Chapter 7 - End Game

Kurt was getting ready for the big game waiting for the moment he would feel the familiar tap on his shoulder and the gruff, "come on, Hummel, let's get it over with." He would then school his features into a resigned 'if I have to' face and turn towards Puck for a perfunctory kiss in front of the guys.

The kiss belayed any of the true feelings that Puck and Kurt had for each other. They saved the 'real' kisses for between games. They would meet behind the dumpster or in the janitor's closet or anywhere they could be alone. Puck still insisted on calling them good luck kisses, but it was really stretching the truth to the breaking point. Puck asked for and received good luck kisses for math quizzes, spelling tests, avoiding detentions, when he lost his car keys… Puck managed to have an excuse almost every day since they kissed after cramming for the English test. Unfortunately they never went as far as they did at that time, but the kisses were passionate and hot. Kurt wanted to confront Puck about the lame excuses he came up with to get a kiss, but the soprano was worried the jock wouldn't be able to accept his true feelings for Kurt and would just stop everything. Though it pained him to wait, Kurt felt Puck would have to come to terms with his sexuality and what feelings for another boy, meant to his life. Kurt smiled to himself, thinking back - it was only month ago when he had quit the team because he hated being kissed by Noah. Now he loved it and couldn't wait, for even the stilted, suppressed kiss they shared in front of the team.

Finally, he felt the tap shoulder, and heard "Hey Kurt how about that kiss." though his knees felt like jelly he turned around to face the jock. He looked around the room and realized they were the only players left. Puck had waited till they were alone. Kurt smiled happily, for he was going to get a proper kiss after all. Puck grinned back and pulled Kurt close, so the kicker threw his arms around the half back's neck as they kissed. It was as intense and passionate as Kurt could have hoped for.

"Whoa! What the – hey you guys – get a room." Finn exclaimed as he walked in on the two boys.

Puck broke the kiss and looked sternly at Finn and had apparently decided to bluff his way out. "What's the problem Finn? You know this is an important game. I need lots of good luck."

"Yeah Finn!" Kurt added disdainfully, hoping his added remarks would help with the deception, "If we win this game, we represent our league and we go for the state games. And that's something that's never happened in the history of William McKinley High."

"I know, but Jeez! It looked kind of weird, seeing you guys kissing like that," Finn replied still not certain what he actually saw. He decided to make a joke of it.

"Should we get you two a bed when we start playing the state games?

"No worries," Kurt quipped back, "I'm going to give Puck good luck blow jobs for those really important games and we don't need a bed for that! Do we Puck?" Kurt followed by jabbing him in the ribs and then slapping him on the shoulder, hoping it looked manly." Kurt chuckled loudly at his joke but the two other boys weren't laughing, they were gaping at him in shock. "It's a joke! You know, my feeble attempt at locker room humor? Finn you started it!"

"Yeah feeble humor and you finished it." Finn mumbled uncomfortably "We should go the game is going to start soon. Are you okay Puck?"

Puck managed to shake himself out of his trance. "Sure let's go."

Puck was not playing well. It looked like he couldn't remember the plays and his concentration was non-existant. The rest of the team managed to hold their rivals at bay but they weren't scoring any points. Kurt was very worried for Puck and he wasn't the only one.

"Did you kiss Kurt before the game?" Karofsky asked Puck worriedly during half time.

"Of course I did."

"Well maybe you should kiss him again."

"No way! I mean I'm fine. I was just nervous; I'll be okay in the second half."

Puck did manage to get things under control in the second half and they actually started getting some plays together that seemed to work.

