Naruto: Spider & Fox

Chapter 6: Pussy, Snakes and Mutants. Oh, my.

And and Spider-Man continued to look between the skin tight Black Cat and their friend. They were still on the rooftop, and things have gotten even more awkward. Mainly for Spider-Man. But confusion was clearly visible through his mask, while Anko's eyes were spinning. And of course, what Naruto did next made their eyes very wide. Naruto had bent down and placed his hand gently on the strange girl's swollen leg.

Green flames sprang to life on Naruto's hand. Startled, Felicia flinched, but slowly relaxed when the flames, instead of burning, caused a soothing sensation to spread throughout her wounded leg. Some of the flames traveled down her leg, and she nearly moaned when some of it flowed upwards and around her thigh. But the something happened that surprised her, the swelling and redness on her leg began to dwindle.

"Healing jutsu?" Anko whispered. She was clearly surprised at yet another ability he had shown her. The green flames resembled the chakra that medic ninjas were famous for. Only this looked more like it would burn someone, not heal.

Naruto flicked his eyes towards Anko. His hand continued to hover above Felicia's leg, despite the fact that it's already healed. A slight blush appeared on Felicia's face as Naruto's green flamed hand stopped hovering right around her thigh. She didn't know if Naruto realized it or not.

"My mother had a lot of healing jutsu's written down. Even though she couldn't use them herself, she was always prepared." He told them. Anko knew Kushina, but not personally. The older woman was always hanging around Mikoto Uchiha, while she was being trained as an interrogator. "And when I acquired my new abilities, I found a way to mix my flames with my chakra to form a type of healing chakra. The flames burn when I want it to… and heal when I need it to." He smiled under his mask, and squeezed his hand to stop the flames. "While you were busy training, so was I." He gave Felicia's leg a pat. "There… all done."

Felicia flexed her leg. No pain. Not even a single sign that the crazy woman across from her even broke the leg. She blinked as Naruto lowered his arm. She looked at it, and without hesitation, took it. Naruto pulled her up with a smile.

"I have to ask…" Naruto smirked. Felicia tilted her head. Her white hair waved in the sudden gust of wind. "What's with the getup?" Nearby, Anko raised a brow. She could see her boyfriend secretly admiring the woman's figure. That skin-tight, cleavage revealing outfit left nothing to the imagination.

Felicia crossed her arms, which caused her breasts to squeeze together. Her head tilted to the side as she watched Naruto's reaction. "Was just about to ask you the same thing."

"Stop looking." Anko told Peter who nearly tripped over his own foot. Anko coughed to let them know they were not alone, and before they could start flirting with each other.

Peter shook his head. He was totally caught staring. "Should we leave you two alone?" Despite staring at the woman's breasts from under his mask, his masked crinkled as he smiled.

"Oh, right!" Naruto chuckled sheepishly with a red tint on his face. "The on in red is Spider-Man... and this is..." Peter waved, but then looked depressed as he was ignored. "... is Snake Charm."

"Girlfriend..." Anko growled. She figured a sudden harem would be appearing, but she gets to decide on who will ultimately join!

Felicia glanced to the ground as she said that. Her fist clenched, then she looked back up. Determination burned in those eyes. No damn snake woman will steal the only man she will ever love. The only one to steal her heart. That was why she became the Black Cat. She loved jewelry, and she had stealth to her advantage. And she also wanted to get stronger, and to one day, find her old crush. And now, her he was.

Naruto quickly backed away and stood next to his brother. Anko and Felicia entered an intense stare down. Both Peter and Naruto looked shocked and a bit nervous as lightning shot between both girls. And neither appeared to back down.

With a quick burst of speed, Felicia tore her eyes away from Anko and used her cat-like reflexes to suddenly appear next to Naruto. Anko frowned at the quick movement. She growled at the cat and had to wonder what the hell just happened. No pussy should mess with the fangs of a snake.

"And what is your alias. Mine is Black Cat..." She whispered seductively. Even Spider-Man that was next to Naruto felt a shiver.

"Flame…" Naruto answered with a sweatdrop.

"Flame?" Felicia shook her head. Naruto was never good at coming up with names. She remembered when they were in school and they made a short comic. He named the main character 'Awesome Man'.

Peter meanwhile struggled to remember the woman before him. Felicia…? Then it hit him, the woman that contacted him earlier about wanting to meet with Naruto. Did she plan this? Thinking back, she didn't look that surprised when Flame appeared and revealed it was actually Naruto. Has she been stalking him…? He frowned. His brother always had women chasing him. His left eye twitched and a rain cloud chose that moment to appear over his head.

