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–Icha Icha–

It was a quiet day in Mahora Gakuen. It has also been a few days after Mahora Festival. As usual, Naruto has been training his body, talking to his peers and students, and helping Evangeline train Negi and Kotarou. The news that Negi's father was alive and the boy himself wanting to go to the Magical World just to find him worried the blonde Ninja. Showing his past to the others also made Naruto kind of wary that the girls who knew of it will do something to make up for his horrible past. It almost made him regret showing it to them. Key word: "Almost". That didn't cause Naruto's biggest worry, however. What caused Naruto to worry was Nodoka approaching him several times but never really get to finish her sentence before having her usual fainting spells. That's what worried him. A lot.

Anyway, it was, once again, a quiet day. Naruto was sitting on the couch in his and Setsuna's room, writing some basic materials and rough drafts for the new insertion of the latest Icha Icha. Setsuna wasn't around as she was outside training with Asuna in the way of the kendo while Negi was being trained under Evangeline. Naruto had just sat up straight to stretch when the doorbell almost cost Naruto money to pay for the couch. Muttering about how they should change the doorbell's ring, Naruto opened the door to find Nodoka and Yue, two of his students, outside.

"Hey Nodoka-chan, Yue-chan. 'Sup?"

"A-ano, N-naruto-san, um… uh… is Negi-sensei in…?" The Bookstore meekly asked as Naruto shook his head, a bit confused at the question, since it was Setsuna's room, not Asuna's. "Nope, he should be with Eva-chan training. Why?" He asked as Nodoka visibly sighed out in relief, which was strange to both the blonde and the bluenette.

"May we come in Naruto-san?" Yue asked as Naruto welcomed the two in.

"Sure, you want something to drink, and what did you want, Nodoka-chan?" Naruto asked as Nodoka was flushing very brightly. Yue nodded as Naruto tossed a tomato-pineapple juice box towards the short girl. Catching it, Yue immediately poked a straw through its opening and began sipping the juice. "Interesting taste…"

"T-T-T-TEACH ME HOW TO HAVE SEX!" Nodoka suddenly yelled, forcing both Yue and Naruto to spit take their juices.

"Wh-wh-wh-wha…?" Naruto managed to let out, flushing deeply as Nodoka looked ready to faint at any second. Yue was staring at her friend shockingly as this would usually never come out of the Bookstore's mouth.

"Um, uh… ano, eeto… I… I… I~…"

Even the thought of her request literally overloaded the book lover's mind as she fainted right into Naruto's arms. The two still awaken people stared at each other with surprise looks in their faces.

–Icha Icha–

Setsuna walked in after her training to find Naruto and Yue both fanning Nodoka, who was passed out. "Um… Naruto-kun?" She asked as both the blonde and bluenette turned to the Hanyou. "Hey Se-chan."

"Um, why is Miyazaki-san and Ayase-san in our room…?"

"Well, Nodoka here walked in with Yue and suddenly asked a really odd request. This backfired on her and she fainted," Naruto simply stated as Setsuna slowly nodded,

Time went by as Nodoka woke to the smell of food cooking. Turning to her left, she found Yue reading one of Naruto's books, The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi, as Setsuna was studying. She sat up just as Naruto walked in with a pot full of spicy ramen. "Ah, Nodoka-chan! You're awake!"

"N-naruto-sensei…" Nodoka mumbled, remembering what she said to the blonde earlier, rendering her to blush full-body once more. "Don't faint, Nodoka," Yue tried to calm her friend down as Setsuna sweat-dropped. "Miyazaki-san, what did you asked Naruto-kun to do?"

"Yeah, Nodoka-chan. I mean, did you really wanna do that…?" Naruto asked worryingly as he began slurping on his ramen, the other girls helping themselves on their own portion.

Nodoka flushed even brighter, making the current residence of the room to grow worry. She then mumbled a bit, but the other couldn't hear or understand her. "Nodoka-chan?" Naruto asked once more as the Bookstore only mumbled the question again, flushing even brighter for each time she had to repeat.

"If you don't speak up, I can't-…"

"I… I want to learn how to have sex!" Nodoka blabbered out before holding onto her mouth, realizing that she had just said it out loud. Setsuna spit-took her ramen while Yue once more spat out her drink in surprise and shock. Naruto was the only one who took this seriously, asking, "And why do you want to learn sex…?"

"Um, well, uh… I've been worrying about my relationship with Negi-sensei and then Haruna suddenly showed me this p-p-p-picture of-of-of-of um, uh… um…" Nodoka couldn't finish her sentence, flushing up a storm as Yue ticked an eyebrow. Naruto sighed, palming his face as Setsuna shook her head. "Ano…" Nodoka trailed off as Yue went to the kitchen to get more juice.

