Magician's Spade

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Summary: AU Mikado Ryugamine is living a nightmare. His parents have huge expectations for him, he is bullied by his peers, the teachers don't like him and he has few friends. The only friend he has not only is far away from him but is a complete dooshbag. Mikado doesn't think he'll catch a break anytime soon, until one night when he's out shopping for groceries; he meets a mysterious merchant that sells him an incomplete set of solitaire cards. These cards are unique though because on the back side, there is a tarot card behind it and each is different. These are said to have mysterious powers. Sure enough, when Mikado gets back home, the four cards he has, turns into supernatural beings that have the power to change his life if he wills it.

Pairing: Mikado/Masomi, Shizuo/Izaya, Celty/Shinra, Walker/Erika and more to come

Rated: M (for Mature)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Supernatural, Hurt/Comfort with some Humor

Warning: Swearing, yaoi, violence, hints of non-con and unintentional OOC

This might as well be my first Durarara fic and alternate universe one as well. Before I forget, I'll just say this. In the summary, I said four people; there are actually three because Masomi is split into two people that represent his façade that he gives off to the world and his true personality when he's in Yellow Scarves. I hope, this goes well, let's start.

Prologue: Dark Beginning

It was happening again but it was to be expected. They were extremely powerful and when used by the wrong person that attempted to go back against his or her word, they would lose themselves to the darkness.

Gold eyes were shining in the dark room. He could only stare at his current master going insane from betraying their trust. It always happened though. The merchant that gave them hope would sell them to a man or women with the potential of releasing them. They would make a pact with that person but then as time went on they would forget the deal and would lose themselves. The result to such treachery was death. He wasn't the one that would deal it though. No, his tarot card wouldn't allow him to harm his master. They had to rely on the Grim Reaper to take their master away.

Their master was withering in pain. Masomi Kida could never get use to the sight of their master rotting away into nothing. At best, the headless knight known as Celty Sturlson to finish the job. She never liked doing the dirty work of the group, but because she represented death, she had no saying.

"I'm sorry…" Their master muttered to the spirits in front of him. "Please forgive me…I was…tricked…"

They heard that before too. The excuse before death was that they lost the path they believed in or that one of them tricked the poor soul into giving into the darkness. While the latter is true, they were not allowed to accuse each other until the contract was lost.

Celty didn't finish the job this time around; Masomi and the others were forced to watch him turn into a pile of flesh that sunk into the floor.

"Celty-san, why didn't you do anything?"

The voice belonged to a girl named Anri Sonohara, one of Masomi's few friends that was still alive. She had short hair and emotionless brown eyes. They showed no sense of guilt seeing their master dead but she was still puzzled to why the Grim Reaper didn't just slice his head off and send his soul to hell like the rest of them.

Celty was different from them. She couldn't speak normally because she was the only one that had no head. The thought would scare a normal person but none of them were far from ordinary. Despite having no head, her four other senses have improved compared to a human being and the spirits in general. She could still see, hear, smell and touch. Communication wise, she had to rely on a modern technology tool known as a PDA. Learning how to type on it took her time, but eventually she was able to type as fast as a normal person could speak.

I thought it would be better if he died this way instead of facing my scythe.

"That's no good; you could have just ended it with one swing."

They all glared at that voice. Izaya Orihara, the spirit that represented the Devil of the arcana cards. Whenever something went wrong with their owner, chances are that it was his fault that they strayed from their path. The problem with this is that Izaya didn't seem to care whether or not their master lived a happy life or lived one of misery. He just wanted to mess with their minds and it always worked.

You shouldn't be talking! Because of you, we'll going to have to start all over!

Izaya shook his head at the Dullahan. "Now Celty, you know this time it wasn't my fault. This man was planning to use his powers to get back at his ex-wife anyway."

Smoke radiated from her body as she continued typing. I know what you mean when he was going to use our powers to kill, but that's not right to tempt him into giving into his desires!

"I'm the Devil, Celty. What do you expect me to do?"

"How about not being such an asshole?"

Izaya just laughed at Masomi's suggestion. "Now, now Spade-kun, this will be a good thing. The merchant will come and collect us and then he'll sell us to some other sucker. Maybe if we're lucky, this person might use his powers for the good of humanity and we can all be human again."

"With you messing everything up, I highly doubt that." The blonde replied darkly.

"I'm hurt Spade-kun. Heart-kun, tell your other self to not be so blunt."

"He has a point."

An hour later, the merchant Izaya spoke of appeared in the room. He was wearing a black cloak over his head so no one can see his face. He just grumbled at the five spirits in the room.

"And another failed attempt at coming back to life," the merchant taunted as he gathered their cards up in the room, "looks like you guys will be starting from step one again in a different order. Of course, that means another one of you spirits will be dead the next time this game starts."

Masomi did not like the merchant that took care of the cards they were sealed in. He thought of them as toys for his amusement. The blonde thought that Izaya was bad enough to deal with but this man was the worst.

Every time the current owner died without fulfilling his or her promise, one of them would pay for the consequences. The price was being erased from existence. All spirits feared being removed from reality forever. Not when they still had a chance to start life all over again from square one.

"I think I'll choose this card to be erased forever." The merchant said with a laugh as he burned the king of spades. "You spirits are lucky it wasn't any of you. Your demonstration of teamwork was terrible. If you guys keep this up, you can say good-bye to the normal life of the mortals."

Masomi thought it was funny how the merchant spoke lowly of humans despite being one himself. Again, Izaya may be egotistical but he wasn't as open about it as this jerk was.

"Celty, I don't understand why you didn't end it faster." The merchant stated. "Beheading these insects is better than just watching them turn to flesh and bone."

I didn't want to get my hands dirty.

"Says you, now I'll have to separate you after all the hard work this man has put in bringing you four together."

Izaya just laughed bitterly. "Funny, I could have sworn that you sold us all as a five pack."

The merchant paid no heed to him as he shuffled the cards randomly. This merchant had supernatural powers that made him look like a magician from a circus. However, he truly could see the spirits and could bend them to his will. Masomi prayed that one day, if he ever became a human again, he would be able to punch the guy once.

"I decided the next pair to sell." He finally said picking four cards instead of five. The four cards were the upright Magician, upside down Magician, the Devil and Strength. Izaya frowned when he saw the Strength card. "When I find the next victim, you will be working together."

The young teenager sighed when he saw the Strength. Now he knew that they were doomed from the start.

"Are you trying to spite me?" Izaya asked in a dark tone despite smiling. "You know I hate Shizu-chan with a passion but you just had to pick him."

"The cards do the talking." He said simply. "Now I enforce you all back into these cards."

There was no escape. They had to go back into the card where they would sleep until they got the next owner. That's how it's been for as long as Masomi could remember. The cycle wouldn't break no matter what with humanity submitting to their darkest desires.

Me: TBC with 1780 words. That's it for the prologue. Again, "Heart" is the happy go lucky Masomi and "Spade" is the cynical one. I plan to go into detail about the spirits in later chapters. For now, I'll stop here and work on Mikado's chapter next. Reviews help me update faster or at least get me more motivated.