"You definitely need a better name." She began. She placed her hand on her chin. She inwardly smirked at the cursing Anko behind her. "How about… Human Torch?"

Naruto did not expect that to leave her mouth. He spluttered, then waved his hands rapidly in front of him. The group were confused about his actions until a thud was heard followed by a cough. Naruto sighed, and slowly turned around.

"Johnny..." The group watched as a man headed towards them. Orange and yellow flames covered him, and on his face was a bright smile. As the flames slowly died down, they took notice of a young blonde man there. He wore a blue costume with a '4' on it.

Anko's eyes moved towards her love, then back at the other guy. They could almost pass for real brothers. Blue eyes. Check. Bright yellow hair. Double check. Both look hot-headed. That's a literal check, right there. And the ability to burn anything. Totally twins...

"Sorry, gorgeous. I'm afraid that name is already taken..." Johnny Storm, the hot-headed lady killer of the Fantastic Four, said with a smirk. The man stopped before Naruto and nodded his head. After a moment, he raised a brow. "Going to introduce me?"

Naruto chuckled. What's with him and introducing people today? Red had always compared him to Johnny, not that he sees the similarities. Even Sue compared them! I just don't see it... He pointed to his friends. "Meet Snake Charm and Black Cat." He laughed when Anko gave a small pose. "And Spider-Man you already know."

Johnny finally noticed the looks Naruto was getting from the cat babe and snake babe. He smirked. Reed always said I remind him of Naruto… meh, I just don't see it… Then the two girls notice what the other was doing and started to glare at each other. Okaaay… totally see it now!

"What are you doing here, Johnny?" Naruto had to ask. It seems like whenever the name, Human Torch is mentioned, there is Johnny. Totally freaks him out at times. He's known Johnny for a while, but after he gained his powers… Johnny has been a constant aggravation. Especially when he keeps on asking for a flame race. They even managed to drag Peter in a race. And the other aggravation was… "Besides complaining about my name?"

And it starts… "About that… how about Human Torch II. Or the Green Torch." He squint his eyes at Naruto. "You look like a fox… maybe Flame Fox… ooh, Fire Fox!"

Naruto raised his brow. "I don't know about…"

He was interrupted by a cry of 'eureka!'. "How about Jade Cinder?"

The group looked at him as if he's insane. Naruto mentally made of note of that name. It had a nice ring to it.

"This coming from a guy that is called Human Torch." Spider-Man sarcastically replied.

"Don't get me started on you're name, Spidey." He turned back to Naruto as a new name came to him. "What about Spark?" Anko shook her head as she saw Naruto actually contemplating that name. "Reed said you have a hidden X-Gene… and that sorta fit the X-Men." He then smirked. "Jade Fox has a nice ring to it."

The sounds of sirens wailing in the distance put an end to Johnny's 'nickname terror'.

"I'll take this one guys…" He paused, and then tilted his head to look at Naruto. "Good luck with Xavier. And watch out for Wolverine. If he doesn't like your stench… then you're toast." Johnny walked to the edge of the building just as gunfire was heard. "By the way, I left you a surprise at the Baxter Building." His arms raised over his head. With a wink, he yelled: "Flame On!" Flames suddenly covered his body, which caused Anko to blink in shock. It was similar to what Naruto does in a way, only Naruto can control what his flames do.

Johnny leapt off the building, then a few seconds later. He flew up higher and higher. Possibly close enough to reach the edge of the atmosphere. Naruto was kinda jealous at Johnny's speed. After a moment, the sound of Johnny screaming in joy caused him to shake his head.

"Show off." Peter muttered. Naruto looked at him with a raised brow. Remembering all the times he showed off.

Years earlier, a young Peter entered his house. Naruto, Aunt May and Uncle Ben were relaxing in the living room. They turned to the young boy, and were surprised to see he was covered in bruises.

"Peter! What ha-" Aunt May started to yell as she rushed over to him. Only for him to take off up stairs.

"Don't ask!" Peter yelled as he rushed up the stairs to his room without another word.

Naruto chuckled. His eyes quickly examined the bruises and other marks before Peter vanished. His Aunt and Uncle turned to him with confused looks.

"From the looks of the scrapes..." He began to explain. He kinda wished he had Sherlock Holmes' hat and pipe. "It would appear that he took a fall. My guess would be a skateboard. So, my deduction would be him trying to impress the girl next door. Mary I believe her name is."

"Who is this... Xavier?" Anko asked, which shook Naruto from his thoughts.

"Hmmm? Oh, he runs an institute for the gifted." Naruto answered, then decided to clarify it. "Mutants."

