Fflewddur Fflam breathed in and out very slowly, trying to be as quiet as possible. He pulled his long legs closer to his chest, wrapping his arms around them and wishing he could be smaller. He was sure that they would never find him here. Still, he couldn't help the nervousness that was tying his stomach in knots.

Suddenly he froze. He could hear their footsteps quickly approaching his hiding place. Not daring to breath at all now he pressed back as far as possible, squinting his eyes shut, though he wasn't sure of how that would help. The footsteps paused and the bard-king waited in agony.

Then they moved on. Fflewddur let out a relieved sigh and let his tensed muscles relax. He shifted to a slightly more comfortable position, immensely pleased with himself for not being found. He waited a few more moments, still listening carefully incase his pursuers returned.

A bright light suddenly flooded the darkness around him. Biting back a yelp and blinking rapidly so his eyes could adjust, Fflewddur stood to face the one who discovered him. A large, furry head suddenly pushed against him.

"Llyan!" he exclaimed in a rather loud whisper. "Get out of here, old girl! You'll give me away!"

The huge cat simply purred and rubbed against him forcefully, wanting a tune from his harp.

"Later!" he whispered. "I'm trying to hide!"

It was too late. The heavy velvet curtain he was behind, which Llyan had pushed back partially, was flung open. The sunlight streaming through the windows fully illuminated Fflewddur and his discovered hiding place.

The children giggled and clapped. "We found you! We found you!"

Fflewddur couldn't help laughing. "So you did," he chuckled. "And you," he added, trying to look sternly at Llyan, "are supposed to be on my side!"

Llyan purred all the louder, swishing her tail playfully. The children from the village tugged on Fflewddur's sleeves.

"Come on, King Fflewddur! It's your turn to find us now!"

"Then you'd better go hide!" he answered cheerfully, taking his harp from his back. Still giggling, the children ran off in all directions.

While Llyan settled down at his feet, the bard-king played a merry tune. His castle was so small that the music could be heard all throughout it. His young play-mates knew well that when the music stopped they had better be hidden.

After a few moments Fflewddur's song ended. He patted Llyan and returned his harp to its place on his back.

"A Fflam on the hunt!" he cried.

A/N - For some reason it seems like I can only write Prydain fanfics in chunks at a time! I write one and I have to write three! Oh well. These last two fics about Fflewddur somehow wrote themselves! Well, I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. :) Tell me what you think! :)