"And… this is why you wanna know how to have sex…" Naruto added it all together as Nodoka slowly nodded. "Th-that's part of it…" She said. "H-haruna said something about h-having more, umm, s-s-sex-points to help out with se-se-seducing N-negi-sensei, b-b-but I'm not really g-good with that kind of stuff, s-so…" She bowed. "P-please teach me!"

Naruto ticked an eye. "You know that having sex-points aren't really gonna help win Negi's heart, right?" He asked. Nodoka nodded, perfectly knowing that there are some men out there who aren't interesting with a girl's body, but that doesn't mean she can't try! She wants Negi to be hers, dammit!


"Her" Negi? The room's occupants sweat-dropped as the bookstore once again flushed full body before falling to the floor, out like a light.

"This is gonna be a long day…" Naruto mumbled to himself as he settled the girl on his futon once again.

–Icha Icha–

Nodoka once more awoke to find something interesting. She found herself bound to a chair while Naruto and Setsuna both made out. Her blush immediately came back as she looked ready to faint when a light tap brought her back. Looking to her left, she found Naruto's clone staring straight into her eyes before pointing back at his creator and the hanyou make out. "Boss said not to let you sleep again until he and Se-chan finish making out," He said, forcing Nodoka's head to stare at the luscious scene.

The poor girl trembled, mumbling quietly as she watched tongues intertwine, just like the book said, before the two fighters separated, a line of saliva between the two. "Ah, Nodoka-chan, you awake?" Naruto asked as Setsuna tried to calm herself.

"H-h-h-hai!" The bookstore squeaked, looking around. "Wh-wh-wh-where's Y-y-Yue?"

"Over there," Naruto pointed. Nodoka turned to find her best friend and rival also bound to a chair, another one of Naruto's clone forcing the girl to watch. "Um… Wh-wh-what's going on, N-n-Naruto-sensei?" Nodoka asked as Naruto smiled. "Glad you asked!" He said, helping Setsuna up, who was still trying to calm herself. "You asked if I could teach you how to have sex? Fine, I'll teach you. But it will be consequential, you sure you wanna do this?"

Nodoka gulped in loudly, trying to find the pros and cons to finding out how to have sex. "H-h-hai! I'll do it! I-i-I want to win Negi-sensei's h-heart!"

Naruto grinned. "Alright! Don't regret it, ok?" He said, nodding to his clone. Nodoka looked confused. "Wh-what do you me-HYAA!"

Yue shocked as the Naruto clone on Nodoka's side began fondling with her breast. "H-hold on! Naruto-sensei, this is a bit too much for Nodoka!"

"Don't look at me, she asked. That reminds me, you wanna do it too?" Naruto asked as Yue started sputtering nonsense. "O-o-o-of course not! I'm not one of those luscious girls looking to have sexual intercourse!" She yelled. Naruto shrugged. "Suite yourself," He said, going in make out with Setsuna again. This made Yue watch as Nodoka had her breast fondled by Naruto's clone before he unbuttoned her shirt, showing off her bra. Nodoka almost fainted there when the Naruto clone forced her awake with a quick flick on the forehead.

Nodoka made moaning noises as she felt her skin being touched without hesitation. Feeling her ticklish part made her try to move her hips away but her bonds were tightly tied, rendering her movement rather limited. Feeling Naruto's hand on her cheek, she was almost forced to kiss Naruto when something clicked in her mind. She yelped in a high voice and forced her face away from Naruto's, making the clone raise a brow. "I-i-I only want to kiss Negi-sensei…" She mumbled her answer to the clone, making him nod in understanding. "I see, ok…" He simply said, before pulling out a blindfold.

Both Yue and Nodoka looked a bit curious and scared at the same time at the blindfold. "Um, ano, N-naruto-sensei, eeto, wh-what are you, um, going to d-do with th-that…?"

The clone grinned. "The first girl I did this too had the same problem as you, the problem was that her focus of affection was towards me, so whenever we were about to kiss, I always blindfolded her to help with her problem," He responded, making the bookworm flush. "Now now, I'm not gonna blindfold you to kiss you. I'm just gonna blindfold you and have you imagine Negi doing this instead of me. Just… well, imagine an older version of Negi, like… 5 years later?" He suggested, trying the blindfold on as Nodoka almost resisted.

"Um, ano, Naruto-sensei, w-will this really w-work…?"

"Ssshh, don't think about me. Think about Negi…"

"B-b-b-b-bu- Hwaaah~~!"

Nodoka bit her lip, trying to prevent a moan to escape her mouth as Naruto once more touched her rather small body. Shivering, Nodoka let out a gasp when Naruto began nibbling her earlobes. Trying to focus her imagination towards Negi, she flushed deeper when Naruto trailed his hands lower and lower her stomach.