"Mutants..." Anko whispered. Mary Jane took her to for a girls night, and all they did was watch horror movies. And the term 'mutants' were mentioned a lot. Her eyes lit up. "I'm coming too!" Back Cat just narrowed her eyes at the woman. Her ears were sensitive.

Naruto nodded. He knew there was no talking Anko out of something. Especially if that something involves Dango. She even had the nerve to seal over ten scrolls filled to the brim with the stuff... and she didn't think of sealing any food from Ichiraku! Oh well, luckily there was a café not too far from their place that sells both Ramen and Dango. It's a win-win!

He turned to the silent thief that was still next to him. "Felicia... let's put the diamond back." Naruto told her, and was very surprised that she listened. She walked around him with a sway in her steps. Then she stopped right in front of him and raised up the diamond. As she stared into Naruto's eyes, she threw the diamond to her left without another glance to it. Luckily, Spider-Man shot a web to catch the object before it could go off the edge.

Felicia poked Naruto in the chest, which did kind of hurt. "I'll turn my life around..." She pulled out a strange object. "If you can catch me!" And with that, she pulled the trigger on the object, and a grappling hook shot out. Peter whistled as the hook struck a nearby roof. And with a wave, she reeled herself in.

Naruto chuckled. He created a flame in his hand, which quickly morphed into a surfboard. He placed the flame board onto the ground and jumped onto it. Slowly, it began to lift. And with a smirk, he flew off after the cat. Laughter escaped both fox and cat.

Anko smiled to herself. She remembered what the Old Hokage told her when they were planning what to do with Naruto. He mention about the only heir to two heroes, which meant staying in that world, he may have been asked to take one or more wives. She then looked at Naruto and Black Cat as they chased each other around the tall buildings. And as a previous thought came back, she knew a harem would be appearing soon. But... Would it still be alright if he does take more than one mates. I mean, he has a big heart... and he has connections...

Peter smirked as he looked at his brother. Then as he turned to Anko, he frowned. But the smile on her face must mean she doesn't care, or she's planning something. He shook his head. He still had no idea what goes on in a female's mind.

Naruto grabbed Felicia by the wrist before she could leap to another building. And that actually surprised him. Even without the grappling hook, she could leap to another building without a problem. He wrapped his arm around her and held her tight. As they flew on a surfboard made of fire, Naruto smiled at the blush on her face.

"You caught me..." She whispered as she slowly leaned in. Naruto could feel the hot breath on his neck. And could smell her aroma. Both of those combined was a real turn on for him. He hovered the board close to a building. "Guess I'll have to be a good girl now..."

"I'd like that..." He pulled her closer. "But I like a little naughty every now and then."

Felicia smirked, which matched Naruto's. But as they both leaned in for a kiss...

"Ahem!" Spider-Man coughed as he hung upside down behind him. His web was hooked to two buildings. "Can we leave now? I'm running low on my webbing."

Felicia gave one final smirk before aiming her grappling hook at a nearby building. Since Naruto's face mask was lowered, she quickly leaned in for a quick kiss to his cheek. "Call ya later!" And with that, she reeled herself onto the building and leapt away. As she flew towards the building, she smiled. She got what she wanted. The only reason she donned the suit and studied martial arts was to get recognition from the only one to earn her heart. The only man she will ever love. And hopefully take my virginity! She giggled as she landed on the roof. But then her thoughts switched to that evil snake lady. She glanced back to them one last time, before vanishing.

Naruto's board vanished and he landed near Anko with a grunt. The roof cracked from the impact. And as he looked at his girlfriend, he had to do a double take at that strange smile on her face.

"What?" Naruto slowly asked. He hoped she didn't finally loose her mind. Every time she had a smile on her face, that usually meant trouble for him.

"Jeez… you sure became a ladies man." Anko laughed. "And it seems like just yesterday, you used to blush up a storm when I tucked you in at night." She grew a sly grin. "And when I had to forcefully give you a bath. And not to mention, that time you peeked at me in the bath house."

"Hardy har har!" Naruto rolled his eyes. Still, that last image will forever be glued into his mind.


Naruto sped down the road in a custom red and green Kawasaki Ninja. He smirked as he felt his passenger's grip tighten. Anko sat behind him with her arms wrapped tightly around him. But despite not being able to see her, he knew there was smile on her face. The wind pounded against their faces. It was similar to the way they used to run back in the ninja world. He never experienced that, but he used to watch Anko do it. And he used to ride on her back.

Up ahead, a large Victorian style gate was closing in. As they approached it, he let off the throttle. But before the bike could fully stop, they watched in awe as it slowly opened as if they were expected. Once inside, Anko whistled. Naruto revved the throttle. In front of the mansion, a few awesome looking cars were parked. Trees and flower gardens flourished. Kids of all ages were outside the mansion playing basketball on the large court. Some were playing tag. They even saw some secretly using their powers in a unique game of tag.

