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"Thanks," Chuck smiles happily with Sarah wrapped around his arm. "Have a nice day," Chuck says goodbye to the cashier at the bank. Chuck and Sarah head for the door to leave the bank, when a few men rush in hurriedly. Chuck's eyelids flutter and his eyesight retracts into his brain and he flashes.

A chocolate cake.

A passport with the name Jason Rainer.

Wanted for murder, robbery, and theft.

A chocolate cake.

"Sarah," Chuck whispers softly into her ear. "Those men are bank robbers." Her eyes open wide as they feel obligated to stop the robbers.

"We need to play this smart then," she whispers back. They both hide in a corner of the bank, before the men reveal they're robbers. Sarah quickly picks the lock to get on the other-side of the booths.

Rainer pulls a mask on, along with four other men. He aims a handgun in the air and fires. The shot blares through the bank and everyone is startled. One of the robbers destroys all the cameras by hitting them with his gun.

"Put your hands up!" Rainer yells as he aims at everyone. The other men all aim at the tellers, making sure they don't press the silent alarm. Three men have assault rifles and one has a handgun. Rainer climbs over the booths and yells at the tellers. "Open the vault!" with his handgun aimed at them. The tellers comply, frightened for their life.

"Everyone take out your phones and slide them to the door!" One of the robbers yells. Everyone complies, fearing for their lives.

Chuck and Sarah are still safely hidden, devising the safest plan to apprehend all the robbers. "We need to isolate each one and take them out silently," Sarah whispers her plan.

"Alright, when Rainer gets into the vault, he will be secluded," Chuck explains with a whisper. "We need to watch their movements until they let their guard down. Uh, should we call the cops?" Chuck asks, thinking that is probably a good idea.

"Not yet. We can use them as a distraction when they arrive," Sarah knows all the men will look out the window when they see sirens and police vehicles.

"You're so smart," Chuck kisses her on the lips briefly, knowing the situation is not the best time to be making out.

"We need to split up," Sarah inconspicuously looks over the booth and sees the three men. One is by the front door, making sure there are as many cell phones as hostages. The other man is peeking over each individual booth. The third man is watching all the hostages carefully. "Alright, I'm gonna take out the guy checking each booth. Go over there and hide until I give you a signal."

"Uh, what's the signal?" Chuck asks sheepishly.

"I'll wave my fingers to move," Sarah shows him the military hand sign. Chuck nods in agreement.

"I'll let you know when it is clear to take the guy out," Chuck explains, thinking about Sarah's safety.

"Just give the same hand signal," Sarah smirks, before Chuck turns to leave.

"I love you," he whispers quickly before he heads to the other side of the bank. Sarah smiles in content and then quickly jumps into agent mode. She peeks over again and sees the man checking booths coming her way. She also sees Chuck get in place, ready to give her the go-ahead.

The man peeks over, with his assault rifle by his underarm. Sarah cannot help but smile at his negligence to being ready for an ambush. She scrambles for a weapon that can pierce flesh and finds a fountain pen. She grabs it and waits patiently. The man peeks over the booth Sarah has strategically placed herself in. She is well-hidden and the man doesn't see her. Chuck watches carefully to see Sarah peek over to get Chuck's go-ahead. She sees the brief hand signal and grabs the man by his vest. She quickly stabs him in the throat so the man cannot yell. As she is pulling the man down, she covers his mouth to make sure he doesn't alert anyone else. The man is taken down successfully and the other robbers didn't even notice.

"Please save us!" A man whimpers, seeing Sarah take out the man. The two other robbers turn around to see who is talking and see a team member missing. Sarah and Chuck both roll their eyes and grunt silently in response to the idiotic hostage.

"Where's Eric?" One of the men asks.

"I don't know," the other robber's voice falters a bit, not knowing either. He quickly climbs the booth to look around for him. Chuck knows they are in trouble and hits the silent alarm. The robber creeps closer to where Sarah and the dispatched robber are.

"Maybe he went to help Jason?" The other robber says.

"No, he wouldn't deviate from the plan," the robber grits his teeth in anger. He feels there is something fishy happening.

Chuck is now scared for Sarah's life. He fumbles with ideas to save her and sees a letter opener on it and flashes.


Throw trajectory.

Throw velocity.

Chuck smirks as he grabs the letter opener and holds it steady, ready to throw it at the robber creeping up on Sarah. Sarah looks at Chuck for confirmation, and he flashes the letter opener. She acknowledges him with a nod and waits.

The robber is now five feet away and getting closer. Chuck waits for the perfect time as the man is now two feet from Sarah's booth. Chuck winks at Sarah and throws the letter opener. It pierces the man's leg. He had to make sure to hit him and couldn't take the chance of throwing through a bullet-proof vest. As the man slides his hands down his leg to see what the pain is from, Sarah emerges and stabs the man in the neck with the fountain pen and covers his mouth before he could scream in pain. The robber looking over the hostages sees a flash of blonde hair and his partner vanish.

