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Kira Miller was not you average didn't look it,wearing Gothic/punk/Emo(that's a mouthful XD)clothing,and her blond hair was streaked with black and silver eyes were vivid blue,with dark blue was sarcastic,funny,and a now that we have a idea of here,lets begin.

I slammed my locker shut,as I left for the yawned and looked sidewalk was littered with falling leaves,and the air smelt like Autumn could smell it more crisp due to my powers.I walk in my house to find my Mom and Dad having coffee with a man."dad whose this?" asked,My one eyebrow raised(i cant do the one eyebrow thing,but i want to it is cool!) I knew something was up because my parents never set close to each other,unless something important is happening."This man is here from a school we want you to go to."she smiled."Yes"the man smiled"i am Eric Lehnsherr,a professor at Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters."he explained"It's in new york."he added.

"so what,I'm supposed to drop everything and leave?"i seethed."Sweetie,this will help you with your...problem."my mother cooed."it's not a problem"i growled."so your proud to be a a a mutant?"she said,her gaze cold."The school will help you control it."my dad and my mom had been at it like cats and dogs for awhile about my powers."alright,fine"i sighed.I called,texted,and faceboooked all my all said they where coming down no matter dad let me ad a big sleep over,which was shocking seeing as i had 3 guy just had to sleep in a different room.

"Now remember,"the laughed"you get a boyfriend,and by guy friend code we have to either beat up or threaten to."we cracked up laughing at that point.3movies,5 bags of cheese jacks,and 3 packs of orange soda and other sugary foods later,we all got ready for had brushed our teeth,when my friend Mark screamed"PILLOW FIGHT!"The guys yelled,the girls shrieked and war broke collapsed on my bed,and i sighed."not to be all sentimentally."i joked,but my face was serious."I'm going to miss you guys."i sighed."i got hit the head with a pillow."oww i said."Avon grinned,and
Lily laughed."that's for making me cry"Lizzy"smirked,and faked cry."So Kira,lets see this power"Neil whooped."YA!:every one chorused."Really?"i where great,they cared for me even if i was a mutant."alright i say"before you wake the LIVING DEAD!"i smirked.I closed my eyes and sharpened,my hearing,smell.I was in my werewolf form.I open my eyes to see my friends in Lizzy yells"we are totally playing fetch!"( :lol: )


I had all my pads,books,phone,ear buds.I got on the plane and started reading.I read for an hour,then kids next to me watched."your pretty good."he said."thanks"i said,not looking at him.I'm not being rude,its just...only artist can understand.I guess the kid sorta got it,cus he ignored it."where are you going?"he asked."Xavier's Institute."i said."I felt him stiffen up in his seat,and his father look at me."You're a..."he grasped for the right words."mutant?"I said."Yes."The dad looked at me with hatred,and the kid looked puzzled."but your nice."he asked/said."Just because I'm a mutant doesn't mean i want to eat your brains."i dad glared at me and asked to move stewardess asked what was wrong. he told her i was a mutant she told him there was nothing wrong and told him he couldn't.I got off the plane,and walked into the airport.I saw a man in a dark suit with was holding a it had my name on it.I went to him,and he lead me to a limousine."Whoa"i softly drive didnt take that long,and we pullled up to the school.I was there.

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