Yes, that's right, folks, the SEQUEL to "The Most Deadly Alliance" has been posted - or the first chapter of it, at least! And, as a little surprise to you guys, here's an excerpt from later on in the story - and it involves Umbridge, Merlin, and Arthur... so enjoy! Thanks for being so patient with me! Here's your sneak peek!

Merlin glared stonily at the pink woman pacing before he and Arthur. "I normally don't play this card," he said, glancing at Arthur as he did so, the prince looking appalled at the sheer amount of girlishness in the cat-clad office, but no worse for the wear. Merlin knew that they had to be careful, though, because Hermione had told him about Umbridge when she had been in Camelot – she may be all smiles and "Hem-Hems," but on the inside she was a twisted, bitter, old hag with no greater happiness than ripping people's families, lives and dreams apart. "But do you have any idea who I am?"

Umbridge's frog-like face scrunched up as she let out a sickeningly sweet giggle that made Arthur look as if he were about to throw up. Merlin fought the urge to laugh at his master and ignored the prince for the time being as he raised his eyebrows expectantly at Umbridge.

"Excuse me?" Umbridge tittered, pointing her wand at Merlin's nose so that he went cross-eyed trying to keep it in sight. "I don't think you realize who I am, you impertinent, foolish child." She tutted. "I'm afraid I don't tolerate smart-mouthed children in my classroom."

"We're not children," Arthur growled, practically throwing himself against the chains on the chair. "And we are not a part of your bloody classroom!"

Umbridge spun on Arthur, pointing her wand at his chest, her gaze icy. "Too right, you will," she snarled, the high-pitched, too-happy, too-girly voice getting even higher and girlier but much less happy. "Which brings us back to square one. How did you get here? Where are you from. And who! Are! You?" She emphasized each word with a flick of her wand, causing red sparks to fly out and singe Arthur's skin, who grimaced in pain but tried not to show it.

Honestly, I can't wait to see more of this interaction myself! But now, PLEASE head on over to the Sequel, "THE MOST HALLOWED ALLIANCE", because it's here at last! Thanks for being so great!

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