Whatever Fitz does to you, you deserve it. Her words stung, I wasn't going to lie. My lips curved into a bitter smirk as I watched her disappear into a crowd of people, sooner chasing down Adam. I stood in my own silence as her cool words sunk in.

A part of me felt shattered, but another part of me let her distance herself away from me. Even though I wanted Clare, needed Clare, she could run off into Fitz's arms if she was going to be this naive. If she was going to be this stubborn.

The music was blaring behind me but I heard nothing. I noticed my chest heaving and my breathing becoming unsteady, but I felt nothing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And as the feeling dug under my skin, it began to bother me more and more.

Her words were ice against mine. Who did she think she was? I was trying to protect her for God's sake... But she didn't want me. Clare Edwards was done with me. She was sick of me and she didn't want to see me. She didn't need me anymore. She had Fitz. God, would you look at me? I'm jealous. I'm jealous of an asshole who will just use her and ruin her. Ruin her and hurt her. Something I would never do.

But I've already hurt Clare Edwards.

I now stood embarrassed. Not even wanting to look down at my feet. I felt sickened with myself. I had been an ass. But an apology was out of the question if she wouldn't even face me.

My feet dragged backwards and I decided to just get the hell out of there. Why did I even bother going? It was a stupid school dance. Clare was going with Fitz and I couldn't even be seen talking to her without Adam having to warn me that Fitz had an angry glow about him.

Lingering around the dark and winding halls, I backed up and slammed myself into a few lockers, feeling the aching pain of the metal against me. I didn't care if it hurt. Clare's cold words hurt more than this. Than anything, ... ever. I couldn't lose her. Not after Julia. Not after any of this.

I stuck my earphones into each ear and slid down against the lockers, listening to one of my least favourite songs. I had no motivation to change it. I just didn't feel like moving. I didn't plan on it, either.

Until my stomach flip-flopped. She came running down the hall, a miserable and worried expression plastered against her soft, pink lips that I had longed to touch since our last encounter. Sighing heavily as she got me up off the ground I shook my head.

"Eli, Fitz has a knife," She tugged at my blazer by my shoulder but I made no sudden movements. Her voice was high-pitched and cracking.

I said nothing.

"This is the part where we run, lets go!" Clare's cool breath hit my cheeks as her hands reached for my earphones an ripped the cord forcefully.

I bit my lip and hesitantly caught her glance. I simply shook her hands off me and stood tall, though the fear in her voice tore at me senseless.

"I'm not going to let that jerk scare me..." I muttered, trying to convince both myself and Clare.

"Well don't you two look cute!" His sarcastic, condescending voice thundered down the hall and my eyes widened. I looked to Clare, trying to just gesture her to move out of the way.

Her worried blue eyes danced between myself and Fitz, his towering body stumbling much closer to us.

"Clare, get away from me," I muttered, gently thrusting her to the side.

I could feel Clare's eyes like daggers against me. She was watching. Scared. Unable to intervene. I sighed. She didn't have to watch this. I knew that at this moment, I lost.

"Fitz... I'm sorry," I choked out wryly, still trying to maintain my confidence. It wasn't worth it anymore. "For everything, okay? You win-"

"I've heard that before," He scoffed, looking far from sold off my apology.

He walked towards me with a furious expression. This was it. He was serious. With his blade poking at me, he edged me against the final wall, my back arching against the corner.

"You don't have to do this," I bit down on my lip, trying to keep my sight focused on Fitz, not the knife nor Clare in the background, kneeling worriedly. Hot tears were forming from the corners of my eyes and I continued to look up.

"Please, Fitz." I told him, pleading. But it was too late.

Fitz extended his arm at such a speed, I didn't even see it. The knife sliced through my clothing and delved into my skin, the pain starting to kick in. Before he could take another swipe at me I heard a common call from a police officer and many people shouting.

I felt the blood. I smelled it first, actually. But as I weakly lifted my hand to where I had been cheaply stabbed, my insides whirled. It was moist and the smell of iron was making me feel a bit more than tipsy.

As my eyelids struggled to stay open, the last thing I saw was Clare rush to my side as a large puddle of blood pool around our bodies.