Suddenly, the image transformed as Nodoka imagined her bonds gone and Negi, an older Negi, touching her instead of Naruto. This made her moan in anticipation and excitement as pleasure coursed through her body. "Ne… Ne… gi… sensei…" She moaned as Negi continued to touch her.

"Hya! N-not there… Negi-sensei…!" She moaned once more as Negi lifted her skirt and traveled his hand towards her panty-covered womanhood. Feeling a finger rub against her clit made a loud moan escape her throat as Negi continued to nibble her ear before trailing down to her cheeks as the red head licked her. Suddenly, her cheek was touched as Nodoka opened her violet eyes to see Negi facing her with his now-more-mature-than-before face, slowly closing his eyes for a kiss. Wanting his lips, Nodoka leaned forward to meet the magician's face and began kissing him. She felt his tongue touching her lips, asking permission for entrance. The thought of French Kissing her love interest brought a blush on her face as she allowed Negi to explore her. The tongues massaged each other before one pulled back, allowing the other to explore the cavity.

Nodoka than felt her tongue being pulled by the other tongue. Sticking out her tongue, she felt electricity coursing through her body as Negi began sucking on her tongue. She moaned at the pleasure she felt. Suddenly, her attention was brought to her lower lips as she felt two fingering rubbing against it. She moaned louder as the fingers dug in deeper, threatening to penetrate her. Suddenly, she was gently laid onto her back as she reached her hands onto the futon under her, grabbing it and holding onto it, trying to keep her sane. Electricity continued to electrify her as the kiss deepened and her panties drenching in her juice.

Suddenly, the kissing stopped as Nodoka looked up to an equally heavily breathing Negi, who looked at her skirt, pulling it down and seeing her drenched pink panties. Feeling embarrassed, she let out a quick groan and covered he face with her arms. Negi smiled before pulling down her panties and pulling it off one leg, before reaching up and grabbing his lover's arms, pulling them apart. Nodoka flushed deeper, seeing the spectacles-less face.

"Iyaa…" She moaned, trying to cover her face once more as Negi fumbled with is pants, zippering down and pulling something hard and hot onto her wet puss. Nodoka snapped her eyes open to look down, before her embarrassment reached its peak to see what she thought would be a dick pointing towards her lower lips.

"Th… this is… a man's… dick… Negi-sensei's… dick…" Deep hunger filled her as she began shivering once more, rubbing her lips against it. "I want it~…" She moaned as the rod poked her pussy once, twice, then started to penetrate her.

The first thing she experienced was pain. Immense pain. Her scream was loud, yet soft. She began turning and flailing, but Negi forced her down and penetrated further, a grunt escaping his lips. Nodoka's face was filled with pain and embarrassment as Negi bent down and kissed her again. The kiss eased her pain a little, Negi making quick short stops to comfort her with words as well. Then, it was in. Nodoka made a drawling moan as the hard dick poked her inner organs, blood flowing down her pussy and Negi's dick.

"It's burning … so… hot…"

Negi seemed to have stopped there, allowing Nodoka to get used to his shape and size, before Nodoka brought her hands onto Negi's face. "M-move…" She mumbled as the 15 yr-old complied, pulling out slowly, causing a deep moan, and pushing back in, creating another deep moan.

This went on for several repetitions before Nodoka moaned, "F-faster… Faster, Negi… sensei…"

Again her lover complied, his dick moving in and out faster by 2 entrances per second. Nodoka moved Negi's face up to kiss him, saying in between kisses, "M-move… Move more…"

Electricity powerful enough to power up a car entered her as Negi moved faster. Her moans and gasps of agreeing to this new pleasure grew louder and louder. Her thoughts of this being an illusion escaped her mind and the illusion of Negi in front and inside of her began to be the reality of her world. Nothing else mattered. All that mattered was Negi, hugging her, kissing her, inside her, threatening to penetrate her body; excited the young bookstore. She lazily-sounded mumbled to Negi to move more and faster as the red head complied and new pleasure filled her.

Then, she felt her limit being reached as Nodoka, this time, disagreed to this new settlement. "No… not now~…" She moaned. "Please… hold on for a little… longer…" She gasped at the nibbles on her ears. "I want… to hold him… longer… longer…" Another kiss on the lips. "Please… wait…" Tongue intertwined. "Please… just a little… longer…"

But despite Nodoka's pleads, her body knew its limit, and her back arched, ready for release. The flinching and tense reaction from Negi told her that he needed to release as well. Wanting him to enjoy this as much as she is now, Nodoka swayed her hips and twirled it around Negi's hot rod, creating a moan that only made Nodoka's body hotter. The two kissed again.

