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I looked around, it's been two years since Mission City and two years since I took Sam to see his parents. Not much has happened, and we are still yet to tell the humans of Sam's importance to our race. We had agreed it was best that the only reason to tell them is either when we leave Earth and we take the boy with us, or when features of his power showed.

Right now, he was in the med bay. I'm not sure how it happened, but he had injured his head. I only know it happened during the lunch he took to spend with some of the NEST members. Will said it was an accident, that he had slipped on a wet spot on the ground, next to a table. But that doesn't stop me from worrying.

"Bumblebee, relax. Ratchet's taking care of him." Arcee assured me. She, Chromia, and Jolt had arrived just before the first Decepticon attack. There has only been one so far, which was surprising. It was in Australia, and only Optimus, Ironhide, Ratchet, and Sideswipe had gone. Sideswipe landed during a get-together we had a Will Lennox's house. The humans had called it a party, but all that has happened was really some training called 'paint-ball wars' and talking.

"Right." I sighed, stopping my pacing. I stood still next to the med bay, Ratchet had kicked me out when I complained about the necessity to keep Sam unconscious. Evidently he had damaged his head severely. Without our technology, Ratchet said he would have amnesia.

"He's only been under for ten minutes, Ratchet should be finishing now." she said. "You could probably head off to the rec room. Relax."

"If you're so sure he'll be alright and that I could leave, then why are you still here?" I asked.

"Oh, uh. I'm making sure you don't knock down Ratchet's door or anything." she said. I rolled my optics. Everyone had taken to caring for the boy quickly. Though they knew I was his best friend and guardian, so they never attempted to take him from me.

The door opened and Ratchet came out with the boy. He was still out and I glanced at Ratchet questionably before motioning to take him.

"He's just asleep now. Everything's fine now." Ratchet assured me, handing the boy over. I made sure he would be comfortable before looking back up at the medic.

"Thank you. I'm going to have a word with the janitors." he shook his head as I turned to leave. It was strange. Sam never has accidents and when he does, the All Spark energy he generates, being the All Spark himself, heals him quickly. So Ratchet didn't have any trouble with the boy. He probably only had to do external jobs. That was one thing I was grateful about Sam being the All Spark.

The humans thought it was Ratchets work that made Sam heal quickly, since he is the only human treated by the Autobot medic. Over the last two years, Sam and I had grown to be close friends. We were together as often as Skids and Mudflap were.

I walked to our room and set him on the sofa on the platform with all the things for him. After I set the blanket over him, I decided to set out in the rec room. I knew Ironhide was training today with Sideswipe, and Arcee had headed to the rec room after I left. I figured the twins would be there too.

""Hey, it's Bees." Skids waved from his spot.

"Where's the boy?" Mudflap asked. I sat next to Arcee, who was playing some human video game adapted for our size.

"Asleep. He's still out from lunch." I said.

"That was an hour ago." Arcee said, unsurprised since she was with me outside Ratchets office.

"Isn't he supposed to heal, like, mega fast or somethin?" Skids asked.

"Yeah." I glanced toward the door. I waited patiently until I picked up on his heart picking up before he woke up. I stood and tossed the large controller Ironhide made so Autobots play the game the humans called 'Playstation 3'. They ignored me as I made my way back over to the our room.

He hadn't gotten up yet when I entered, so I waited patiently. He sat up and stretched.

"Hey Bee. How long was I out?" he asked. I took a step forward and held out a hand. Ratchet had commed to tell me when he wakes up, he needed to eat.

"About two hours." I responded. He nodded and stood up, moving to climb onto my hand. I set him on my shoulder and started back out to the rec room and beyond.

"Primus, I am not going to eat in the mess hall with that big a tray again." he groaned.

"How about making sure you don't step where the floor is wet?" I suggested.

"That too." I smiled and he yawned. "I'm more tired than usual." he noted. It was true. He didn't need to sleep as long as other humans, and he was just as tired as any other human. But when he slept about nine hours, the average of the rest of humans on the base, he was wide awake the whole day. There wouldn't be a chance he would fall asleep in some math class. I've learned these are the most popular resting times for most teenagers.

"where are we going?" he asked.

"You need to eat. One, that's probably why you're tired. Two, you never got to eat lunch."

"Oh." he said quietly. I turned my head slightly to look at him. He was staring into space with blank eyes. I waited a minute then got a bit worried.

"Sam?" he didn't respond. "Sam, anyone home?" he snapped out of it and looked surprised.


"Are you ok? Do I need to take you back to Ratchet?" I asked.

"No. I'm fine." he said, seeming to have something on his mind.

"If you're sure." I said hesitantly before coming to a stop outside the door leading from one of our halls to the human cafeteria. I set him down and he opened the door. "Try to avoid contact with your head and tables this time." I said humorously, but I was serious.

