I cried out in pain as I felt his hand connect with my tear stricken face. I wondered what I did to deserve the constant humiliation of having to deceive my peers day after day. Lying again about the bruises on my face and arms, trying to pull them off as accidents. I sank to my knees as I realized the message behind the blow. He didn't love me, he only took advantage of my fragile state. My face reddened as I realized he expected an answer.

"Brianna did you hear me or are u just that stupid to answer?"

I remained mute for I knew my punishment couldn't be worse than it already was. I cringed as Tyler's hand balled into a fist, ready to strike if the need were to arise. I kept my gaze glued to the tile on the kitchen floor not wanting to upset him if I were to make eye contact. I sank to my knees as Tyler slammed the door with a force so strong it shook the pictures on the wall.