumiko Rie.

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