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Sometimes Naruto really wished he didn't get a contractor to help him out find someone who would help him with his so called "research". He wished that he didn't actually feel like doing what he promised Ero-sennin, to continue his research. He wished that he wasn't in a love hotel with another person standing in front of him at the moment. Finally, he also wished the person standing in front of him was not a student from his class. Naruto rubbed his temples and looked at his student frowning at him and Naruto shook his head. Before him stood Mana, still in her school clothes and glaring at him, arms crossed under her breasts. "Tell me again why are you hear Mana-chan?" Naruto asked a scowl appearing on his face.

"My contractor told me there was a high paying job," Mana started with a frown of her own. "All he said was an author wanted someone to help him with his research and to meet here. Though I would have never guessed you were in this kind of stuff Naruto-sensei. I am underage after all." Naruto snorted.

"Well I never expected that contractor to hire you," Naruto replied. "I told him the specifics of what I was going to do and he still made you come? I think that person has the hots for you Mana."

"I really don't care much for him in anyway other than business partners, I assure you that Naruto-sensei."

"I guessed that. Why do you think he had you come to me then? He wants to read about you in one of my many books." Naruto sighed and ran a hand through his blonde hair. "Well seeing as my this day has gone down the drain, you can go home Mana. I'll send you the money during school."

"You mean you are going to let me have the money without me doing anything?" Mana asked surprised.

"Yeah. I mean I can't do anything of that variety with you..." Naruto looked away scratching the back of his head a small blush on his cheek.

"No." Naruto's head snapped in her direction and looked surprised.

"Excuse me?"

"No. I accepted this mission and I will go through with it," Mana said with a determined face.

"Are you sure? I know what I intended to do with today right?" Naruto asked making sure she knew what she was agreeing to.

"Yes. And it would not feel right if i just accept your money without actually doing anything," Mana answered. Naruto noticed that there was a pale red on her cheeks, a small blush accenting her dark skin. Naruto sighed once again and really, really wished that this girl wasn't as stubborn as he knew she was.

"Fine. Let me just ask if this is your first time." Mana looked away and nodded her head, the blush becoming a more darkened crimson. "That's just great..." Naruto mumbled sarcastically, as he tried to assess the situation in his head. This wouldn't be the first time he wold deflower a girl. His first time was with Hinata and it was her first time too so it was a learning experience for both of them. 'At least I know how to handle this properly...though I hope this doesn't lead up to a lot of problems later on.' Naruto thought and sighed inwardly. "Well Mana, I'll try to be as gentle as possible."

"I think that would be rather helpful Naruto-sensei," Mana said stoically, yet the crimson on her face betrayed her voice. Naruto walked up the the girl and wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her closer to him. This got a surprised yelp from the girl as her body collided with his. The dark haired girl looked up and gazed in to Naruto's eyes.

"One last time Mana-chan," Naruto started as he stared in to her rich hazel eyes. "Do you want to do this?" At first he saw confusion in her eyes then it turned into embarrassment, yet a small amount of determination. She slowly nodded her head and Naruto didn't know whether to smile or frown at the situation he was in. 'I am so going to hell for this...' Naruto thought. Naruto brought his lips down on hers. At first Mana stiffened at the kiss and but slowly she began to kiss back. Naruto smirked in to the kiss seeing as she was actually agreeing to this. His right hand slowly traveled from her waist, downward towards Mana's supple ass. When he it was under his grasp, he gave it a light squeeze feeling it. Mana gasped and this allowed Naruto to plunge his tongue into her mouth. He was met with a small resistance from Mana tongue. Their tongues battled it out, but Naruto won from his experience, and he began to explore her mouth, his tongue memorizing every crevice in it. After awhile his tongue went back and it allowed her to do the same with him.

By now Mana's hands were entangled in Naruto's hair as they continued to make out. Naruto's left hand kept traveling up and down her right side, as his right was groping her ass. After ten minutes they separated for air. "" Mana panted. Naruto nodded and he led them to the bed of the hotel room. Mana had her back on the bed, while Naruto hovered over her, staring down at her he smiled before going into another passionate kiss with her. As they were making out, Naruto had his hands go to her blouse and began to unbutton it. Mana, feeling what he was doing, did the same with the shirt of his suit. When Naruto finally got the last button of the blouse she lifted herself up and he tossed the piece of clothing to the floor. Then he pulled down the skirt she wore and threw it next to her other article of clothing. He broke their kiss and looked down. Mana was still flushed in the face and panting due to the lack of air. His eyes went further down from her face and he looked at her mounds that were being constricted by her white bra, that contrasted her skin. As his eyes were still going downward, Naruto took in her tan hour glass figure, her long shapely legs, and finally back to her stunning face, which was seemed all flustered from his inspection.

Naruto chuckled and kissed her on the forehead. "Don't worry Mana-chan. I like they way you look," he whispered into her ear, before nibbling on it and began making a trail of of butterfly kisses from her ear down her jawline, onto her neck where he took little nibbles and nips, leaving marks all over her skin. Mana moaned as he was doing this, her mind going slightly blank do all the sensations her teacher was giving her. Naruto's hands went to her back before unclipping her bra and discarding the piece of clothing to the side. Naruto examined her breasts, noticing that her nipples were already hard. The blonde then went down and put on of the right nipple in his mouth, as his right hand went to play with the other. He licked, bit, and rolled the nipple in between his mouth and teeth, his tongue going over it before he sucked on it.

