I hate doing this but thanks to certain assholes who seem to really want to see Firefly removed and myself suspended from Fanfiction for writing a sex scene, you know who you are, I'll lay this out in as blunt and inescapably clear fashion as I humanly can.

There will not be an epilogue.

You can thank your fellow readers for this. I do not write sex scenes on this website, you know why? Because they aren't allowed and they never have been. Ever since I joined in 2002. The closest I have ever gotten is Ruby Red Smile and that is hardly graphic despite being widgy and gross as all fuck.

I write for my enjoyment, and I happen to like sharing it with you guys and entertaining you with it. But make no mistake that the more you get on my case about things the less likely I am to do them out of fucking spite. And I am spiteful. I'm bitter and spiteful and fucking old enough that you screeching at me over PM isn't going to do much more than make me dig my heels in and give you a great big massive 'FUCK YOU' - hence this note. Because I know you must have gotten SO excited and proud of yourself when you saw it, thinking that you managed to talk me into it. Nope. Fuck off. You didn't. You've just ruined it for everyone. Mull that one over a little bit, honey, and think twice before you start that shit again.

To everyone else, I'm so, so sorry. But I can't write the epilogue, what little I had planned for it has been unfortunately soured and now, if I did try to write it, it would not be of a very good quality and I'm pretty certain that my utter disgust for the situation would bleed through. The book of Firefly has been closed. Thank you for sticking with me throughout the long-haul. It's been great fun and a real treat to exercise my more emotive writing and really dig into the drivers seat of the character and feel through them.

If you're interested in a similar tear-jerker type fic that gets better, recovery and what not, then check out 'Echoes of Green', by far the most emotionally exhausting fic I have written to date and it only has one chapter. It will be a slow updater because of that. I typically end up sobbing into my keyboard whenever I try to write it because I am quite literally breaking my heart first so I can just feel and hopefully capture just an instance of the emotion the characters may be feeling. So yeah, give that a look if you enjoyed the tear-jerkiness.

If you want something a little fluffier but with epic adventure, 'Fate be Changed'. And when I get a few more chapters written up, I'll be uploading 'Storming Skies' which is decidedly even more fluffy and with a great deal more humour.

For those of you who are going to bitch about the lack of sex scene, go to my facebook and look up my notes. 'Tango with a Storm' will have the first and only actual sex scene I have written since college.

Peace guys, I'm out. /goes to get cough syrup and icecream and curl up in a miserable ball of ill.