A week later-


Hmm... How to get in my brother's pants...

Not something a fifteen year old usually dwells on. I knew I could win, I had the potential for it, but Gerard was a smart kid, so he was spending some time with his friends rather than around here. Contrary to being good for him, this gave me time to plot, and an idea, an evil, dirty and seductive idea had formed in my mind.

I just had to plan it right so it seemed like a total accident that he'd see me the way I was wanted him to. He'd be home by tomorrow, anyway, and I could find out what time. I reached out into my pocket and pulled out my cell phone, dialing his number and putting the phone to my ear.

A moment later, he answered, sounding groggy, "M-Mikey? You okay?"

"I'm fine, Gee, I was just wondering when you'd be home tomorrow."

"Uh, probably around noon. Why?"

Normal, totally awake Gerard would have instantly been suspicious. I was glad he had just woken up, "Just wondering... I miss you..."

"Aw, don't worry baby, I'll be back soon. I love you so much," he said. A voice in the background asked him who he was talking to, and he cussed at the person before whispering, "Shit, Kitty, I have to go. Have a good day, babe, I'll talk to you later."

"Bye, Gee."

He hung up after that, I wondered who he'd been talking too. I felt slightly nervous that we'd just been caught, but he'd cover us somehow. I was also happy, because I could plan my attack.


"Who were you talking to?" Ray asked curiously.

I didn't answer immediately, I didn't know what to say to him, "Someone..."

"Come on, Gee, you're my best friend, you can tell me!"

I sighed softly, running over what I was going to say before beginning with a simple question, "Er... Promise me you won't tell anyone, Hate me or him, or stop being my friend?"

"Of course. Now what is it?" Ray sat next to me, staring at me.

"Well..." I thought about how to phrase this, "I'm... sort of in a relationship...with... my little brother..."

Ray nodded, "That's what I thought."

"You knew and you made me go through that awwkwardness to tell you!"

"I wasn't sure! It was a theory!" He said, smiling.

"Whatever, Toro, I take it you're fine with that."

He laughed, nodding, "Sure. It's a little weird, but I'm used to weird with friends like you.

When I finally got home the next day, I was wiped. I could hardly keep my eyes open, so I staggered down the stairs, throwing my bag into my room and heading for the shower with my head down. I put one hand on the handle and turned it, pushing the door open and stepping inside.

I was surprised by the amount of steam in the bathroom. That's about when I realized this wasn't right. The door closed and locked behind me, and I turned around quickly to see Mikey leaning against the door, a towel wrapped loosely around his perfect hips and droplets of water dripping down his light skin. I was trying very hard not to get hard, but failing.

Mikey smirked and stepped away from the door and grabbed the neck of my shirt, pulling me down into a rough kiss. I could only feel myself wanting more as he bit down roughly on my bottom lip, forcing a moan from me. He grabbed my hand and pressed it against the skin of his navel, inching it down further. His skin felt so good under my hands, I took over, pulling on the towel until it fell around his ankles.

I pulled away from him to admire his erection, "Oh, Mikey, you're quite large..."

He nodded and yanked me back towards him so our lips crashed together again. His hands fumbled with the button on my jeans, finally undoing it and viciously pulling down the zipper and then my jeans, followed closely by my boxers.

"M-Mikey, my room, please..."

Neither of us wanted to stop, but I stuck my head out the door, making sure no one was around, and dragged him to my room before slamming the door and locking it. I turned around to see my brother stretched out on my bed, lightly stroking his member and moaning softly with his eyes closed.

I was now painfully hard. I ripped my shirt from my body, advancing on my brother, who was giving me a look of intense lust. I lay down on the bed and pulled him on top of my, our lips engaging once more, our cocks touching lightly and forcing moans from both of us at the friction.

"What do you want me to do to you, Mikey?" I gasped against his lips, I was ready to do absolutely anything to him, anything to cause us that perfect and instant pleasure.

Mikey trailed one hand down my back, letting his nails drag along my back as he did, "Make love to me."


I flipped us over so he was beneath me, reaching over to my desk to search for my condoms and lubricant. Just as I managed to find it, a voice sounded outside our door, a voice both of us identified as our father's.

"Boys, what are you doing?"