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The Lies and Spies of Condor Studios


Chapter 1: Split: the beginning of the end


Sonny's POV

The day it all began was a day as normal as any other meatball Monday. Boring. Uneventful. Whatever you call it, it won't change everything that went down that day. Anyway, the point is that it was the beginning of the end that day. The day of the Split. Tawni, Nico, Grady, Zora, and I were in the prop house brainstorming for new sketch ideas. As usual, we ended up getting bored and watching the gossip on E!. It was the normal chatter about new couples and couple names until we saw it. The screen was plastered with pictures of Chad and I kissing. Even though that NEVER happened. All of our jaws dropped in shock. We couldn't even make out what the reporter was saying. My friends all turned to me, glaring.

"How could you do this to us Sonny?"

Nico shouted angrily at me.

"POOPER? And you didn't even tell us?"

Grady was shaking his head at me as he spoke, seeming more disappointed than mad.

"Why didn't you tell ME? I'm your BEST FRIEND!"

I couldn't even use words to describe the expression on Tawni's face. That's how furious she was.


Zora screamed, getting spit in my face. I tried to protest because I knew that it was fake.

"But guys! That NEVER happened! It must have been photo shopped!"

"Like we believe THAT Sonny!"

Tawni was drilling through my head with a glare as she spoke. I could hear all the venom in her voice. My cast just looked at me disgusted. They huddled up and started mumbling to one another about the situation. Finally, Zora turned. I knew my cast was appalled but I didn't see what was coming next.

"All in favor of banning the traitor from the prop house say I."

Zora declared coldly. At the same time they all spoke the dreaded word.


No one hesitated for even a second. There wasn't a single glance in my direction. They all acted as if they didn't want to waste any time thinking about me.


I was holding back tears.

"Nico, Grady, when you need someone to help you with your projects, don't count on me. Tawni, I really thought you WERE ACTUALLY my best friend. I was wrong. You can sort out your boy and mommy problems by yourself. If you want help impressing someone, don't EVER ask me. Zora. You were like the little sister I never had. If you need help selling blossom scout cookies or doing ANYTHING for that matter, you can count me out. Just so we're all on the same page, I never want to talk to any of you any more than I have to. Just rehearsals and filming. If you had been good friends of mine in the first place, you wouldn't have turned on me. When you miss the perky, happy "Sonny" girl, don't come running to me. She's not here now. Now you all call me Allison. Are we clear?"

My castmates were too shocked to do anything more than nod.

"Okay then. I'm done here."

And with that I left for the dressing room I shared with my ex-best friend. I locked all the doors as soon as I was in. When I was sure no one was around, I let the tears fall. I honestly couldn't believe that they didn't even listen to me for a second. I guess they weren't good friends.

*3 days later*

Tawni's POV

I was in shock. What have we done to her? I am her best friend- Well, I WAS. Why did I even do that? Why did we all just automatically turn on her? She's making me experience CARING again! Now that I look back, the photo didn't even look real. And we ganged up on Son- I mean Allison and made her feel awful about a betrayal that probably never happened. And now the exploding ball of sunshine doesn't even have a little light left. None. She kept her promises. She doesn't talk to us more than she has to. She doesn't help anyone. The only interaction we have after the split is her glaring coldly at us. I know they feel guilty as I do. Grady, Nico and Zora don't want to DO anything about it though. And I'm the only one who still supports and believes in Sonny on SoRandom anymore. Just like when Penelope framed her for stealing. Even if she doesn't know it this time. Wait...Is she sitting with...THEM?

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