Three days passed after the ghost battle at the mall. And despite his kidnapping, his wounds and the crazy day he had had, Tucker still had to face the mob of reporters and journalists when he returned to work after two days' rest. Despite what Danny's mother had told him—he was to take a few days off to recuperate—Tucker was back at Town Hall, giving a speech about Danny Phantom's latest victory and how the Fentons had helped the ghost in locating the mayor.

All morning and most of the afternoon, Tucker was answering question after question. He was more than happy to have his day come to an early close when three o'clock arrived. He packed up his laptop and paperwork, spoke to his secretary for a moment about his plans for the next week, and then gladly exited Town Hall, entering a sunny and fairly warm autumn afternoon in Amity Park.

To his surprise, Danny and Sam were sitting on one of the many steps that led up to Town Hall, gazing over the park that sat before the large building.

Tucker blinked several times before finally walking down towards his best friends. "What are you guys doing here?" he wondered in curiosity, catching their attention.

Danny and Sam turned their heads and looked up. "Hey, Tuck," the astronaut greeted cheerfully.

"We figured we'd come and see you before you headed home," Sam replied. She smiled cleverly. "Your doctor wants to give you a check up to make sure everything's working properly."

Tucker glared at her. "Keep dreamin'," he muttered. "I ain't never goin' into a hospital unless my life depended on it."

"Surprise, surprise," Danny chuckled in reply as Tucker sat down beside him. "Actually, we just wanted to come and see how you were doing. Considering the huge news report about your kidnapping and Danny Phantom's latest achievement, we assumed you'd be wiped out."

"How's your eye doing?" Sam asked.

Tucker sighed. "Getting better, though it's still hard to see through," he replied. "My glasses are fixed, though, so that's good."

"And your head?"

"My head's fine. That ghost pulled his hand out before any real damage was done." Tucker smiled and gently tapped his head. "All mah brains are still in there!" he said, making his best friends giggle. He put placed his arms down over his lap and looked at Danny. "Speaking of which, how did it go, bringing them back in?"

Danny shrugged. "Well enough," he replied. "I handed them over to the Observants and they'll make sure to get them the best accommodations in the Ghost Zone."

"They didn't thank you?"

"Just briefly. That's it."

"Are you serious?" Tucker replied with a frown, not the least bit impressed. "Andy nearly got killed, you nearly got killed, Sam nearly got killed, I nearly got killed twice, and all those one-eyed creeps can do is say thank you? That's the lowest thing they could ever do! And for a ghost, that's low. Especially considering how powerful you are."

"Maybe," Danny replied. "But it's not like I was honestly expecting anything else. Ghosts will be ghosts, I guess…" He took a deep breath. "Besides; the only thing that matters is that Andy is safe from harm. I stopped in Ectonia briefly to tell Lady Sadina of the mission, and she gave me another remedy she cooked up for Andy. It helped heal the sickness caused by the presence of too much foreign ectoplasm in his system, and allowed him to recover within a day. Now he's back to doing the things he used to do before this whole crazy thing happened."

"Speaking of the little dude, where is he?" Tucker wondered.

Suddenly, two hands slapped down over the mayor's shoulders, causing Tucker to jump in surprise. Then, the hands moved onto his head and pulled his beret down over his eyes, knocking his glasses off of his nose. Tucker cried out in shock while Danny and Sam laughed. "Hey! What's the big idea?" he exclaimed, blindly looking for his spectacles.

There came a high-pitched giggle from behind him and then he heard the stranger leap down and stand before him. "Hi, Uncle Tucker!" a boy's voice exclaimed.

Tucker froze for a moment before pulling his beret back into place and placing his glasses back over his eyes.

Andy was standing before him, hands behind his back and school bag over his shoulders. He grinned brightly and waved.

Tucker blinked before grinning cleverly. "You sneaky little bugger," he chuckled before reaching out and picking the boy up. He set Andy down on his lap. "How's Andy feeling today?"

Andy patted his stomach. "All better!" he said proudly. "I gotses to stay home from school for a few days, and when I came back, I gave my teacher a big hug!"

"Oh, really? And what did she say?"

"Nothin'. She just started cryin'."

Tucker raised an eyebrow while Danny chuckled. "Luckily, though, he didn't give a hug to Mr. Lancer," the astronaut noted.

"Ugh; no kidding," Tucker said with a shudder, making the boy laugh. He looked at Andy again and grinned. "So, all up and atem now, eh? Have you been practicing more ghost tricks?"

Andy smiled and nodded vigorously. "Uh-huh," he replied eagerly. He raised his right hand. "I've found out how to do somethin' new, Uncle Tucker." His arm went intangible. "Watch this." He reached out for his uncle's head.

Tucker watched him do so before widening his eyes in shock and yelping in fright. He immediately lifted Andy off of his lap, placed the boy in Danny's, and leaped to his feet before taking a few steps back and getting into a defensive position. "No-no! Noooo, no! My brain is not for touching!" he exclaimed in fright, creating an X with his two index fingers. "Keep your hands off of my brain!"

Sam and Andy immediately burst into laughter while Danny smiled amusingly. "Tucker, he can't actually do it," he chuckled. "He's just playing around!"

"I don't care," Tucker replied. "I just don't want him to do that near my head! That's a no-no zone for anyone who can go intangi—!" The black man suddenly froze in his words and frowned in confusion. He looked at his best friend. "Wait a minute; how does Andy know about this anyway?"

Danny smiled innocently in reply while Sam laughed behind her hand.

Tucker blinked several times before glaring annoyingly at the astronaut. "And you say I'm the pain in the butt," he groaned.

Danny held up two fingers. "Second pain in the butt," he corrected him.

Tucker crossed his arms and rolled his eyes amusingly.

Andy pointed down the street. "We're gonna go get some icecream, Uncle Tucker," he said. "Wanna come?"

Tucker looked at him and smiled. "Sure," he replied. As the Fentons rose to their feet, however, Tucker ran around them and went to stand on Sam's right, almost as though hiding.

Danny and Andy stared at him in surprise, wondering what he was doing.

Tucker peered around Sam and narrowed his eyes. "But I'm gonna walk on the human side of this family, thank you," he muttered stubbornly.

Sam and Andy giggled while Danny stuck his tongue out. "Everyone's a critic," the astronaut announced before they headed off.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Et voilà! Double Trouble has finally come to an end! The next story will be Gaining Trust, and if you guys had kept an eye on my DP character chart, you'll see someone named Nicholas Stevenson. He's going to be appearing in the next story, making his debut entrance as Danny's co-pilot. The story will be taking place at NASA, so this will be one where you'll only see a bit of Andy. ;) Don't worry, the little cutie pie will be back afterwards.

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