"Oh god!" Mana moaned as her hands gripped the bed sheets. Her mind was going numb as he continued to suckled on her breast, while her other one was being taken care of by his hands. It was being kneaded by Naruto's hands. His thumb and ring finger playfully danced around her nub, rubbing it in between them before giving before giving it a pinch making her moan even louder. Naruto released her nipple from his mouth with and audible pop, switching to the other one. Naruto continued his ministrations for another minute, before he felt Mana's hands in his hair yanking him up from what he was doing. She then placed a bruising kiss on his lips, which he was all to eager to return.

Mana found her hands traveling up and down Naruto's chest, marveling at how well he was built. Her hands found their way towards Naruto's pants and began to unbuckle them. Naruto then helped her by taking off his pants for her, not once stopping the kiss. They broke the kiss to get the much needed oxygen into their lungs, and Naruto smirked. Naruto's right hand slowly crept up her leg as he stared at her body. Mana had her eyes closed just so she can feel all the sensations that were being caused by Naruto and what he was doing to her body. His hand passed her knee, and rubbed circles into her thigh, making her breath hitch. Ever so slowly his hand went up further and reached her womanhood and found that her panties were already wet. "Excited aren't we Mana-chan?" Naruto teased, his voice husky, as his fingers traced the outside of her folds through the soaked cloth.

"I can say the same about you Naruto-sensei," Mana shot back as she felt his hard on on her leg.

"Well what can I say? I'm actually enjoying this. How about you?" Naruto asked his middle finger sliding up and down her panties causing the girl to bite back a moan. Mana didn't trust her voice at the moment and nodded. "That's good to hear Mana-chan. But this is where the fun really starts." He moved the panties aside and slowly put in his middle finger in to her wet folds. Mana arched her back as Naruto moved the finger in and out of her. She was biting her bottom lip to not moan as his fingers did their magic within her body. Naruto chuckled and bent down. He nipped her neck one more time before moving to her ear. "Come on now Mana-chan, let me hear that voice of yours," he whispered licking her earlobe. Mana was hugging Naruto's body, and her pelvis was moving upward to meet his finger as he played with her. Naruto then inserted another finger inside of her and began to increase the speed at which he went, as well as putting pressure onto her clit with his thumb. As he rubbed small circles with his thumb and finger banged her, Naruto felt her walls contract and tighten around his fingers. Increasing the speed even more, Naruto began to play with her breasts again causing Mana to breath even faster and hold back what Naruto was sure were more moans. After a couple of moments, her walls clamped down on Naruto's two digits and he heard her release a loud moan. He felt her juices leak on to his hand, Slowly taking out his fingers from within her Naruto brought it to his mouth licked it off. "You taste good Mana-chan," Naruto said as he cleaned his hand.

Mana was still in a haze, over having her very first orgasm. As she regained her vision, she saw Naruto lapping up her juices that were on his finger. Naruto then kissed her again and she could taste herself as they kissed. Naruto broke the kiss and took of his boxers throwing it to some where in the the room. Mana looked down and gasped at his size. "Chisame wasn't lying..." Mana gasped. This helped swell Naruto's pride, making him smirk. "Naruto-sensei I don't think that it will fit."

"Don't worry Mana-chan, I'll be gentle," he told her as he aligned his member in front of her entrance. He put her head on to his shoulder and told her to bite when she felt the pain. Mana agreed and did what she was told, bracing herself. Naruto placed his hands on her knees to spread her legs more, then put them under her thighs. Putting the tip in, he pushed his cock in to her slowly until he met her her barrier. She was already in pain seeing as she wasn't used to his size yet and he was afraid that he would hurt her even more. "I'm going to do it now okay..." he whispered to her. She gripped his arm with her right hand and gave him the okay. Naruto then plunged deep inside her, going in fully. Mana muffled her scream by biting down hard on his shoulder. Naruto winced but knew that this pain was no where in comparison to hers.

Mana felt tears go down her cheeks as she felt the pain course through her body. She also felt Naruto kiss away the tears, heard him whispering sweet nothings into her ear and gently massaging her sides, doing whatever he can to ease the pain. After a couple of minutes she shifted her body, and moved her pelvis giving Naruto the go to continue. Naruto slowly brought out his cock, leaving only the tip inside. He then thrust inside earning a small hiss of pain from Mana, but he kept going. Mana found herself no longer in pain as it was replaced by the sheer pleasure of it all. "Faster..." she mumbled into his ear. Naruto did so increasing the tempo. Mana was pushing herself upwards to meet him as he came down. "Harder..." She mumbled again, to which Naruto obliged. He gripped her waist and began to pound his cock in her. He delighted in the moans and screams of ecstasy she made. As the session dragged on their breaths became ragged and sped up. Mana initiated another needy kiss, and Naruto let her. He then felt the walls of her pussy start to twitch and knew she was close to her orgasm. He started to hammer into her, and finally felt her clamp down his cock, screaming his name as she orgasmed. Naruto followed shortly as he shot his seed into her.

They stayed like that for a moment before Naruto pulled out and laid beside her. They caught their breaths and Naruto snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. For some reason Mana snuggled up to him, and she couldn't careless. He rested his head atop hers. "Mana-chan I have to apologize," Naruto said.

"What for?" 'Did he regret what we just did? She thought.

"I came inside you and forgot to wear a condom," he explained sounding a little sad. His eyes shot open when he felt her body move due to her chuckling.

"Don't worry Naruto-sensei, I had my period yesterday."

"Thank god," he whispered cuddling into her more.

"Though if you do that again next time it would cost you more," she yawned.

"Next time?" Naruto asked confused Mana merely nodded before falling asleep. Naruto couldn't stop the smile that formed on his face. 'So she wants a next time huh?' he thought. He breathes in her scent, which smelled like metal and flower, before following her off to sleep.


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