Naruto parked the bike near the main entrance. As he took off his helmet, his eyes met the eyes of a gruff looking man who had a cigar in his mouth. Naruto just raised a brow as the man turned away.

Anko stretched once she hopped off the bike. It was a fairly long ride, and they could've had the Fantastic Four give them a lift, but Naruto was excited about his new bike. And she couldn't say no, especially since she was curious to see what riding the bike would be like. She finally managed to get a better look at the mansion, and she was awestruck. It looked a lot like one of the larger mansions back in the ninja world. Either this man is powerful, cruel or has slaves. Or maybe just very important. She saw the gruff man toss his cigar onto the ground and step on it.

Naruto gave his new bike a loving pat. Sure, he asked Reed if he could fly them to Xavier's, but then Sue Storm came up to him and handed him the keys to an old bike of Johnny's. Johnny had it painted green and red a few days go. Well, more of an orange color than red. Johnny was prepared to give the bike to a close friend. Him.

"Wow... this place is..." Anko whispered as the made their way to the door.

"Awesome..." Naruto finished. He was asked by Jameson a few weeks ago to snap some pictures of the Xavier institute. But alas, he failed to bring any cameras. Minus his phone.

The couple walked up to the main doors, but before they could knock, it opened just like the gates. They heard the gruff man chuckle as they entered. And once inside, Naruto actually whistled. He had seen similar places a few times before, but even that didn't compare. When Jameson told him and Peter to snap some pictures at a Police Ball a while back, it was fun, but having spoiled rich girls hit on him was beyond annoying. Hopefully this won't be deja vu. As the stepped further in, they felt something strange enter their minds. And just as quickly as it came, it vanished.

Their trained ears picked up the sound of feet striking wood. As the sound got closer, it echoed through the room. Their eyes flicked towards the source, only for Naruto to gulp. The woman was gorgeous. Long white hair. Dark skin. A long cape and a skin tight uniform. He blinked as he found himself looking her up and down. Her shoes continued to tap against the steps until she finally took notice of her guests.

"Hello." She greeted once she reached the bottom of the stairs. She looked confused as to why they were here. Naruto could see the confusion in her eyes. "Welcome to the Xavier Institute for the Gifted." As soon as she reached them, she held out her hand. "I'm Ororo Munroe. But everyone calls me Storm."

Anko looked at the hand in confusion. Until her eyes widened in realization. She remembered seeing what Naruto did at times. She took the hand, gave it a gentle squeeze, followed by a small shake. "Anko Mitarashi. Snake Charm."

"Nice to meet you…" She then extended her hand to Naruto.

"Naruto Uzumaki! Flame…"He greeted, then whispered. "... for now anyway..."

"Ah, yes. The Professor has been expecting you." Storm told them. She smiled as she remembered the name 'Naruto'. With a 'hmm', she turned and began walking back up the stairs. "This way."

Anko shrugged as she began to follow the woman. Naruto, meanwhile tilted his head as he watched both women walk up the stairs. With a sly smirk, he began to follow the two gorgeous women, but at a slower pace. But as soon as they reached the next floor, he failed to notice two girls that were in quite the hurry.

His ears twitched. He turned his head, and saw a flash of movement. He reached out to stop the inevitable impact. But he never expected his hand to pass right through the first person, but not the second one…

"Oof!" The person gasped. Both Naruto and the girl fell into a heap on the floor. A giggle was heard soon after.

Anko and Storm both stopped walking as they heard the commotion. Anko turned and saw the sight. She was about to help her boyfriend, but settled for a smirk. She watched the events unfold, and was reminded of that Black Cat incident earlier.

Naruto quickly shook away the stars that floated around his head. He gave his hand a squeeze, only to get a moan in return. Another voice giggled this time. A familiar one. His eyes snapped open.

On his stomach sat a very shocked girl. A strand of white hair fell over her left eye. Her hand was on his cheek.. She ignored the hand on her breast, and just stared at her own hand in disbelief. A small green silhouette covered her hand for only a brief second. With a gasp, she brought her hand up, and saw a small green flame again. She closed her hand and watched as it vanished. But once she opened it again. Nothing.

Rogue looked at her hand in shock. She didn't hear Kitty giggling in the background, nor felt the hand on her breasts aside from the first time when she moaned. It didn't suck the life out of him, but it did give her some of his powers. She was curious, so she rubbed his cheek again.