"What the hell was that?" He hollers in fear. "Jim?" He creeps closer to Jim's last known position. He turns around to talk to the robber by the door, who is checking for police. "Jim just disappeared," his voice falters in fear.

"What do you mean 'disappeared'?" The man yells back at him.

"Look!" He points around, showing there are two men gone.

"Snap out of it!" He hits the fearful robber. "We have a job to do!"

Chuck and Sarah take advantage of the robber's conversation and move into a better position to take them both out at the same time. They both get into a better position and wait for the right moment.

The frightened robber is shaking, while aiming his gun at the hostages. The assault rifle is trembling in his hands. Both robbers are looking at the hostages, trying to assess the situation. Chuck flashes.



Krav Maga.

Chuck motions to Sarah that he is ready when she is. She nods and gets ready. She puts up three fingers. She slowly drops one. The next one drops and Chuck arches his back ready to surprise the robbers. Police sirens go off and police vehicles pull up to the bank.

"Dammit! Who called the pigs?" The angry robber yells as they both look out the window. Chuck and Sarah both step out and attack the men from behind. Chuck takes the frightened one, who is easily dispatched. Chuck grabs the guy from behind into a chokehold. He also kicks the gun before the guy could grip it. Chuck squeezes hard and the man passes out.

At the same time, Sarah karate chops the guy in the neck and climbs over his arm, holding the handgun. Sarah pulls up and splinters his bones before the guy drops the gun in pain. Sarah back-kicks him in the face and the man passes out. Sarah picks up the handgun and turns around to face Chuck.

"Goodbye," a cold, chilling voice resonates through the bank as Chuck and Sarah see Rainer standing there with a handgun aimed at Sarah.

"No!" Chuck screams as he steps in front of Sarah. A gunshot blares through the bank as Chuck's face loses color and emotion. His shirt slowly engulfs in red as he falls into Sarah's arms. She quickly reacts with the gun aimed around Chuck's left side and her head on the other side of Chuck. She pulls the trigger and the one bullet pierces Rainer's skull right between the eyes. Blood sprays out the back of his head as he collapses lifelessly.

"Chuck!" Sarah slowly falls to her knees, not able to hold Chuck's lifeless body up. She lays him down and starts to tear up. "Someone call an ambulance! Now!" She screams looking at the hostages, who are now safe. One of them runs out of the building to inform the paramedics.

"Chuck," she mumbles sadly, looking at the gunshot wound in his left back. She holds him close, scared to lose him.

"I'm sorry, Sarah," Chuck chokes on his words. "I had to…"

"I know. Just stay with me. You'll be alright. Just hold on!" She cries out, having to wipe her tears away. The paramedics come in and assess the situation. "He has been shot in the scapula!" Sarah informs them, painfully.

"Get me a stretcher!" One of the paramedics yells out as a stretcher is brought in by three other paramedics.

Sarah watches in fear, pain, and worry as they take Chuck into the ambulance. She climbs in and holds his hand all the way to the hospital. They move him onto an E.R. cot and roll him into a room.

"Sorry, ma'am. You cannot go any further," a doctor gravely informs Sarah. She struggles to watch as the doors close on Chuck and she drops her head in depression. She sees Ellie and gets her attention.

"Sarah? What's wrong?" Ellie asks, seeing the pain and red in Sarah's eyes.

"Chuck's been shot!" Sarah cries out, trying to hold herself from crumbling to the ground.

"What?" Ellie is now fiercely angry. She jumps into action and finds Chuck's room.

"I'll check on him," Ellie informs Sarah. Ellie rushes to Chuck's E.R. room to see what the damage is. She takes over for the appointed doctor quickly and easily. No one likes her when she is angry and they know how she will get if they decline her to care for her own brother.

The next few hours go by. Sarah is sitting in her chair restlessly. She is panicking to herself as she stands up and walks around. She cannot just sit there and wait. Morgan and Devon are both sitting there, waiting for the news on Chuck. Morgan is speechless in gloom and doesn't know what to do, but sit there.

"I'm sure he'll be fine," Devon lays his hand on Sarah's shoulder comfortably. "Ellie is a great doctor."

"I know but I cannot just sit here and wait!" Sarah responds, knowing that Devon is trying to help. "You don't understand, Devon. He sacrificed his life for me," Sarah cries out in pain. She sits back down in sorrow.

Devon cannot help but think how awesome his brother-in-law is to protect Sarah by risking his life. "That's because he loves you. He is going to be fine," Devon clarifies with seriousness.

Sarah tries to calm down and wait. She sits in the seat and fiddles with her hands, while twitching her leg. "Relax," Devon tries to calm her down sincerely. He places his hand on her knee to try to make it stop trembling.

Ellie steps out of the room. There is blood smeared on her scrubs and she looks exhausted. Sarah immediately jumps out of her chair and steps up to Ellie. "Well?" Sarah's voice quivering with pain and emotion.

Ellie pulls off her mask to speak.


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