Chapter Nine: Ravenwood?

They moved to Scotland and the family watched and waited, Salazar had been adopted by Harry, much to the protest of Draco and Helga had been adopted by Inuyasha making her Godric's blood adopted sister. Helga's father had given permission so she could live on with her friends, they would not live forever but most likely for at least five hundred years. Blood adoption would have to be done then again before the aging process started again or they would die, Godric was lucky he was the son of a demon and half demon he was immortal like his parents, he knew his friends needed to be as close to immortal as well.

It was Helga and Salazar who actually found Rowena though they did not know it was her, Salazar was out trying to find a fifteenth birthday gift for Godric as was Helga and they stumbled upon the Ravenwood Gypsies. They were selling trinkets and Salazar spotted a glass lion's mask, and froze causing Helga to trip over him.

"Sal that was rude, you should inform me when you stop," Helga said as he helped her up, "Now what is it?"

"Well Godric has been obsessed with lions since Cara came to the castle," Salazar pointed out.

"Same day you came to the castle," Helga teased, "Uncle Harry's birthday."

"Yes Dad's birthday," Salazar said rolling his eyes, "Well look at this mask its wonderful," and he showed her the mask, "I think I found my gift."

"Sarcasm?" Helga asked grinning from ear to ear, getting a glare she pouted, "Okay I'm sorry I'll be nice," then she grinned again, "How much is it?"

"Very expensive," came an elderly ladies voice as she stepped up, the children were dressed as peasants and she did not hear the comments about the castle.

"How expensive?" Salazar asked, he had five hundred galleons in is satchel, a gift from Godric the year before an endless satchel which he used to hold his money.

"Forty galleons," the woman said eyeing the teenagers, "Move along now."

"Why I'm buying that," Salazar said before pulling out forty galleons and offering them to her, "Helga are we sharing this gift or…Helga?' he looked around and she was off looking at an abnormally large badger, "We're shopping for Godric, not ourselves."

"Alright," and she came back to him before seeing the woman had narrowed eyes on them still and had not taken the money, "Madam is there a problem?"

"Where did you two get so much money?" the woman snapped thinking them thieves.

"I get mine from my parents, she gets hers from her parents and her inheritance," Salazar said before seeing her eyes dart to their clothes, "Oh I understand, you believe us to be of a lower class then our money assumes."

"Grandmother?" came a soft voice and a girl stepped out of the tent her honey tinted brown hair caught in a swoop and her blue eyes blinking at the woman, "What is the problem?"

"These thieves are trying to pass themselves off as something else," the girls Grandmother said eyes narrowed on Salazar, "We hang thieves here boy."

"Um…Grandmother, were you not paying attention last month," the girl said, "These are children of the royal family that moved in, large family, let's see Prince Salazar and Princess Helga correct?" getting nods she turned to her grandmother, "Now will you let them be?"

"Hmm," the woman leaned closer and studied their hands from where she could see, clean nails, no rough spots, "Alright I believe you, I am sorry for the misunderstanding," and she took the money before turning to the girl, "The princess liked the Badger," and walked into the tent.

"Sorry, your highnesses for her rudeness," the girl said before giving a curtsey and saying softly, "If you would like the badger she is yours."

"Oh yes please," Helga said before looking at Salazar, "May I?"

"If you can find a gift for Godric then you can have the badger," Salazar said and watched her focus on the task, she dashed off and came bouncing back with a sword, "He'll love it I'm sure," he turned and nodded to the girl who was leashing the badger, "Thank you," taking the leash he nodded, "Good day," and grabbed up the mask to walk off calling, "Helga come on."

The next day was Godric's birthday and the Ravenwood Gypsies had been invited to entertain the young Prince. Draco watched as Godric and Cara settled next to Helga with her Badger she named Travelteen, Salazar with his serpent which was called Potter after his Dad. Harry was sitting next to Sesshomaru dressed as a woman again for the event, and Inuyasha was sniffling as he thought about his baby boy being so close to being grown up.

Many different royals came and were watching, Helga's real Father was even invited to the event, the Gypsies were putting on an acrobatic show and the girls were dancing. The older Gypsies were trying to sell charms and things. The girl who was kind to Salazar and Helga was one of the dancers and she was quite good, when she twisted towards the group one of the younger gypsies tripped her and she fell on Godric.

"That was rude," Godric said and the girl scrambled backwards fearing he was angry at her, "Oh not you miss, the younger miss who so rudely tripped you."

"Hey you're the girl who has the grumpy grandmother," Helga said before smiling some, "I never did catch your name."

"Rowena Princess," Rowena said bowing her head some, when she looked up she saw all the royals staring at her and she was not sure what she said or did to earn such looks.