This story based on the idea that Kurt never quit the football team. Karofsky is also a member of the football team. Hey he's big enough, I can't imagine why he isn't on the team.

Lucky Charm

Kurt always felt uncomfortable entering the boy's locker room to get ready for practice. Coach Tanaka had made it clear to the guys that they had to stop bullying him, but that didn't stop the jokes or the prejudice. He hadn't been needed to kick a field goal recently, because as usual, the Lima losers (McKinley High school's nickname for their football team) hadn't been able to score a touch down since their win earlier in the season. Still he practiced with them and showed up to every game ready to kick a ball and he assumed his professionalism would score some points with the guys and maybe even earn him some respect. That's why it was a shock to him when he walked into the locker room and the felt tense atmosphere. Kurt had learned early on to listen to his own inner alarm bells – it saved him more times than he could count – and his alarm bells were clanging away as he stepped to his locker. The guys were all looking at him expectantly(?) and gathering around – this didn't bode well. Kurt's eyes quickly swiveled around to find Fynn. The tall jock was there but in the background and wouldn't meet Kurt's eyes. Kurt really started to worry; surely Fynn wouldn't be apart of whatever was going down, would he?

"Hey Kurt," Puck addressed him reasonably enough with no apparent aggression. "Um - I need a favour from you."

"What sort of favour?" Kurt turned around to face Puck but watched the other boys crowding in behind Puck; some of them were grinning and nudging each other. The petite boy started to panic when he could see any means of escape he had were being closed off. "Look I have to get ready for the game. I don't have time for favours. The coach will be in any minute to prep us." Kurt was hoping that mentioning the coach might make the boys re-think whatever they were going to do with him.

"Don't worry about the coach, Azimio's keeping him busy. It will be quick and painless and it will be over in time for the game." Puck looked uneasy himself and this truly started to worry Kurt. What the hell were they up to!

Kurt swallowed hard. "Well wh-what's the favour.?"

"Well ya see, I bet Karofsky fifty bucks that he couldn't fit two freshmen in one locker and close the door fully and lock it. And what wouldn't you know it, he actually managed it. Puck indicated the lockers behind him with his chin and Kurt could hear faint cries and pounding from within. I lost the bet but I don't have fifty bucks. I don't want to be a welsh, so I took a forfeit instead of paying the money. And well, I was hoping you would help me with the forfeit."

"You better not think you're going to add me as a third person in that locker 'cause I'll fight you!" Kurt tried to sound really forceful but he could hear the fear in his own voice.

"What? No it's not that. The forfeit is that I have to kiss you in front of the guys. It has to be a full on mouth kiss, but don't worry there'll be no tongue."

Kurt's whole body sagged with relief, he wouldn't be stuffed in a locker or worse. Now he could get mad. Kurt straightened up to his full height and looked as disdainful as he could.

"Find some other poor unfortunate boy to kiss – I don't want any part of this." Kurt sniffed and turned back to his locker to get ready.

"There's no other fa- I mean it has to be you because you're gay."

"What?" Kurt spit out turning around to face Puck again.

"What kind of dare would it be if it's another straight guy. It has to be a gay guy." Karofsky stepped in to explain.


"There has to be some risk involved. Puck might just catch something off you if he kisses you."

"You mean like - gayness?" Kurt couldn't help but marvel at the strange workings of a straight teen-aged boy mind.

"Yeah!" Karofsky agreed heartily, happy that Kurt understood. "Or you might like it and go after him."

"You mean like sexually assault him?"

"Yeah, you know how you gays are, always checking us straight guys out."

"So you're saying that after kissing me, Puck would live in fear of me because I might rape him! Are you all aliens from the planet Ignoramus? He out-masses me by at least a third! I know for a fact that he can bench press me, because he did it just the other day to impress a girl, much to my embarrassment. So besides the fact that I'd rather kiss a flea-bitten gorilla with foul breath than mix saliva with a Neanderthal like him, I don't think he has anything to worry about!"

"Can I just kiss you and get this forfeit over with?" grumbled Puck impatiently.

"No! Forget it!"

"Look Hummel! I'm through with asking nicely! Kiss me or I'll make you! No way I'm going to be a welsh!" threatened Puck, his voice raising.

"You kiss me and I'll tell the coach and Figgins that you sexually molested me!" Kurt hollered back.

"Listen you panty-waisted little queer! yelled Puck, "I -"

"What's goin' on here!" shouted Coach Tanaka from the doorway. He charged in amongst the boys surrounding Kurt.

"I've told you guys to quit harassing Hummel."

"Honest coach, we're not harassing him. We're just asking him something," whined Karofsky.

"Hummel are you okay?"

"I'm fine coach. Puck and I were just having a disagreement. It's over now and I won,' replied Kurt looking pointedly at Puck.

"Alright then gather around, I have something to say." And without further ado

Tanaka launched into one of his three formulated "pep talk" pre-game speeches. Luckily it was his shortest one about teamwork and pulling together. Before they all broke up to head to the field, Puck signaled the coach that he wanted to say something.

"Ah thanks for that inspiring speech coach. It's made me realize that I need to respect my fellow teammates more, particularly Kurt. I was way out of line just now, asking him to do something he felt uncomfortable with and I feel I should apologize," the coach nodded and Puck approached Kurt who was standing across the circle from him.

"Kurt, I'm disrespected your feelings and I am truly sorry. Will you accept my sincere apology?" Puck held out his hand for Kurt to shake.

"Why of course, Puck." Kurt smiled, reached out and clasped Puck's out reached hand – then suddenly felt himself pulled to the larger boy roughly. He gasped realizing the trap only to have Puck's mouth smash down on his open lips for a crushing lip locking kiss that lasted for several seconds.

"You bastard!" Kurt spat as he viciously wiped his mouth. Not that Puck cared, he was too busy whooping it up, marching around the room with both fists up in the air, his teammates all laughing and patting him on the back.

Coach Tanaka just looked mystified for a few seconds and then decided it wasn't worth asking and herded them all out to the field.

The game was phenomenal! For some reason Puck played like a demon, not only did his feet have wings, but he seemed untouchable. No defenseman on the other team managed to stop him or even lay a hand on him. His teammates quickly caught the same spirit and played better than they ever had before. Coach Tanaka was beside himself, he was hoarse from cheering. Three touch downs later and three successful field goals by Kurt, the Lima Losers became the Lima winners! They routed the other team. It was magical!