Zack felt himself tense up. He'd been avoiding Cody for a while now, searching for endless reasons to put it off, but Cody had had enough this time and refused to be swayed in the slightest. Zack gulped as he approached him.

"Will it hurt?" Zack asks naively, his eyes wide and curious. Cody smiles as he prepares Zack so that he is comfortable for the duration that would follow.

"Well I'm not going to lie," Cody says, "it will hurt the first time"

Zack's face pales but Cody pats his arm squeezing it gently asking him if he's afraid. He teasingly suggests getting Zack a pudding cup afterwards, but Zack puts a brave face on and shakes his head. Assured that Zack is prepared, Cody taps against Zack's warm entrance before pushing in as the muscles inside surrender to the intrusion.

Zack winces, but it's the first time and he has already found the right place. He is lucky that Cody has so much knowledge on the subject. The other twin probes deeply, causing Zack to shiver, he can't help it, his body's so tense. But Cody is gentle, like he promised.

He looks deeply into Zack's eyes, "Trust me, the pain won't last long" His reassuring smile relaxes Zack and he opens wider to give Cody more room for an easier entrance. Zack pleads and begs for him to hurry, but Cody insists that they shouldn't rush, especially on Zack's first time.

He takes his slow, sweet time, wanting to cause Zack as little pain as possible. Cody presses closer, going deeper, and Zack wills down a cry as he feels the tissue give way. He feels the slightest trickle of blood, his eyes smiling weakly up at Cody when his brother asks him if he's alright, concern washing over him. "Is it too painful?"

Zack manages to say, "No, it's fine. Don't stop…"

Cody nods and continues, hitting that spot making Zack winces again, unable to stop the moan that escapes as tears fill his eyes. "You okay?" Cody asks once more. Zack nods, his hand subconsciously wrapping around Cody's bicep and squeezing. Cody smiles warmly and begins to move in and out, shifting back and forth with firm, even strokes. Zack groans, his voice low. He begins to feel numb under Cody's unmerciful onslaught, his skill reducing the pain as much as possible as he continues to move within Zack.

After a few moments, Zack feels something burst within him, slight warmth flooding him inside, as Cody pulls it out. Zack lays there, panting, glad that it was finally over and he was rid of it at last!

Cody looked over at Zack and laughed telling him he is the most stubborn boy he's ever known. Zack smiles weakly back watching as Cody disposes of the rotten tooth. Who knew Cody was skilled when it came to the art of dentistry?