Naruto, tired of the awkwardness and confusion, quickly jumped up. The girl was knocked onto her backside. He looked at the girl on the ground. She was cute... that much he can't deny. He lowered a hand. He did feel some of his powers flowing into the girl when she touched his cheek the second time.

Naruto lowered a hand, which shook Rogue from her thoughts. She looked at it. Curiosity once again assaulted her. She wondered if… if she could touch him again. Without it hurting him.

With that in mind, she grabbed the hand. She forgot to wear gloves today, and that appeared to be a good thing. The other girl and Storm both looked surprised as Naruto gripped her hand and pulled her up. Anko looked confused, but she had an idea about it. Rogue looked up at the young man before her as he spoke. He appeared to be the same age as her and Kitty, if not a tad older.

"You okay…" Naruto coughed. He wasn't used to being stared at. Sure, people stared at him in his world, but that was for a different reason. Then there is the time he was in high school, which was a year or two ago. Then, his mind drifted towards Felicia, and their high school days…

He quickly shook his head as the thoughts were getting off topic. "Sorry about that. Kinda… lost in thought…" He decided not to say anything about her stealing his powers. After all, the Fantastic Four had told him all about this place. Like Human Torch said earlier, Watch out for Wolverine. Peter also knew Wolverine personally and warned him about said mutant. And he did want to meet him after that strange talk with his newest friend: Deadpool.

"Yeah… um…" Rogue shook her head. She failed to notice that she still had his hand in her grip.

"Naruto…" Naruto greeted. He ignored Anko's smirk beside him.

"Anna Marie…" A shy smile graced her face. She had a country accent. "…but I prefer Rogue." She was about to ask him about her being able to touch him, but a cough from her 'annoying' and 'boy-hungry' friend, Kitty, who wanted to make herself known to the cute guy, interrupted her.

"And I'm Kitty Pryde!" The other girl greeted. Naruto blinked at the sudden assault of questions that spewed from the smaller girl. They ranged from 'Cute Whisker Marks' to 'Are you single?'. And Anko... that smirk just didn't want to leave her face.

"Um… nice to meet you both…" Naruto finally managed to get out once the questions stopped, even though it stopped on the, 'Are you Single?' question. How would he answer that? Oh hey, wanna join my harem? His left eye twitched at that. And that look from Anko… she was just enjoying his torment. If he was still in his world, he could only imagine what stuff she would get him into.

"Girls." Storm spoke. He could've sworn her eyes became white for a split second. "The Professor is expecting them."

Just now realizing they were still holding hands, Rogue slowly let go. Slightly fearing this would be the last contact she would ever have with another person.

"See you around." Kitty sighed. She grabbed Rogue's free arm by the sleeve, and before the girl could say bye, she was pulled away.

"That was… interesting." Anko sidled up next to Naruto, and looked the shy girl over. A little ways from them, they saw the girl start to yell at her friend. "First a pussy cat… now this. You are slick. And from what I hear, just like your father."

Naruto shook his head, then whispered: "A snake and a cat." A fanged smirk crossed Anko's face.

"And a fox in-between…" Anko whispered, but before their flirting could go any further, Storm began to walk past them, but paused for a second.

"That's some of what to expect around here. Come." They quickly followed after her. They passed by room after room, and even saw some students running around the halls. And from their observational skills, it appeared that the place had been renovated recently. "You just met Rogue and Kitty Pryde."

"What are their powers? That girl, Rogue, looked like she just killed Naruto." Anko asked. She gained an idea awhile back, but just needed confirmation.

"Well, simplified, Kitty has the ability to pass through solid matter." They reached a door, and Storm gripped the doorknob. She glanced back to the couple behind her. "She can walk through walls, and pretty much, anything else." Storm nodded to herself, then pushed the door open, and allowed them to walk inside. "And Rogue, that's something I believe the Professor wishes to explain."

Once inside, they caught a glimpse of how nice the office was. Books lined the shelves. A medium sized desk. Two leather lined chairs in front of the desk. Behind the desk, they saw a man. His back was to them, and his eyes focused outside the window. Naruto's ears picked up the sound of laughter coming from below. They saw the man sitting in a chair. Through the window, Naruto's eyes locked onto the eyes of the man.

"Thank you, Storm…" The man spoke. To Naruto, it felt almost like the old man from his world. Serene. Calm. He shook his head. He knew that feeling. Like something crawling inside his head. He felt it back in his world, where a nice Yamanaka man entered his mind when he couldn't sleep at night.

As Storm closed the door behind her, Anko quickly took a seat. She felt compelled to prop her feet on the desk like she did, what felt like yesterday to her, on the Hokage's desk.