Kurt intently watched the scrimmage, hoping against hope Puck would do well. He could see that the down had been successfully played and Finn was well protected. He would have plenty of time to aim the ball to Puck who was running way down the field to be in a good position with no defensemen from the other team near him. He just had to catch the ball and run a short distance for an easy touchdown. Kurt eagerly jumped up and started to stretch his hamstrings getting ready to do the field kick he knew was coming. He was bent over, his nose almost touching his feet when surprisingly, instead of a deafening cheer, he heard a collective groan from the crowd. He straightened up and looked back on the field. He couldn't believe it, Puck had missed the throw and was running after the erratically bouncing ball. A defender from the opposing team managed to get to the ball first and got possession. What an unmitigated disaster! They tried their best to bounce back, but the McKinley team quickly fell into disarray. Their opponents were really good and easily beat back the McKinley team and eventually won the game.

After the game was finished the guys wanted to know what happened. How could Puck miss such an easy pass? All he would say was that he was momentarily distracted and missed the ball. The jocks were furious! They figured that there was some girl up in the stands that Puck was watching instead of the ball. After the game Puck sat in the locker room stone-faced refusing to say a word while the other players grumbled and glared at him. Kurt showered and changed and turned down the invitations from the team to go for an after-game bite to eat.

Once the guys had left he sat down on the bench beside Puck who was still sitting in his football gear, his face buried in his hands.

"So how about telling me what happened."

"You happened, you jinxed me." Puck replied a muffled voice.

"Me? What did I do? I kissed you for good luck and I even thought positive thoughts."

"You had to mention giving me a blow job, just before I went out there. I couldn't remember plays or our strategies; I just kept picturing you on your knees in front of me with your lips wrapped around my dick."

"Oh! I'm really sorry. I never even thought… But that doesn't explain you missing the pass. Were you looking at some floozy in the stands like the guys said? Because if you were…"

"I was looking at you. What the hell were you doing suddenly bending over like that."

"I was stretching my hamstrings getting ready to kick."

"Did you have to point your ass in my direction?"

"Wait a second, are you telling me that you missed the pass; blew the game and our chances of winning our league championship, because you were checking out my ass?"

Puck just sighed and slowly nodded.

"Wow! I don't know whether to be terribly angry or incredibly flattered."

"You should be incredibly flattered; you have got an amazing ass."

"No wonder you didn't say anything to the guys, they would gladly kill both of us."

"I blame Karofsky, he got me to kiss you in the first place. If I hadn't of kissed you, we wouldn't be in this mess."

"So are you telling me you don't really believe in all this good luck stuff?"

"No, not really. I just went along with Karofsky and his lame-brained idea because I liked kissing you."

"How do you explain our winning streak and your awesome playing?"

"Kissing you made me super-horny. It turns out I can play incredible football when I'm that horny, probably something to do with blood flow and adrenalin. All I know is that I'm glad I had a jock strap on, because each time I kissed you I'd get a mother of all boners."

"I'm wondering why it didn't work with Santana. Surely you get erections with girls, you got Quin pregnant."

"Look all I know is that when I kiss you I feel like superman, like I can do anything. Some kind of power just flows through me when our lips meet."

"It sounds more like love than lust or even luck for that matter"

Puck looked at Kurt with a serious, intense expression, "Yeah maybe, I think I'm on the edge. One more nudge I'm going to fall head over heels in love with you."

"Oh Noah!" Kurt beamed. "I feel the exact same way! What do you think we should do about it?"

Puck smiled, "Well I figure if I missed the pass, gave up the game and the league championship all for your ass, then I should at least end up with that amazing ass of yours."

"Oh very nice! I'm not going to be a bootie call," huffed Kurt

"Oh I realize that - one thing I learned through all this is that you want and demand respect. We should go out on a date. Maybe I can be your boyfriend?"

"Oh! I would love that! Though it's not going to be easy for you dating a boy. You may have to endure the daily ridicule I receive. Or worse, our team mates might even figure out what happened on the field today.

"Well," replied Puck with a big grin, pulling Kurt close," I guess I'm in need of a hot and sexy lucky charm. Will you give me a kiss for good luck? " Kurt happily complied.

The End

That's it! I finished my longest story up to date. I really enjoyed writing it. I hope you all enjoy reading it. I'm in the middle of writing an M-rated sexy sizzler with my two favourite heros. It should be ready soon!