"There once was a beautiful woman and princess named Andromeda. She lived in peace in Ethiopia, with her best friend and Pokémon, Lucario. The gods, Pokémon and nature treated her well until a man named Perseus found her on top of the beautiful mountain. Her mother Cassiopeia claimed her beauty surpassed the daughters of Neresus, and father-in-law of Poseidon.

"Poseidon was outraged by this! He sent the sea monster, Cetus to destroy the coastline of Ethiopia until Cepheus sacrificed his daughter to him. She was chained to the rock, naked. Cetus lived near the coastline. It is said that Cetus is a Sharpedo, even though in the sky it is a whale, but people thought fish were related to whales, so that could be why.

"Anyway, back to the story. Perseus saved her just just in time. He had just slain the monster, Gorgon Medusa. The severed head of Medusa had turned Cetus into stone. He set the maiden free and decided to marry her, despite already being engaged to her uncle, Phineus. On the wedding day, Phineus was turned to stone. They had many children… including the descendent, Hercules. She eventually died and Athena placed her in the sky, amongst the constellations, near Perseus and Cassiopeia. Her Lucario lived out his days, looking up at the sky at her. After he died, he had a proper burial, in the sky as well. He is known as Canis Major."

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