"Ah, Mr. Uzumaki." The man spoke. His voice calm, and once again, the duo were reminded of a certain old man. But for the man, he was confused at first, then settled for a knowing nod. Through the window, Anko saw his eyes lock onto her. "And… Ms. Mitarashi, I take it?"

"How did you…?" Anko started to ask, but the man finally turned around.

The man was bald, and had a soft smile on his face. Reminded him of how Ben was. Constant smile, and both had eyes that looked like they contain wisdom way beyond their years.

He felt it again. Something was poking inside his mind. It didn't hurt, and he didn't bother to fight it. He flicked his eyes to Anko, and he could see her look slightly uncomfortable.

"I've known about you both, for awhile now." The Professor rolled around his desk, and the two saw that he was in a wheelchair. He smiled softly. "As you probably guessed by now… I have the ability to enter ones mind. It's called Telepathy. The ability to read minds."

"Telepathy?" Anko breathe out. She knew of a few ninja's that could read minds, but it was rare. Sure, the Yamanaka's were mind walkers, but even they couldn't…

"Read minds?" The man answered for her with a small laugh. She flinched at that. It was such a powerful ability. The man turned to Naruto. "I have been watching you for awhile. When you first appeared, you were only a small, yet very confusing little blip on the Cerebro. But after your little accident, I now understand why." The man glanced around the room, and then Naruto and Anko felt a small pressure.

"You both posses a hidden X-Gene." As he said that, they felt some information enter their minds. "Mr. Uzumaki's awakened during his accident."

"Then… what's my power?" Naruto spoke out loud.

"It involves your demon…" The man answered.


"She's up all night 'til the sun." Deadpool sang. His head bobbed up and down. And he had what appeared to be headphones strapped over his head. "I'm up all night to get some. She's up all night for good fun. I'm up all night to get lucky." He kept up his stride through an empty street. Up on a roof of a building, a man in a black suit lowered a weapon: A sniper rifle. "We're up all night 'til the sun. We're up all night to get some."

He paused in his walk and glanced around. "Strange. It feels as if I'm interrupting something vital to the plot." He shrugged. "Ah, well." He snapped his fingers, and started to sing. "We're up all night to get lucky." He stopped again. "Is it just me, or does it feel like I'm being watched… or read… or written?"

Where the hell is my thought bubbles? As he thought that, a yellow box appeared next to him. "About time! The hell have you been? Like, could've used you a few chapters ago. It gets kinda lonely ya know..." He glanced to his thought bubble.

Heads up. Deadpool scratched his head. He didn't remember thinking that. But before he could ask, he leaned his head to the side just as a bullet flew by. It was as if time slowed down. His eyes trailed the ripples that were left in the bullet's wake. Under his mask, a smile grew once he saw the origin of the projectile.

Wade rolled his shoulder until it popped. "Bullet time. Gotta love that shit."

The yellow box popped up again. Cliché much?"

Wade waved his hand in dismissal. "In your dreams. There is still plenty of life in bullet time. Watch, and observe." As he spoke, another bullet flew at him. But what the shooter didn't expect, was for the the strange mercenary to suddenly spin on one leg like a ballerina. "Cliché my ass!" Another one flew at him, and Deadpool dropped into a split that wound make a normal person cry. He watched as the bullet flew by his head.

Still cliché... Wade looked at the yellow box with narrowed eyes. He didn't pay any attention to another bullet that was headed straight for him.

"Really. Oh, I see." Wade quickly grabbed the yellow box. "Cliché this!" He held the the box like a baseball bat, then swung. He looked in the air for any sign of the bullet. He looked back at the yellow box, only to see a hole through it. Following the trajectory, he saw a small rip on the leather near his thigh and a black mark on the ground.

"Note to self: Playing baseball with bullets may not be a good idea." He smirked, and flicked his eyes to the two swords strapped to his back. He sensed another bullet headed for him, and he knew that the shooter must be getting frustrated. He slid the sword out of the sheath in a quick motion, and as the bullet neared him, he swung.

Behind the Merc with a Mouth, was another man wearing a suit. As he snuck up behind Wade, he prepared to put a bullet between the man's head. He squeezed the trigger, but the suddenly froze as his target struck the sniper's bullet. The man's eyes widened as blood dripped down his head followed by a sharp burning pain.

Deadpool glanced behind him as one of his little stalker's hit the ground. He smirked. The sword had sliced the bullet in half. One half hit his stalker, but where was the other half? His smirk widened as a body fell from the building.

"No doves? Fuck me... and I had a nice little John Woo moment planned. Two guns and everything..." He pouted under his mask. I also need a motorcycle. Awesome music. Hundreds of bad guys.

