A P3 Fanfiction

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A wasteland. That is what is left of Earth, the planet so fondly called the "Blue Planet." That no longer held true now. The oceans had long since become pools of acid so strong it slowly corroded through to the mantle, pouring molten magma out until even that was gone, leaving great plains of basalt where water once was. The "Black Planet" would be more appropriate, but Aigis held no reason to say so. No one was around to hear her anymore.

I have been so alone.

She stands in the middle of a great plain of reddened dirt. Cracked was the ground, torn apart from millennia of magnetic shifts. She had been standing here a long time now. How long, she knew not. Time was meaningless now, a finite way of keeping humans on their schedules. She was no such thing, so she had no use for it.

The others...they're...they're all gone now...

She blinked once, twice, three times, then began walking. Her long sundress blowing in the strong gust that suddenly attacked her. It was too much for it to bear, and the old cloth tore off, blowing away in the wind. Aigis stopped and stared in the direction it flew off, her arm stretched out as if she tried to catch it. After a few seconds, she put her arm down and continued walking towards her destination.

I still remember their faces...Each one burned into my memory...However...

She finds a rock and sits. The gears of her legs are beginning to move slower due to centuries of wear and damage...Soon, she will fall as well...Her OS will shut down and never reboot...Her eyes will close, and never reopen...And she will be happy...

There is only one who is burned into my heart...

She closes her eyes and begins scanning through ancient memory files, ones she has kept preserved even after all of these years...Memories of her days with the Specialized Extracurricular Extermination Squad, S.E.E.S. for short.

Memories of Fuuka-san trying to cook...And the joy she felt when she succeeded.

Memories of Junpei-san trying to destroy Strega after losing the one he loved...And the passion he had in his eyes as he fell to the ground, helpless and weakened.

Memories of Yukari-san following Him...and the loneliness she felt when she saw Him with other women.

Memories of Akihiko-san training on the roof...and the determination he had to protect the ones he loved.

Memories of Mitsuru-san backing up the team...trying desperately to prove herself.

Memories of Shinjiro-san as he tried to hide his love of cooking...and his dying wish.

Memories of Ken-san as he finally proved himself in the eyes of Her...and the love he felt.

Memories of Koromaru-san as he grew to trust the strange people who took him in...and the bond that lasted much longer than his life span.

Memories of Them as the fought desperately to protect the people who made their lives matter...and the look on Their faces when He was taken from us instead of Her.

Minato-kun...I Love You...

And she was happy...


Author's Note: Hmm, it's done. It was originally gonna have Teddie show up, but that wouldn't have made any sense. So, tell me what you like, didn't like, whatever! We're getting to the end of my series, and trust me, it's gonna be worth it.