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Tsu'tey/Harry, Jake/Neytiri, N'deh/Grace, Trudy/Norm.

Chapter One

The whole world was against us.

Our cover was blown and our existence blasted across the planet, revealed to the Muggle Populace by Voldemort and his idiotic taste for the dramatic. After all, when you go ahead and freeze the River Thames solid and have a massive all out magical battle involving Vampires, Werewolves, Giants, Trolls and spells – someone is going to notice.

The fall out was astronomical.

In the beginning, it was just general public astonishment and the Magic Folk celebrating the downfall of the Dark Lord, trying to rebuild their lives, mourning the dead and keeping themselves to themselves and far away from the muggles who tried to understand everything they could about this new and incredible culture that had existed under their noses for centuries. It seemed as though the Ministry and the Muggle Governments were handling everything rather well, like everything would be fine, that we would be able to live our lives on separate sides of the Train Tracks, a co-existance the likes of which had not been seen since the days of Merlin and Arthur.

At least, that was what we were led to believe.

But then muggles began to notice things and point fingers. Our suspicious lack of illnesses like cancer, how we had medicines to regrow bones and organs, spells to remove memories or make ourselves invisible, teleportation... Fear began to grow.

Then the disappearances began.

Known Magical Folk vanishing in the streets of Muggles Cities, never to be seen again and never giving any sign of a struggle.

Then it was babies from Hospitals and children from playgrounds.

New Laws were introduced, restricting the movements of the Magical Folk. Forced to identify themselves as Magical through the use of a red patch on their shoulders, being disallowed from carrying a wand in any public location, barred from various establishments such as Hospitals, Schools, Government Buildings, Banks, Museums and Art Galleries before eventually being completely restricted to Magic Only Zones. It was like the World War II Nazi Concentration camps, only instead of Jews and coloureds, it was Magic Folk and all that was associated with them.

And then the Muggle Public became dangerous.

Lynchings, burnings, beatings, riots and protests. Anyone even vaguely suspected of being Magic was targeted, so many people died. And then came the child killings.

Muggleborns were hunted down, children were tortured by their own parents, hurt and terrified to ensure they weren't magical – to test whether or not they would manifest Accidental Magic. Many of these children would be unable to defend themselves, they would never manifest anything, proving they weren't magical – but the scars were still there, their trust was forever broken. But those who did Manifest...

How could anyone do that to a child? Any child?

Magical creatures were hunted for sport, for science, for safety. Dragons were extinct within the year of Magic's discovery, their scales, horns and fluids being harvested by the Military for weaponry, armour and explosives. Unicorns were caged and killed, their blood discovered to have such powerful medicinal properties that they were practically raped from the moment of their discovery. Phoenix were already rare but the destruction of the magic around them, they too vanished, burned to nothing and choking in the poisoned air. Shrake, Mer-Folk, Hippocampi, all found, studied and slaughtered, even the last of the great Leviathan, sleeping silently in the deep chasms of the ocean floor was not spared from the zealous destruction of all Magical creatures.

The Snidgets, which had finally made their come-back, no longer endangered, no longer so few in number that they barely had a viable gene-pool, were all captured and killed. Snidget Pie became a delicacy affordable only to the elite rich and famous. The Goblins were raided, slaughtered, the gold they hoarded gathered by the greedy muggles, stolen, their corpses desecrated and their homes ransacked.

It was just as the Purebloods said it would be, only a hundred times worse.

Then came the purges.

Magical Folk being 'Sanitized' for the safety of the Mundanes – and then all hell broke loose.

For Luna, it was torture.

Her magic was so closely tied with the Planet that she could feel the deaths of all the Magic around them, of the animals and the people, of the plants and the wellsprings. Some days she could do nothing but scream and sob and writhe on her threadbare bedding, others, she was so aware, so calm and cold that it was physically painful to watch.

So we hid away, we packed our belongings and fled from the rest of the world, away from the genocide.

Antarctica was still untamed, still alive and where the Planet's pain was least. we settled down there within the snows and the frozen earth, a stone bunker, hidden underground, hallowed out by magic and hand.

And we slept.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting until the horror was over, until the world had calmed and the Planet was well again, when the screaming stopped.

But Voldemort had never spoken truer words when he called the Muggle race parasites.

Being eaten alive was both terrifying and painful.

And it was what Harry Potter woke up to after his long, long sleep – feeling his magic being eaten from his still living body.


He yelled in horror and alarm, falling off his bed, feeling the grasping tearing jaws that latched to his magic pull away yet still blindly quest after him. Desperate, frightened, hungry, weak and mad with pain. He curled into a ball, bundling his magic away, folding it into himself desperately, wrapping it up and hiding it away from those vicious teeth that tried to tear into him, tried to dig its claws in and dig for his hidden magic.