Suddenly, Negi went faster than normal, making Nodoka scream in delight and pleasure.

"N-nodoka-san!" He gasped.

He was going to release, and she knew it. Unfolding her legs, Nodoka wrapped herself around Negi's waste, her arms encircling his back until her hands grabbed onto his white buttoned shirt, locking the red head onto her. Negi flinched at this, still pumping into her.

"N-nodoka-sa-…! Oh my go-… Th-this is bad! Nodoka-san! L-let go…!"

"It's fine…" She muttered, reassuring her lover. "D-do… it… do it… do it in-inside m-me…"

"I-I can't, Nodoka-san! As a g-gentlem-man… I c-can't…!"

"In… inside m-me… cum… cum in-inside m-me…"

The two continued to argue about coming until Negi couldn't hold it anymore and stabbed his dick as far as he could inside Nodoka, groaning a loud as his throat could. The girl screamed in pleasure as she released, the feeling of Negi's sperm jetting inside of her. The feeling was heaven. The experience was heaven. She was in heaven.

Then, as one, the tow collapsed into each other arms. "N-negi… sensei…" Nodoka mumbled, her eyes closing into unconsciousness. "… ove… you… I… you… I love… I love you…"

And then darkness took over.

–Icha Icha–

Naruto, not the clone, groaned as he took his dick out of Nodoka, who was sleeping. Groaning in annoyance, he muttered about girls, especially shy ones, always locking their lovers into them, requesting to cum inside them. Setsuna giggled at this as she fanned Yue. Said bluenette was collapsed onto the winged swordswoman's bed, half naked and out like a light bulb. Nodoka turned to her side and hugged her legs a bit, thick white substance flowing out of her vagina.

"I am SO glad I used the Sansei no Jutsu (Birth Control Technique) to prevent Nodoka-chan from getting pregnant…" Naruto muttered as he mildly glared at the bookstore. Setsuna couldn't hold it in anymore and openly laughed, Naruto yelling at her to keep quiet.

–Icha Icha–

The next day, Negi stood in front of Nodoka, his age still at 10 and the girl still at 15. The girl in question was blushing as she held her fingers together. Looking behind her, she saw Yue and Haruna cheering her on as she gulped.

"A-ano, N-negi-sensei…"

"Hai, Nodoka-san?"

"Um, uh… w-will you… uh, th-this is kind of s-sudden, b-but… uh… w-will you, um… k-… k-… k-… k-… k-…"

"Oi! Negi!"

Negi bilnked and turned, leaving the poor girl to continue repeating the sound of the letter "ki" (Japanese for kiss is "kissu"), looking behind him to see both Kotaro and Evangeline.

"Kotaro-kun! Master!"

"Kowa-Shisho (Scary Teacher) has somethin' to tell ya! I just lead her to where you were!" The dog hanyo explained. "Well I gotta run! Chizuru-nee needed some help with groceries. See ya!" He said, rushing off.

"Well? Hurry up, Bouya!"


A tick mark appeared on Evangeline's forehead. "Ugh, are you that naïve, Bouya! You really think that at the level you are now, you'll manage to survive in the Magical Country!"


"NAÏVE! You're so stupid, you idiotic apprentice! If you go at the level you are right now, you'll be squished like a little bug in no time!" The Caucasian roared, pointing at her student. "Come! We're going to up the training by 150%! That idiot's helping too, so hurry up!"

"EHH! Up the training! 150 percent!" Negi yelled in shock. The pain in his ear suddenly exploded as Evangeline grabbed onto his ear. "Don't you fuck around with me, Bouya! I'm going to train you to the fucking ground until you're nothing but fucking dust! Understand!"

As Evangeline dragged the boy away, Negi turned to Nodoka, painfully giving an apologetic smile. "G-gomenasai, Nodoka-san! M-maybe next ti-ita-ta-ta-ta! M-master, that hurts!"

"What do you think I'm trying to do!"

As the two disappeared, Nodoka was still continuing to complete the sentence. "K-… k-… ki-kiss me…?" She whispered silently. Waiting for an answer, she hesitantly opened an eye to find no one in front of her. Listening closely, she could almost hear Negi yelling to stop pulling his ear. Sighing in dejection, she hung her head off her shoulders.

–Icha Icha–

The sound of feet rushing on the floor reached a certain pair of ears as the figure stopped slurping on his ramen. The sound grew closer until it skidded into a stop just outside the room. Suddenly, the door slammed open, revealing an exhausted Nodoka. Determination in her eyes, she bowed towards the figure.


"AGAIN!" Naruto roared in annoyance.

–Icha Icha–

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