"Yeah. Passing out isn't exactly fun ya' know." he rolled his eyes before walking through and closing the door. I stayed there, staring at the small door for a minute before heading back. I knew it was probably nothing, but I couldn't help but to worry about that blank look. Maybe it was paranoia about him being the All Spark, I keep thinking something is bound to happen with all that power, knowledge, and ability in his small human form, but I had to remind myself he didn't contain the All Spark. He was the All Spark.

I went back to our room this time. I couldn't help but get the feeling something was going to happen. Surely the Decepticons would go after Sam. Did they know he was still with us? Surely they recognized him in Mission City, but they haven't tried to get him yet, which I'm surprised.

I knew they knew he was the All Spark. Why else would they have him all the way on Cybertron?

I sighed at the memory. Back when we first found him. He had already known about us, but his experience with the Decepticons lead him to believe not everything he learned from the All Spark history, which was in his memory now, was true. He had last hope that we, the Autobots, even existed and believed we were all Decepticons. He feared us all, and when I found him, Optimus had put me in charge of him. To be his guardian.

It had taken a while, but eventually I earned his trust. I'm convinced much of it came from showing him the Autobot symbol we all bore. It told him the good guys did exist. He even has one, on his wrist. But even once I earned his trust, his experience with the Decepticons blurred his trust in the others. He knew they were the good guys, but he didn't know them. Eventually, he trusted them all and we landed on earth in search of the Cube.

In the end, we found out the Cube only held a hollow echo of the All Spark power, left behind when all its energy was transferred to Sam when he was born. It had sensed the destruction of the Cube and switched to the next best thing, a to-be trusted human baby with a great future amongst the race it had created.

I knew eventually we won't be on earth and life will be different. Sam has agreed willingly to leave with us to restore Cybertron when the time came. Because of this, Optimus and I decided Sam would only start sparking hatchlings when we left Earth. Sam would keep as much 'normal' as he could before he became the single most important being for our races survival.

But through all this, I still dreaded the day Sam would be gone. I wondered what the All Spark planned to do when Sam's time came. But, it would be more, what would Sam choose to do when his time came. Would he somehow transfer the All Spark to another object or being, or did the All Spark alter his life span?

The past two years, I've been thinking about stuff like this allot. But I did notice it only happened when Sam was gone. When he returned, I only smiled and became grateful for the day I found him and our friendship.

I checked the time and decided Sam should be finishing soon. I stood up and started back towards the door Sam had disappeared through, though it was a ways away. About half way there, the alarm went off and everyone ran off to the team conference room. The one where Optimus and Will could speak to us Autobots and NEST together. It was only used once before, when the Decepticons attacked Australia.

There must be another attack.

I started to run, keeping an optic out for any sigh of the boy. I found him walking down a hall toward the conference room. I rushed forward and scooped him up before continuing the same way to the same room. He gasped, then relaxed realizing who I was.

"Is there another attack?" he asked.

"I think so." I nodded.


"Let's see, shall we?" I asked, slipping through the already full room as Optimus had already began to speak. We were last to enter.

"-been reported. This time, it's in Shanghai this time." Optimus informed.

"Alright. We need teams. Arcee, Chromia, Sideswipe, you three head toward the first jet. Jolt, Skids, Mudflap, the second." Will went on. We stayed in the back, usually Optimus and Will had us stay back because Sam wasn't part of NEST or an Autobot per say. He couldn't handle a gun, and I was always with him.

"Bumblebee, Sam," Optimus said, getting our attention. "You two are in charge of any meetings or conferences about our absences or those questioning the mission." I nodded, there was usually some one unaware the Autobots were on a mission or convinced the 'mission' was just an excuse to go out into public in our robot forms and destroy stuff. Within minutes, everyone was off. I heard one of the NEST soldiers I didn't know mutter as if the second attack over two years was too much. I was suspicious myself. They had to be up to something.

"They're gone." I said, turning away from the departing jets.

"Hope it goes well. I'm getting concerned the Decepticons have something up their sleeve. Why else would they wait so long?" he asked from his perch on my shoulder.

"Of course they do. Let's go hide until they come looking for us." I suggested. We heard someone clear their throat behind us and I turned. A man stood there as if catching some kid sneaking away before he was told to do his chores. And I slouched, knowing there was no escape now. He pointed down another hall, one I knew was filled with Autobot/human conference rooms and I walked down it to the door He directed us to.

"It will be over before you know it." Sam tried to help, though I knew he was just as resistant as I was. I walked through the door and it was practically stuffed with people, most I recognized from last time, the ones who thought we were no different that the Decepticons.

"You said?" I asked, taking my spot between two raised surfaces the humans had built for this reason.

And the torture began, how does Optimus do this almost every day?

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