A Place for You in My Heart

"You're a good woman, sweetheart. You've always had full blessing to be my baby brother's wife."

I smiled. "Thanks, Ricky."

"But he's still a little kid in some ways, though."

I nodded. "I know. I am too."

"Right," Ricky grinned. "You are. But my point is, you're more mature than my brother is, and you'll do perfectly fine taking Rod's place as caretaker."

"What about your place? Didn't Rod take your place?"

"That he did," the older green man conceded. "You'll do fine. Neither of you two want children - probably because you're still children yourself -"

"And you're not?"

"I'm older… You two are still children, and that's why you two aren't having any of your own, but you two would be great with animals. He's always wanted a dog, so if he starts asking for one, just buy him the dang dog, all right?"

"I'm actually getting him one for his birthday, Ricky."

"Ooh. Planning that far ahead?"

"Ricky, his birthday's in two months. I really can't wait until the week before to decide what I'm getting him."

"But he's waited this long for your birthday."

"It's Nicky we're talking about, Ricky. He always waits till the last minute."


Hands still shaking, I took the bouquet from my sister, my maid of honour. "Thanks for doing this, Ricky," Amber said. "It means so much to us."

"It's nothing. We've been friends for as long as we can remember. It's the least I can do."

Ten minutes later, I was walking down the aisle on my long-time friend's arm just minutes before his own wedding to Rod. I know that he couldn't be prouder of me, and I couldn't be more proud of Rod as I watched him walk down the same aisle I had just minutes later. This outside wedding was chosen by all four of us, and we didn't mind in the slightest.

At the joint reception, paid for by Rod's family, Nicky pulled me aside and quietly asked me if, years from now when we were old, if I would be repulsed by the fact that he was green and old. "Never," I said. "There's always a place in my heart for you."