Naruto: Spider & Fox

Chapter 1

A young seven year old blonde boy runs through a burning village. Fires light up the sky and the sounds of fighting is heard. Suddenly a man lands in front of him, with red eyes.

"Your going to become the Uchiha's clan new weapon." The man said with a growl as he reaches for the child. He suddenly stops and coughs up blood. A sword through his chest. As the man slides off the sword, it reveals a man with a white dog mask. He flicks his sword and the blood flies off.

The man steps to Naruto, who is shedding tears, and kneels down. "Look at me, Naruto!" Naruto complies. "Everything will be alright... now... we have to go see Hokage-sama."

Inu grabs Naruto's shoulder and vanish in a swirl of leaves, just as a fireball crashes where they just were.

They reappear in a large office. An aging old man is seen stuffing a child's backpack with scrolls. He glances at the new arrivals and nods.

"Naruto-kun... I hate to say it... but, I'm going to send you somewhere far away." The old man said as he hands the backpack to Naruto.

Naruto sheds a few tears. "Why?"

"It's not safe here anymore. In the backpack are letters from your parents as well as all the Jutsu they knew."

"My parents...?" Naruto croaked out.

"Yes... they were very strong ninjas." The old man said as he bends toward the child.

"This is a one way Jutsu that will send you to another dimension. Once you leave, the seal will be destroyed." He then looks toward Inu, then back to Naruto. "I was going to send Inu and Snake... but their Chakra coils are fully developed. It may kill them. As for you... your coils are still developing."

"I understand... Tell Snake-nee-chan I'll miss her." He croaked out.

"No need." Snake said as she appears out of thin air and hugs Naruto. She then secretly slides a scroll in his backpack. "I want you live long and be happy... and find a girlfriend... or two."

Naruto blushes a little through his tears as the three shinobi laugh a little.

"Naruto... make us and your parents proud." The old man then ruffles his hair. "There is no telling what you may find in this dimension... so be careful." The old man then grabs a scroll off the desk. "Almost forgot... if you find someone you can fully trust... let them read this."

Naruto nods slowly, just as Inu bends down and gives him a quick hug. "Find friends and grow strong."

The old Hokage quickly does a rapid set of hand seals, then slams his hands on to the floor. After a few seconds, symbols start to appear below Naruto, then a blinding light covers him from view. Once the light dies down, it reveals Naruto gone. The three shinobi then look towards the sound of fighting.

"Let's take back our village." The Hokage said with the other two nodding. Both never noticing Anko flinch, then smirk.

New york

A flash of light appears and a small crater appears in the backyard of a house.

A few seconds later, an elderly woman walks out the door and up to the smoking crater. She flaps away the smoke to get a better view. Peeking in, she spots a blonde 7 year old with some blood dripping from his mouth. His black shirt ripped. And his pants held on by a string.

She lets out a gasp. "Ben!" She yelled as she runs to the child's side.

Present Day

A blonde young man around 18 suddenly shoots up in his seat. He glances around the train only to notice everyone looking at him at him strangely before going back to what they were doing. He then looks back out the window and watches the scenery fly by.

He then looks at the scroll in his lap and gently strokes it. Suddenly his cell phone starts ringing, interrupting his musings.

He flips it open and holds it to his ear. "Hello… hey Aunt May… no… I haven't heard from Peter today…" He glances back at the scroll. "I think I'll open the scroll today… yes… the one from Anko. I understand… I love you too."

He then slips the phone back into his pocket and gives a smile.

Naruto walks into his apartment. It's a small place, but big enough for at least 2 or three people. On the walls are several different pictures. One is a picture of a 10 year old Naruto and a 10 year old Peter. Another picture is of Aunt May smiling at the camera with Uncle Ben standing beside her, a 14 year old Naruto and Peter next to them. Naruto then glances to the picture near the door. On it, is a picture of a sexy purple haired woman.

He then sits on the floor and unravels the scroll, then rereads the letter Anko wrote for the hundredth time.

