"So, how was your date with Roger?" Max asked the moment Leo entered the office on Monday morning. Even if a whole weekend had passed, the memory of Friday night was still buzzing in Leo's mind. Just the remembrance of his lips pressing up against Roger's was enough to make his stomach nauseous.

"I got the contract signed," he replied with a weak smile. He hung up his coat on the coat hanger and made his way over to the desk that Max was standing by.

Max's face lit up, and he gave Leo a friendly slap on the back. "Let's see it!"

Leo placed his suitcase down on the desk, popped it open, and pulled out the signed contract. Max swiped it from his hands and waved it about in the air. "Here we have it! We have the director and actor who made our last show a hit! It's a success, Leo, a guaranteed success!" He slammed the piece of paper down on the desk and bounded over to the sofa.

"So did he just sign the contract?" he asked, plopping down on the sofa.

"Well, not exactly." Leo took a seat at the desk and put on his glasses.

Max looked back over at him, seeming intrigued. "Not exactly?"

Leo gave a nervous chuckle. He had been trying to forget about what had happened that night, and recounting the events to Max certainly wasn't going to help, but he figured it was only fair to let him know just how that signed contract had come about. "We discussed it at the restaurant, but he wasn't convinced that we weren't scheming like we were last time. So when we were all done with our meal, he told me that he wanted to continue the discussion at his townhouse."

Max raised his eyebrows. "Oh?"

"Don't worry! Nothing that bad happened. I mean, he tried to do . . .that . . .but I stopped him. So we made a compromise. If I gave him a kiss, he'd sign on."

"And you did?"

Leo winced. "Yeah."

Max was taken aback. "I give you credit, kid. That might even be worse than the Little Old Ladies." He paused. "Well, actually, no. I don't think anything is worse than those afternoons with Hold-Me-Touch-Me. But at least you did it."


"Kissing a guy? Now that takes some dedication! And I'll tell you what. How about we go out for lunch later on to celebrate?"

"Sounds good to me!" As far as Leo was concerned, anything was better than the sandwiches that Ulla packed him every morning. She was convinced that she was good in the kitchen, but she couldn't even make a tuna sandwich right. He didn't dare to tell her, though.

"But still, the thought of you kissing Roger!" Max laughed. "That's something I wish I had been there to see!"