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Dying Embers

She laid on bed. The fan stood still, as if watching her. Tears ran down her face. Screaming out, she heard her echo. Life isn't great, she thought. Death must be more peaceful.

A lost hope

The little girl breathed in deeply. Her mothers scent still crept in. She cried out but no one came to assist her. She had on dirty and torn tights with a dirty and torn dress, with her dirty brown hair going every which way.

Broken mirror

She clutched her little brown bear. Her father stepped into the room. "Marissa." He purred. The little brown bear dropped to the floor into one little lump of fur. She looked up slowly. "Let's have some fun…" He whispered.


She slowly took one last gulp of the vodka. Yes, she is only 16. Yes, it was very illegal but she likes it. She closed her eyes and sighed as the vodka burned down her throat. She loved the feeling. It reminded her she could still feel.

Something within the mist

He sat alone. Just the way he liked it. By himself no one could judge him. Not his mother, Father, Brother, Students. His razor slowly slide across his forearm. He could breathe again.

The Touch of Fear

She sat down. Dad Looked furious, again. She sighed, "Daddy I'm so sorry…" He stared at her and stood, "DID I TELL YOU TO SPEAK!" He walked over and slapped her knocking her off the chair.

Damaged Goods

Her manger looked her up and down. She stood still, staring straight ahead. His smirk told her what she was in for. He might not let her go. A tear ran down her face as he started to molest her. "Don't worry," His hand slid down, "You'll like this…"