Harry sobbed, his body shaking as he felt something pry at him, desperately pulling, digging in and slipping free, unable to get at the prize within. What was this? What was happening? Who was that? Why did they want his Magic?

He heard Hermione whimpering in her sleep and dread sank like a lead weight through his stomach.

He scrambled to his feet, slipping free of the presence and reaching for her, he could feel her slipping away, feel her magic being torn away, feel her desperately clinging to it and he reached to her. Too scared to open himself to the presence he desperately shook her, hoarsely crying her name as he felt whatever it was getting more and more vicious with every scrap of power it was able to glean from her still slumbering form.


Harry pushed at the presence, pushed it with all his might and threw his anger and hatred against her because he knew it was a her now. As much as a Planet could be any gender, he knew that this was Earth, this was their Mother, the one who gave them Magic and was now trying to take it away.

But why though?

Betrayal and fear quested to her tentatively and received only the half insane whisperings of a consciousness too far gone in pain and emptiness to answer properly. But that in itself as an answer all the same.

Harry sobbed as he desperately roused his friends.

The Planet was dying.

Driven mad with pain and loss, desperately clinging to them for survival and now desperate enough to try and consume them for the single ounce of strength it may bring. She didn't understand. She couldn't understand. Muggles would just take that strength away the moment she birthed it and then her efforts would be for nought.

She screamed at him, she writhed and dug into his being to try and reach his magic. Impressions and sensations, the giant alien consciousness of a Planet crushing down on him, She gave him this gift, She favoured him, it was His turn to protect Her! Did He not love Her? Had He not saved Her before now?

Harry choked, gasping for air on the floor as she hammered into him, desperately tearing at him for that kernel of power that she so desperately needed. He fell to the floor, seizing, his limbs flailing limply across the floor – he wasn't aware of Hermione choking and finally falling quiet, of Ron's body jerking before going still.

All he knew was pain and then silence.

It was silent when he woke, he felt bruised and battered and yet there wasn't a mark on his body, his whole body felt like a massive bruise. His mouth felt like he had been drunk and licking the carpets as he levered himself up from the cold stone floor – ah, that might account for the soft tissue ache he was feeling.

It was surprisingly quiet. No... Not quiet, silent.

Green eyes stared fuzzily at the world around him as he sat back on his ass, blearily eyeing the fuzzy world around him, what had happened?

He'd woken up and...


He was immediately on his feet and staring wildly around the room, hunting for some kind of person, some supernatural being or apparition he could rant and rave at but... the room was cold and silent and still. Unnaturally so.

He frowned, his instincts going haywire.

His stomach turned to lead and he looked to the fur strewn cot that his bestfriend and brother in all but blood had been sleeping on with his wife. The smell struck him like a hammer as his eyes comprehended what he was looking at. How... how was this possible?

They were dead.

Long dead.

But... green eyes stared helplessly at their decomposed skeletal bodies, he had been awake only a few hours ago, they had been awake – Harry remembered! He remembered Hermione's eyes opening before the Planet went psycho and tore at him.

The world whispered and he tensed, expecting attack.

All he felt was pale, desperation breathing against his barriers, cold and frightened, too weak to do anything but paw pathetically at his consciousness. Too far gone to even form words, communicating like a frail old woman, deaf and blind and insane. His stomach twisted itself into knots and he retched, heaving bitter acrid bile onto the stone floor where the smell prompted him to cough up even more until he had nothing. And continue dry heaving painfully.

He fell backwards and pushed himself away from the mess on the floor, shuffling to the other side of the room and clasping Hermione's hand, the cold putrid flesh clinging to her bones soft and slick in his hands as the enormity of what was happening finally began to sink in, and the hot prickle of tears began to seep out.


He was alone, all those careful plans they'd made, all the preparations... gone. Useless. The empty rooms in their concrete bunker that they had been planning on converting into bedrooms and libraries and Chudley Cannons Shrines, useless, empty, empty just like their bodies. The trunks full of tiny little baby clothes for when Hermione finally fell pregnant, no longer afraid that the little life growing within her womb would be torn out and murdered before her eyes. They would never be used. The preserved Potion ingredients would never see the inside of a cauldron.


All their dreams for the future, a world where no one would be hunting them because they wouldn't know who or what they were, a world that was at peace, a place they could live together... dead.

Just like his friends. Just like his family.

Harry sobbed, uncaring of the tears and snot that smeared his knees.

Alone, alone, alone. All over again, he was alone, sitting in his cupboard wishing for a friend.

Alone, all alone, save for the insanity that lurked in the confines of his mind, alone save for a mad Planet.

It was just him and Gaia now.

The world was grey.

Grey and filthy and dead.

And Harry cried afresh at the loss.

No where was the air clean or the grass green, no where was there an animal running free and wild and natural. No where was there a person with a smile on their face, enjoying the fact that they were alive. And no where, was there a person who could hear their Mother Gaia screaming and sobbing in agony.