And maybe some plump, juicy breasts... Deadpool glanced to the yellow box. "Exactly! Just what I was thinking! You always know how to complete me..."

Before he could vacate the area, dozens of red laser's covered him. Ooooh... now I just need a bike, and a totally hot babe. A whirling sound entered his ears. He glanced around for the source, and as he found it, he smirked. Up above was a helicopter with a silver haired woman leaning out. "Jackpot."


Rogue watched in awe as green flames licked her hand. It snaked around as if it was alive. She frowned after awhile. Normally the powers she, um, borrowed didn't last this long. Beside her, the bed shook as Kitty Pryde leaned forward for a better look. After several moments of playing around, she found she still had that guy's powers. The flames didn't burn or anything. It was just there.

"Maybe it's just for looks, ya know." Kitty suggested. The power was very similar to Pyro's in a way. Maybe it was just a green version.

Rogue nodded her head after a moment, then, she started to stare intently at the flames. And slowly, the flames stretched until it covered her hand like a glove. A noise in the hallway startled both girls, and when Kitty looked away for that brief moment, Rogue reached over and touched her.


"Wait, wait, wait. So we were right? The demon itself is gone? But the chakra..." Anko asked while Naruto sat near her with a confused expression.

"That gas acted like acid. It melted all of your chakra channels. And the demon wanted to live. Badly." Xavier answered with a serious tone. "And with no chakra pathway, I believe it sacrificed itself just so its power would live on. I searched, and found no evidence of another being in you."

"So, would that make me... a demon?" Naruto finally asked after a brief pause. After the incident, he felt stronger, faster, better. He felt that he could easily become Hokage.

"Yes... and no." As soon as Professor X said that, and image of Wolverine entered the blonde's mind. The same person Peter told him about. Same person Deadpool kept mentioning. And who was probably waiting outside the door sharpening his claws.

"I believe you both have the same mutant ability." Xavier continued. "Your skills from your world. With your flames, you have the ability to mold them. To sculpt them. But that seal your father added has caused a sort of blockage. With that clear, you should be able to create a new form of flame." He watched as Naruto formed several objects with his flames. "... it could even give you the mental ability to control a normal flame. I honestly do not know."

"Naruto..." Anko whispered, but was then startled as she heard the Professor talk to her.

"And you, my dear..." Xavier locked his hands together. His brow scrunched together in apparent confusion. "... I'm not really sure what to make of your's without proper testing. But your control over snakes could very well be even more powerful than you imagined. Summoning them could be just the beginning of your ability."

The three continued to talk for well over twenty minutes. Naruto felt strangely calm around the man. It felt almost as if he was in the presence of Sarutobi. And that was similar to what he felt when he was around Uncle Ben. He knew he could trust him, and upon looking at Anko, he noticed that she likely had the same line of thought.

"Well... now that all the business has been said. Ms. Mitarashi, I'll have my friend McCoy have a look at you. Perhaps he can tell us something about your DNA." Xavier rolled around his desk. He internally chucked as he heard the woman groan. He couldn't tell if it was from the formal name, or from the thought of being examined. After a moment, he sensed Naruto was about to ask about him, so he beat him to the punch. "As for you, I have a surprise I feel you would like."

Naruto smiled as he stood up. He always loved surprises. Mainly those that involve playing video games all night and day until he passes out. Aunt May sure did scold him that time. He paused as he remembered something, only for Xavier to speak.

Rogue is special. Very special. I'll explain later. Xavier smiled as he sent that. Both Naruto and Anko talking excitedly to themselves. But passed his smile, his mind was on other things. One was that he was worried about Rogue. And the other, he lied to the boy. What was those two presences in him? He exited his office, and lead them down the hall.


In the Danger Room, Naruto stood with a bewildered expression, that slowly turned into a look of awe. What was once an empty metallic room, slowly began to form a scenery. Behind him, the control station to the room vanished and was replaced by a strangely familiar place.

Earlier, the Professor lead him to this place that he called, the Danger Room. Apparently, this is a very advanced training facility. Xavier had entered his mind for a suitable training location, and barely a second later, the man had entered the scene into the computer. He wanted Anko to join him, but the Professor lead her to that McCoy guy. Sure, he trained with the Fantastic Four, but they didn't have anything like this.

He watched the room merge into, well, the very thing that he dreams about most nights. His blonde hair blew in the breeze that swept by. Even the smells were familiar. He bent down and ran a hand across the sand. He smiled, and as he stood up, he decided to walk towards his favorite Ramen stand before he started his training.

Rogue furrowed her brow as she stood outside the Danger Room. She was on a quest to find that boy who's powers she 'stole'. She bumped into that woman that was with him, and they got to talking for a little while. And when Professor X showed up, he mentioned that her target was in the Danger Room.

