Summary: Tag to 5.4. Dean has a talk with Future Cas. Emotionally!HurtFutureCas Concerned!Dean 100th Fic!

Challenge WOW: Fly

Word Count: 100

I Believe I Can Fly

"I can't fly," Castiel said suddenly from the floor. Dean looked at him.


"I can't fly anymore."

"I think amphetamines help with that." Castiel stared at his hands, sad.

"I'm alone. No hope, friends, Grace, worth…Nothing." He looked up, blinking rapidly.


"Why do you think I do drugs, or drink, or fornicate? I don't want to. But…it's all I can do." He looked away, a tear trekking down his cheek.

"I'm not gonna let this happen, Cas." Castiel bit his lip.

"Good," he choked. "I don't want past me to know what it feels like to wanna die."