Dear Naruto.

I just wanted to say, you had a large impact on my life. I was shunned just like you. When ever you were around, it felt like the void in my heart has been filled.

I'm sorry that this letter is so short. The old man has just told me of the jutsu a few minutes ago. So I wanted to give you a present that will surprise you. Once you turn 18. Put a drop of blood on the seal. Now, I have to go, the fucking Uchiha's has started attacking.

Love Anko.

PS. Wait until your 18, or else!

Naruto sheds a few tears, then bits his thumb, causing it to bleed. He then hovers it over the seal. He takes a deep breath, then the blood drop falls and splashes against the seal.

After a few seconds, a poof is heard and white smoke starts covering the room. Naruto starts to fan the smoke. As the smoke clears, he notices a body. Upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a very naked Anko. A still 18 naked Anko.

"How…?" He whispered with a light blush and wide eyes.

He quickly shakes away his blush as he notices her neck. Once where a curse seal was at, is now an unblemished spot.

"Kage Bunshin!" He whispered out. A perfect copy of him appears. "Let's get her to the couch." With that, they both carry her to the couch, while trying to avoid touching certain areas.

Two Hours Later

A groan is heard and a pair of bleary brown eyes open. Anko blinks a few times, then her eyes widen as she notices a blanket covering up her nude form.

She shakes her head and looks at the pictures on the wall. Her eyes widen again as she spots a picture of herself. She stands up, albeit shakily, and wraps the blanket around her. She stumbles a little. Once she reaches the picure she glances at the other, seeing people she doesn't know. She then stops at a picture of a young man with whisker marks. Her eye's widen.

"Naru..." She Gasps then starts weezing.

"Water?" A voice said behind her in Japanese. She quickly spins around, which causes her blanket to come off. She reaches for her weapons, only to realize she's nude. She tries to covers herself with her arms. She then gets a good look at the young man in front of her, and freezes.

"Naruto?" She said with disbelief. Seems like just yesterday, he was only a 7 year old ball of energy.

"Long time no see?" Naruto said still blushing. Then without warning she launches herself at him.

"I was right... you did grow up to be sexy." She said as he continues to blush. He quickly grabs a t-shirt from the floor and hands it to her.

A few seconds later, Anko puts on the t-shirt. It covers up her breasts and some of her modesty, but still shows her thighs, causing him to have an atomic blush. He shakes his head as his cell starts ringing.

He flips the cell and puts it to his ear. "Hey Aunt May... dinner... I'm sorry but something came up..." Anko just looks confused as he starts talking in a strange device in a strange language. "Yeah... apparently Anko sealed herself in the scroll..." Anko just tilts her head at hearing her name. "Yeah... you can meet her later. After I teach her English... looks like the seal didn't affect her. Alright... see you later." He then turns to Anko "You have some explaining to do." He said in Japanese.

Anko just looks down. "Well... I just wanted to get away from all the hate... like you." Naruto sighs then walks over and embraces her. "I wanted to go with you so bad... but the old man wouldn't let me... so I went with plan B and sealed myself. Didn't think it would work at first."

"Damnit... why didn't you let me release you earlier?" Naruto said, still holding her.

She then looks up and gives a sly smile. "That way... we both would be 18." With that, she gives him a soft kiss on the lips. She then pulls back and smirks at his stunned look.

He shakes his head, then gives a small smile. "Anko... I missed you so much." He then walks back to his bedroom, then comes back with a pair of blue jeans. "Before I show you around... i'm going to have to teach you English."

He's just trying to avoid talking about the kiss... She then shakes her head. "English?"

"It's the language I was using before. The seal allowed me to speak it naturally, but not write it. The language we're speaking now is called Japanese." Naruto explained. "How many clones can you summon?"

Anko looked confused. "A maximum of 10. Why?"

Naruto just gives a smirk.

Five hour later, Anko wipes the sweat from her brow. Alright... I can do this.