The Planet had fallen silent, withdrawn away from him, he was thankful. It gave him time to think, time to plan, time to come to terms with it all.

He dared not use Magic here, Gaia was half insane and desperate, if she sensed the unfurling of his power she would strike hard and fast and rip his Inner Self apart to reach it. Even if she wouldn't have... He doubted if he could even manage a simple Lumos. The Ambient Magic was gone, not even a distant scent on the air.

He had travelled for a few days through this grey landscape of humanity, taking in the darkness and the despair and the moon now covered in a delicate tracery of lights amidst the darkness. They had populated the moon as well. His stomach twisted.

Was nothing sacred any longer?

He didn't eat, not any more, not here, he couldn't stomach the thought of their food. Synthetic Proteins and carbohydrates, he had tried them once, he had become so violently ill that they had actually forced him into the Hospital before discovering he had neither Health insurance nor money. Then they just left him there in the hallway to either die or recover in his own time, the only time someone helped was a little girl, her head bald, an IV line attached to the crook of her elbow as she slowly, painfully shuffled down the hallway. And she smiled at him, her little grey eyes bright as she told him that he would get better soon because the Scientists would be bringing back miracles from Pandora – for a moment, Harry wondered if she meant the Pandora Catacombs beneath Greece before remembering that they had been completely ransacked and destroyed during the Purge.

She had fetched him some water from her room, it took her twenty minutes to walk up the hall and come back. Harry had felt horribly guilty at putting her to such an effort but she just smiled and said that when the Miracles came back and she got better, she would be a nurse so she had to practice now so she would be really good when she was older.

And Harry had asked her what Pandora was.

Pandora was a moon, she told him, self importantly as she sat on the hard orange plastic seat beside him, her little slipper clad feet swinging slowly through the air, it was in the Alpha Centauri System and orbited a Gas Giant like Saturn. She smiled at him, showing her decayed teeth. It was a big Jungle with lots of dangerous animals and plants but it was full of Miracles too, she explained, people that go there don't get sick anymore, the plants made a miracle to stop people from getting colds and flu and coughs. There's even a plant there that could heal her illness. She had Cancer.

Before she could explain anymore, a nurse came over and ushered her away, giving the cup of water in Harry's hands a dirty look and him an even dirtier one. The little girl waved him goodbye and followed the sour faced nurse back to her room, slowly and awkwardly.

Harry left the Hospital and he never touched the Processed foods again. His body didn't like them.

But this Pandora place... That definitely needed more investigation.

The problem was, information was so annoyingly thin and Harry was horribly unused to technology of any kind, he felt almost as how he imagined Hagrid had during their first trip through the London Underground. Not understanding the money, the technology, the social norms, feeling like an outsider, a freak.

Only it was worse now for him, he was scared that someone would put two and two together and figure out he was Wrong, not Muggle. It was how so many of the other Witches and Wizards had been caught, they just didn't know how to blend in, and now, with everything so different and the people so... broken and the Planet clinging to life by a thread... He no longer fit.

He no longer blended, knew what was going on and he felt... lost.

Trapped in this grey dead world with no where to go, no one to talk to, it overwhelmed him and choked him, he fled from public scrutiny and found solace in an alley way. Hidden from view, curled up in a dirty corner between steam pipes and trash and cardboard, he stared unseeingly at the neon lights of a nightclub entrance several metres down at the mouth of the alleyway. He watched as grey and miserable women went inside and the lights turned on, and then grey but wealthy men went in afterwards. And he felt his stomach turn as he realised what he was looking at.

He turned away and began to cry anew.

Those girls couldn't have been any older than sixteen.

If one counted physically, Harry had never been raped.

Mentally, yes, he had been raped mentally more than once, at the hands of his teachers and at the hands of his enemies and even at the hands of reporters.

Never had he been magically raped.

And it was a hundred times worse than anything he could have ever imagined.

Harry screamed in pain and betrayal as he felt Gaia RAM into his consciousness, pierce through into his very soul trying to reach his Magic. He should have known she had gone quiet for a reason. He writhed and clawed at his stomach as he felt her tear into him, hunting, questing, desperate. Tearing him apart to find his essence.

It was rape.

It was painful.

It was all he could do to keep his Magic away from her and wait for the agony to end. Wait for her sudden burst of power to fail her, wait for her to tire and fade away.

He didn't have to wait long.

A shriek of thwarted anger and a whimper of loss and pain and disappointment vibrated through his Inner Self as she faded away, unable to hold up her assault and finally drifting away from him.

Harry sobbed, curled into a ball, shivering and trembling and feeling cold, so very, very cold, from her attack. Unable to comprehend her actions and unwilling to think about what she had just done to him, he closed his eyes and slept. Too tired and too hurt to do anything else.

When he next opened his eyes, his mind was made.

He didn't care what was waiting for him when he got there, he was going to Pandora.

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