Naruto smiled as he lifted the red curtains. Inside, he looked at the familiar ramen stand. All that was left was for the owner and his young daughter to pop out and greet him with, 'What can we get ya, Naruto-kun. It's on the house.' That would make his day. With a sigh, he backed away and watched as the curtains fell back down.

Rogue slowly entered the Danger Room. She went past the control system, and slowly made her way into the hologram. She watched with confusion at the place. She glanced into the distance, and saw a mountain with four faces. It looked like Mount Rushmore, but the place itself looked like it might be in feudal Japan, from what she read about in class. Or, perhaps Wakanda?

She watched as that boy, Naruto if she remembered correctly, stretch out his hands.. After all, the name and face had been raging in her thoughts for the last hour. She lifted her hand, and watched as a small green glow covered it. She squeezed it, and watched as green flames ignited from the young man before her.

Naruto grunted in concentration. He had no idea how to get rid of that blockage Xavier mentioned. But he knew one thing, and that was to keep training. And then maybe that blockage will finally reveal itself. In front of him, the green flames whipped about in a wild manner. Naruto had both hands thrown out before him, palm forward.

The flames began to merge and form. Naruto normally merged his flames as a way to defy gravity and fly, but according to the Professor, he could do much, much more. His eyes closed, and he increased his focus and concentration.

Slowly making her way closer, Rogue watched in amazement as the green flames expanded until it reached high in the air. The green light from the flame illuminated the area. She continued to watch the flame transform and transform, until her eyes widened as it stopped on a certain form.

A dragon. She could see the creature's eyes move and lock onto her. The teeth looked sharp, and it appeared it would rip her in half if it bit. The dragon itself was as tall as one of the faces on that mountain. She could see Naruto produce more flames until half the dragon was formed. Wings and all. Sweat began to pop from her skin as the heat hit her. Which she thought was strange considering the flames she produced didn't burn her.

The dragon suddenly let out a roar as Naruto threw his hands forward. The dragon launched forward. Rogue watched the creature circle in the sky, but the took notice that Naruto's eyes were closed, but the eyes of the dragon was alert.

Naruto frowned. Sweat poured from his forehead. The dragon moved around the area a few more times before it let out another powerful roar. If there was glass in the room, he knew it would shatter. Well, the glass in the control tower must be reinforced. He maneuvered the dragon, and a smile grew on his face. The dragon did a nosedive. It's bat-like wings folded up to make it dive faster. Its snake-like tail straightened. And just before it struck the ground, the wings extended.

Rogue stepped forward once again, only this time she accidentally stumbled on a rock. But that didn't surprise her as much as the dragon did. As soon as Naruto opened his eyes, the dragon vanished in a show of sparks.

"Oh, hey. Was wondering when you were gonna make yourself known." Naruto spoke. Rogue was quite surprised. For two things: That he knew she was there, and that he wasn't out of breath. "Rogue was it?"

"That was, um, quite the show." Rogue mentally slapped herself.

"You're telling me..." Naruto said under his breath. "And, um, sorry about that whole awkwardness earlier."

"I kinda wanted to talk to you about that." Rogue walked forward, while taking in the sights. They were pretty impressive.

"...about the power you siphoned?" Naruto smirked at her reaction. "Don't worry about it. No harm done."

Rogue tried to think of what to say to him, but when she looked at him, she saw that he was looking sadly at everything. So she tried to change the subject. The flames can wait. "Say, um... I was talking to your girlfriend. And she said you went by the name, Flame."

Naruto laughed. "Yeah. I suck at coming up with names. I once had a Teddy Bear, and I called it Yogi. Barry was my second choice. So, I'm new at the whole 'hero alias' bit."

Rogue held in a laugh, but did managed a smile that Naruto thought was cute. "You know..." Naruto also thought her country accent was very cute. Hell, he would even call it cute. "...perhaps I can help with that."

"Oh?" Naruto smiled. He always did have a soft spot for pretty girls.

"You should call yourself Spyro..." Rogue giggled a little. Which was strange. She never giggles. "Or Dragon. That one... um, sounds kinda cute."

Naruto tossed the name around his tongue. It was better than Flame. And he definitely needs a better costume. "I like it."

Rogue smiled. She was glad, his girlfriend did say he needed a better name. She tried to calm her beating heart, after all, it wasn't a good idea to fall for some who was already taken. And... she can't believe she just thought that. She nearly jumped out of her skin as the hologram suddenly ended. And upon looking at the control room, she saw Wolverine standing there with a stern expression. One that made Naruto gulp.

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