Naruto glances up from his book as Anko's last clone disperses. "Alright... lets hear it." He spoke in english

"Alright. My name is... is Anko... and I like... Da-Dango." Anko said in English.

Naruto starts to laugh, causing Anko to pout. "Okay... how is your reading coming along?" He managed to say with a chuckle.

"It's great... st-still need to work on it." Anko said with s light stutter.

Naruto nods and looks to his watch. "Okay... how about I show you around? But stick close to me."

Anko nods and they both walk out the door, with Anko still wearing a baggy t-shirt and a pair of men's blue jeans, along with a pair of sneakers.

One outside, Anko looks around in awe. Naruto quickly grabs her as she starts to walk toward the road, just as a car zooms past.

"Wha-" Anko managed to say with wide eyes.

"That's a car... it's used to travel to places instead of walking." Naruto explained.

"Do... you have one?" Anko said. Still getting used to the new language.

"Nah... I prefer walking and taking the train."

Anko nods, having seen some trains back in their world.

After a few minutes a walking, Anko notices several girls glancing at Naruto and blushing. She gives a sly smile. "Someone sure Is popular."

Naruto just sighs. "It's been like that since I turned 13... still getting used to it... even had a few girlfriends and they still look at me like that."

"Someone did give you... the 'T-Talk', didn't they?" Anko said.

He glances at Anko as they pass a very tall building that causes Anko to gasp, she stares up and it causes her to get dizzy. Naruto catches her and chuckles, before turning somber. "Yeah... Uncle Ben did... but he passed away not too long ago... I was out of town then."

"I-I'm sorry." Anko said as she clears her dizziness.

"Don't worry about it... he was the only one in this world that new about my secret training." He then waves at a man selling Hotdogs. "Aunt May new about my past... but I knew she would just worry too much if I told her of my training. And Peter... he's been avoiding me lately"

"I can't wait to me-meet them." Anko said. She then looks up as she spots a man swinging pass the buildings on a web. "What...?

I really need to talk to him... He thought as he glances up. "That's a friend of mine... hopefully we'll meet him later." He then takes out his phone as it rings and puts it to his ear. "Hello... Jonah... ah... your offering me a job?... what about Peter?... yeah I'm like a brother to him... alright... I'll think about it." He hangs up the phone and shakes his head. "I was just offered a job."

"You mean like a mission?" Anko said with a gleam in her eyes.

Naruto chuckles. "Nah... we don't have missions... just normal jobs so we can earn money." He looks back at her. "Don't worry... I'll take you to Aunt May later and she'll explain."

"Where are we going now?" Anko asked.

"To visit an old friend." He looks back at her. "I saved his son's life a while back and he claims he owes me. So... I'm going to get him to create some papers for you... that way people wont ask questions. We'll just tell him your papers were destroyed."

"Sorry for all the trouble." Anko said in a low voice.

He then stops and cups her chin, making her look him in the eye. "It's no trouble at all... I'm glad your here... and something good came of it." At her questioning gaze he nods to her neck. "Check you neck."

She shrugs and starts to rubs it. Not feeling anything. Not pain. Not even a rough spot. Her eyes's widen. "How?"

Naruto just shrugs. "It must of vanished because we crossed worlds... or..."

"Orochimaru died." Anko finished.

"Yeah... could be either one." Naruto said as they start walking again. "Now let's get you something to eat... then we'll deal with the paperwork.

Anko nods with a smile.

The first chapter of Spider & Fox. Decided to add Anko as a love interest. She will be the only Naruto character to appear.

Still trying to think of where to go with the story... any ideas are appreciated. Like... still thinking of superhero names and costumes. I plan to have Naruto get into an accident like Peter on the next chapter. And will probably have Anko be the side-kick or something.

Was originally going to have Naruto sign the Toad contract, so he can keep in contact with Konoha. But I decided against it and make it where summons won't work in this world, but chakra still exist in their systems.